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牛津英语8a Unit6Birdwatching welcome to the unit

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Unit 6 Birdwatching Comic strip &Welcome to the unit

He is watching the birds.
He is a birdwacther.

He likes birdwatching.


parrot It is covered with colourful feathers.

n. 羽毛 wings
n.翅膀 tail

sparrow n.麻雀
small brown and grey feathers



white feathers

a long thin neck

crane n.鹤 tall

long legs
a long thin neck

They are rare birds (adj.珍稀的). We can see them rarely.

eagle n.鹰
brown feathers broad wings adj.宽的

Match the birds with the descriptions

1 Crane b tall, long legs long thin neck 2 Sparrow a small brown and grey feathers 3 Swan d long thin neck white feathers 4 Eagle c broad wings brown feathers

a b c


Work in pairs. One describes and the other guesses what bird it is.
1. 2.



Make a dialogue
A: Do you like birds?

B: Yes, I do.
A: Which bird do you like best? B: I like the … best./My favoutite bird is... A: Why?

B: Because it… .

Listen and find out which kind of bird they are talking about.





Listen and answer questions:
1. What bird does Simon like best? Cranes. 2. How many types(n.种类) of cranes are there in the world? There are only 15 types of cranes.

Listen and answer: 1. Why does Eddie often go to the market? He often goes to the market to watch the birds. 2. Does he really like watching the birds? No, he doesn’t. He likes eating them.

Work in pairs and act the conversation out with the pictures.
1. 2.



Language points:

1. 喜欢观鸟

like birdwatching
at the market

2. 去市场看鸟 go to the market to watch the birds

3. 在市场上

4. 细长的脖子 a long thin neck 5. 宽大的翅膀 broad wings 6. 多少种鹤 7. 珍稀鸟类

how many types of cranes

rare birds

Translation. 1. 我经常去动物园看鸟。 I often go to the zoo______ ______ _____ _____. 2.丹顶鹤是最漂亮的鸟类的之一。 Cranes are _____ of _____ _____ _____birds. 3.天鹅有细长的脖子和洁白的羽毛。 Swan has a ____ _____ _____and ____ ______. 4.人类应该保护鸟类。 Human beings should _______ ________.

Birds in danger


1.Make bird reserves bigger. 2.Build more nature reserves. 3.Plant more trees and forests for wild birds to live in. 4.Encourage people not to hunt birds. 5.Don’t eat endangered(濒危的) birds. 6.Encourage our government(政府) to make laws to punish bird hunters.

Homework : 1.Write the new words. 2.Talk about the birds with your partner .

Thank you !

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