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新外研版八年级英语上册 M5-6知识点

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1.Module 5 to do want to do 学习做决定做

想要做某事(hope to do希望做would like to do offer to do)主动need to do/提议做需要做 learn to dodecide 2. give sb sth=give sth to sb (send, lend, show, teach) 3. make sb sth=make sth for sb(read, sing, buy, do, cook) 4. 5. see the Beijing Opera No idea.= I have no idea.=I don看京剧 watch an opera 看戏剧 6. 的书 be famous for his

most famous book 因为/以他最著名的书......而出名’t know. be famous as我不知道

the most famous book 作为......而出名最著名 7. one of +最高级+pl. 最writers

one of the tallest boys ......最高的男孩之一之一

one of the most popular Lao She is one of the greatest Chinese writers of the twentieth century. 8.9. tell a story of 讲......的故事 speak English 说英语

10. be named 人

give a warm welcome to sb.=give sb. a warm welcome 被叫做... He is named “the People’s Artist.”

热烈欢迎某 the world.

Lao She Teahouse gives a warm welcome to everyone from all over 11. do a good job /be good at =do well in 做得好

擅长 be good for---be bad for对...有益12.有害不定式) take place

发生 make/have/let sb do让某人做某事(省略to的动词13.translate ...into...把...翻译成...

school the lives of common people 小学校长traditional music普通人的生活传统音乐 magic showsa head teacher of a primary 魔术表演

1.Module 6

A: 动词不定式B: 做宾语 I want to see the Beijing Opera.

做宾补 ask/tell sb (not) to do

C: The teacher asks us not to swim in the river. 做目的状语 (in order to/to I study hard to go to a college. ) D: He gets up early to catch the bus. 做原因状语

It’E: I was happy to hear the news. s sad to think of the animals in danger. English 做定语I have something to do.

Can you tell me the good ways to learn 2.的地方 be interested in ?

对......感兴趣 have a safe place to live z有住的安全3.居住 look after=take care of

照顾 help animals live in peace帮助动物和平 4. 5. help protect the animals 帮助保护动物


enough clean water Let’s find out what else we can do to save as many animals as 足够干净的水 new enough足够新

6.做大量研究 in the wild

在野外 research centres研究中心 do a lot of reaearch lose oneproduce more babieskinds of ...’s home 丢失家园繁殖更过幼仔 set up 建立 eat a lot of bamboo the symbol of ...的象征吃大量竹子 many 7. It许多种类的... feed on以...为食 8. ’s nice of you to ask me.

物园工作 It +be+adj.+for/of sb. to do sth.There are lots of scientists working at the zoo. 对某人来说做某事怎么样

有很多科学家正在动 There be.+n(名词)+doing sth. 某地有有人/物正在做某事 There are some boys playing football. 有些男孩正在踢足球

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