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新初二讲义2 人称/物主代词 (pron.)

表示“我,你,他,她,我们,你们,他们”的词。人称供词有人称、数和格的变化。 提示:说话的人为第一人称,听话的人为第二人称,被谈到的人或事物为第三人称。 人称代词的基本用法: ① 人称代词主格在句中作主语,即在句子中充当动作的执行者,一般位于句子的最前面。 ② 人称代词宾格在句子中作动词或介词的宾语,是动作的承受者。 提示:两个以上的人称代词并用时,通常单数you放在第一位,I 放在最后;复数we放在第一位,they放在最后。简单记成:单数2,3,1; 复数1,2,3;都是第三人称,女后男在先。 eg. You, Tom and I are leaving next month. 物主代词:是表示所有关系的一类代词。物主代词分形容词性物主代词和名词性物主代词两类。

物主代词的基本用法: ① 形容词性物主代词与形容词有相似之处,都用来修饰名词,但不可以单独使用。 ② 名词性物主代词相当于“形容词性物主代词+名词”,可以看作名词单独使用,后面不必



一 选择填空:

( ) 1. This is my book. _______ are over there.

A. Your B. Yours C. You D. Mine ( ) 2. Whose radio is it ? It’s _________.

A. her B. hers C. she D. herself ( ) 3. Mr.Smith is an old friend of _______.

A. I B. me C. it D. its

( ) 4.Tom is here and a friend of ______ is here , too.

A. his father B. his father’s C. he’s father D. he father

( ) 5. Is that coat ______? No, it’s _______.

A. your brother, mine B. your brother’s, me C. your brother’s mine D. your brother, me

( ) 6. American take-away food is quite different from______.

A. we B. ours C. us D. our

( ) 7. A friend of ______ came to see _____ yesterday.

A. his , his B. he , him C. him, his D. his ,him

( ) 8. My mother told ______ a very interesting story yesterday.

A. me B. I C. our D. my

( ) 9.He found ______ very difficult to get to sleep. So he decided to read a book.

A. this B. that C.its D. it

( ) 10. Mike lost _____ mew watch while he was playing volleyball at school.

A. his B. he C. him D. himself

( ) 11. Kate had lost _____ key. _____ asks ______ for help.

A. her , He, I B. his , He , me C. his , She , I D. her, She, me

( ) 12. Who teaches ______ French?

A. we B. our C. us D. ours

( ) 13. _____ book is new and _____is new , too.

A. Our, he B. Our , his C. My , his D, My , her

( ) 14. In learning a language , I find ______ important to do more speaking.

A. it B. us C. you D. everyone

( ) 15. This room is ours, and that one is ______ .

A. they B. them C. theirs D. their

( ) 16. Whose books are these? They’re ______.

A. my B. me C. mine D. our

( ) 17. Is the new watch ______? Yes , it’s _______.

A. you , me B. yours , mine C. your ,my D. your , mine

( ) 18.Could I borrow a pen, please?_______has just broken.

A. My B. You C. Mine D. Your

( ) 19. -My watch keeps good time. What about _____?-Mine?Oh, two minutes slow.

A. you B. her C. hers D. yours

( ) 20.Jane’s answer is different from ______ , but I really agree with ______.

A. his , her B. his ,hers C. him, hers D. him, her

( ) 21. I saw _____ playing basketball on the playground just now.

A. them B. they C. their D. theirs

( ) 22.The two little girls are crying in the street. They can’t find _____ mother.

A. she B. them C. her D. their

( ) 23. Whose shoes are those? They are _____.

A. me B. mine C. my D. myself

( ) 24. It’s cold today, _______?

A. is it B. it is C. isn’t it D. it isn’t

( ) 25. She is a student, ______ name is Han Mei.

A. its B. her C. hers D. his

( ) 26. It’s a dog. I don’t know ______ name.

A. its’ B. its C. it D. it’s

( ) 27. This ruler isn’t mine. I think it is _____.

A. he B. him C. his D. her

( ) 28. Could you help _____ with _____ maths, please?

A. I , my B. me ,me C. me , my D. my ,I

( ) 29. A friend of _____ came to Harbin the day before yesterday.

A. my B. his C. him D. himself

( ) 30. _____schoolbag is beautiful. But _____ is more beautiful than______.

A. Jims ,my,he B. Jim’s , mine, his C. Jim’s , mine , him D. Jim’s , my , his

( ) 31. Most of _____ like American fast food.

A. they B. their C. them D. theirs

( ) 32. His handwriting is better than_____.

A. her B. she C. hers D. herself

( )33. Won’t you let ______ help you ?

A. I and my friend B. my friend and I C. my friend and me D. me and my friend

( )34. The teacher asked the three girls Kate , Lucy and _____ to be ready.

A. I B. himself C. me D. herself

( )35._____ are on the school football team.

A. I, you and he B. He, you and I C. You, he and I D. You , he and me

( ) 36. Open the door, please! It’s _____.

A. I B. my C. mine D. my

( ) 37. Are Lucy and Lily friends ______?

A. of B. to you C. to yours D. of yours

( ) 38. I thought it was _____ computer.

A. him B. himself C. his D. he

( ) 39.Two students think _____ were sent to help them with the apple picking.

A. him and me B. he and I C. him and I D. I and he

( )40.Would you please pass ______ the salt?______ needs it .

A. she, Her B. her ,She C.hers, She D. herself, Her

( )41.Someone is knocking at the door, but who can ______ be?

A. one B. he C. she D. it

( )42.Look at the clouds. ______ is going to rain.

A. It’s B. It C. Today D. That

( ) 43. Her handwriting is better than _____.

A. my B. me C. mine D. I

( ) 44.You can do better than _____ .

A. him and hers B. he and she C. he and her D. him and she

( ) 45.Jack gave ______.

A. to her the flowers B.the flowers to she C. her the flowers D. she the flowers

( )46.Let ______ do it .

A. his and her B. he and she C. him and her D. he and her

( )47. Listen to ______ sister!

A. she and her’s B. her and she C. she and her D. his and her

( )48. All are leaving for Shanghai today except ______.

A. him and me B. he and me C. I and he D. him and I

( )49. Food and water are more expensive than______ used to be.

A. it B. their C. they D. he

( )50. Every boy and girl got the present and ____ was given on New Year’s Eve.

A. she B. he C. them D. it

( )51. He introduced ______.

A. her to I B, she to I C. she to me D. her to me

( )52. I mistook _______.

A. hers for mine B. hers to my C. she’s to mine D. her for mine

( )53. ______ sang a song together at the party.

A. I, Mary and Anna B. Mary, Anny and me C. Mary, Ann and I D. Mary, Anna and myself

( )54. If you meet my teacher or my classmates, tell _____ about it .

A. him B. them C. one D. her

( )55. I like _____ better than yours.

A. him and her B. he and she C. him and she D. his and hers


1. My name is LiLei. ______ am twelve. _____father is a doctor. ______ works in a hospital._____mother is a teacher. ______ teaches English. I love both of ______.

2. –Excuse _____! Is this bike yours?- No, it isn’t _______. I think it is LiLei. –Yes, it’s _____.

3. Lucy and Lily are twin sister._______ are in the same class.Miss Gao is ______ headmaster. She likes ______ and they like _______ , too.

4. Jim has a nice parrot._______ name is Polly. ______ looks after______ every day.

5. I’d like to go swimming. ______ too.

6. _______ will finish the work herself.

7. She has lost ______ pen. Will you lend her _______?

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