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1.The train leaves at 6:00 pm.So I have to be at the station ________ 5:40 pm at the latest.



2.—Do you go there ________ bus?

—No, we go there ________ a train.



attract people to buy a product or service.


C.for B.of D.with B.on;on D.by;with B.after D.around 3.A good advertisement often uses words ________ which people attach positive meaning to

4.________ your timely help, I couldn't have finished the work on time. I can't thank you too much.

A.Rauter than

C.In addition to B.Except for D.But for

5.How dangerous it is to put the poisons ___the reach of young children!


C.beyond B.upon D.within

6.Our teacher keeps _____ touch _____ telephone _____ us students.


C.on;by;with B.in;by;with D.on;with;by

7.My sister was against my suggestion while my brother was ________ it.

A.in favour of

C.in honour of B.in memory of D.in search of

8.A grand ceremony was held ________ the queen's birthday.

A.by means of

C.together with B.in honour of D.in need of

9.We felt greatly sorry ____ those who died or got injured in the accident that occurred near the city of Wenzhou in Zhejiang when bullet train D301 rearended D3115.


C.for B.with D.in

10.People's attitude ________ life varies widely. Some are positive and some are negative.

A.about B.of

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C.towards D.on

11.As the sun sank in late afternoon, the mountain looked magnificent ________ the color of

the sky.


C.beside B.below D.against

12.You can't expect to succeed if you attempt tasks ________ your ability.


C.in B.below D.out

13.Because of her teaching experience, she had a big advantage ________ the other

applicants for the job.



small population of less than 3,000.




C.with;by B.off;with D.on;in B.by;with D.by;in B.above D.beyond 14.Located ________ the eastern coast of the sea, the village is fairly new ________ only a 15.The coat was made ________ hand, not ________ a machine.

1.(2012大纲卷)16. 100 ℃ is the temperature _________which water will boil

A. for B. at C. on D. of

2.(2012北京卷)34. Do you think this shirt is too tight ________ the shoulders?

A. at B. on C. to D. across

3. (2012上海卷passion, people won't have the motivation or the joy necessary for creative thinking.

A. For . B. Without C. Beneath D. By

4. (2012安徽卷)25.You can change your job, you can move house, but friendship is meant to be life.

A. of B. on C. to D. for

5.(2012福建卷)33. Nothing is so easy as _____ parents to raise their expectations of their children too high.

A. of B. to C. by D. for

6. (2012江苏卷)29.— Thank God you're safe!

—to avoid the racing car.

A. in time B. in case C. in need D. in vain

7.(2012江西卷)34. He seems to be giving the impression that he didn’t enjoy himself in Paris. A. Above all B. What’s more C. As a result D. On the contrary

8. (2012辽宁卷of the lake.

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A. to B. for C. off D. out

9. (2012陕西卷)11.An agreement seems to be impossible because the majority of the committee members are___________ it.

A . against B. for C .to D. with

10. (2012浙江卷)6. _______ all the animals I’ve ever had, those two dogs are the most sensitive to spoken word.

A. From B. Of C. For D. With

11.(2012浙江卷)14. Brown said he was by no means annoyed; _______ he was glad to be able make himself clearly understood.

A. all in all

第 3 页 共 3 页 B. for one thing D. by the way C. on the contrary

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