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1.---Are you good at playing _________ basketball or playing _________ piano? ---Both.

A. a, a B. the, the C. the, / D. /, the

2— What’s wrong with you?

— I have got ______ bad cold and the doctor asked me to stay in ______ bed.

A. a; / B. a; the C. a; a D. the; the

3.---How do you go to ________ work?

---I usually take _________ bus.

A. the, a B. /, a C. a, a D. the, /

4. ---The teacher looked at her students ______ when they were saved.

---We also felt ______ for them.

A. happily, happy B. happy, happily C. happy, happy D. happily, happily

5. ---What can I do to ______ a good impression on people?

---Your body language is one of the most important ________.

A. have; languages B. make; thing C. make; things D. have; language

6. ---What do you think of our plan for the holiday?

--- I prefer _____ the museum to ______ the mountain.

A. visiting; climbing B. visit; climbing C. to visit; climb D. visiting; climb

7. ---Why did you sigh?

--- This photo reminded me ____ my grandpa. He used to drive me to ____ school every day.

A. to; the B. for; / C. of; a D. of; /

8. ---Don’t rest your head ______ your hands, Simon. ---Sorry, ______ I feel rather bored.

A. about; and B. on; but C. about; so D. on; or

9. –Do you know what happened in that river yesterday?

--Yes,A policeman jumped into the cold water _____to save that boy.

A. without hesitation B. with a start C. without take off the clothes C. no hesitation

10.—Do you know Mr. Yong?

-- Yes, He is one of ________ employees at the travel agency.

A. careful B. most careful C. most carefully D. the most careful

11. –Look at that woman.

-- Oh, She is Tina.Tina is a ________ woman. All her clothes ________ her.

A. well-dressed, don’t suit B. badly-dressed, suit

C. badly-dressed, don’t suit D. good-dressed, suit

13. His talk in English _______ me. From then on, I was _______ in English..

A. interesting, interested B. interested, interested

C. interests, interested D. interested, interesting

14.----What _______ Mary _______?

----- Great, she really made a good impression _______ me.

A. does...like, on B. is …like, on C. does…look like, over D. does…like, in

15. ---- Our teacher is very kind. We consider her _____ our friend.

-----Yes, she often smiles_______ us warmly.


A. of, at B. to, to C. as, at D. with, for

16.. The speaker didn’t speak _______ for all the audience to understand.

A. clearly enough B. clear enough C. enough clear D. enough clearly

17.. My computer _______, so I am going to have it _______.

A. broke down, repair B. break down, repairs

C. broke down, repaired D. broken down, repaired

18. --- I’d like _______ some drink, please.

---- ________ drink would you like?

A. to have, What sorts B. have, What kinds of

C. having, How kind of D. to have, What kind of

19.—How do you like the relay race yesterday?

--- Wonderful! The _______ relay race made all the students _______.

A. exciting, exciting B. excited, excited C. exciting, excited D. excited, exciting

20. ----Would you rather ________ to see a film or stay at home?

---- I prefer _________ a film to ________ at home.

A. to go, seeing, stay B. go, seeing, staying

C. to go, see, stay D. go, seeing, stay

21. ---Electricity is dangerous when our hands are wet.

--Yes, It’s wrong _______ you _______ the switch(开关) with a wet hand.

A. for, to touch B. for, touching C. of, touching D. of, to touch

22. --- A number of people _____ dreaming to take a trip around the world. --- _____.

A. are; So I am B. is; So I do C. are; So am I D. is; So do I

23.---Mum, Mary bought a parrot yesterday. Could you please buy _____ for me?

---Sure. But you must take good care of _____.

A. it, it B. one, one C. that, it D. one, it

24.---Thank you for ______ me carry the heavy desk. --- ___________.

A. helping; It’s my pleasure B. help; I’m pleased

C. helps; No, thank you D. helped; No problem

25. The tourists were attracted _____ the peaks _____ the river.

A. to; by B. along; by C. by; along D. by; to

26. ---How long is our classroom? --- It is ____.

A. four-meters long B. four-meter-long C. four meters long D. four-meter long

27.--It was no use _____ to me. --Sorry.

A. say ―sorry‖ B. to say ―sorry‖ C. saying ―sorry‖ D. said ―sorry‖

28. ---How did the accident happen?

A. was; was raining B. is; has rained C. is; is raining D. will be; will rain

29.---How long did it take you _______ the bike? --- Well, I spent about three hour ________ it.

A. mending; mending B. to mend; to mend C. mending; to mend D. to mend; mending

30.-- How far is ________ from your home to the cinema? --- It is ________.

A. the way; a ten-minutes ride B. the way; a ten minutes ride


C. it; a ten minute ride D. it; a ten-minute ride

31. ---______ can I deal with the new words? ---You can ______ them up in the dictionary.

A. what; take B. How; go C. Where; get D. How; look

32. ---_______ you _______ your dictionary?

--- No. So I have to buy a new one today.

A. Did; find B. Have; found C. Are; finding D. Had; found

33. --- Can you _______ your camera to me, Mike? --- Sorry, I _______ it at home.

A. borrow; left B. borrow; forgot C. lend; forgot D. lend; left

34. ----Where is my little dog?

----It_____ the back of the house.

A. has gone to B. had gone to C. has been to D. had been to

35. ---The plane is leaving at once, but David hasn’t arrived yet.

---Well, he said he _________ here on time.

A. came B. will be C. would come D. can be

36. I ____________ in the street when I ________ Ms Yang last Saturday.

A. was walking; met B. walked; was meeting C. was walking; was meeting D. walked; met

37.The story is so ________ that Lucy is _________ of it.

A. frightening, frightened B. frightened, frightening

C. frightening, frightening D. frightened, frightened

38.Is the box _________ all the book in?

A. enough big putting B. big enough putting

C. enough big to put D. big enough to put

39. It’s very nice _____ you _______ me with my English.

A. for, to help B. of, to help C. for, helping D. of, helping

40. ---Would you like ______ basketball with us? --- No, I prefer ______ the piano at home.

A. playing, play B. to play, play C. playing, to play D. to play, to play

41. I have seldom seen my mother _____ pleased with my progress as she is now.(2010,海南)

A. so B. very C. too D. rather

42. If you don’t work ______ enough, I don’t think your dream will come ______.( 2011,苏州)

A. hardly, truly B. hardly, true C. hard, true D. hard, truly

Chapter 4-5 By Penny

1 –Do teachers always ask you to _____ your hands first and then _____ to speak in class? --- Yes , they do . We were taught to do so when we were very young.

A rise, raise B raise, rise C raise, raise D rise, rise

2 ---The students ____ their classroom when the visitors arrived. ---____ good students they were!

A have cleaned , What B were cleaned, How

C had cleaned, What D have been cleaned , How

3 ---How long does it take you _____ your homework everyday?

--- I think I spend about two hours _____ my homework every day.

A to do , to do B doing, doing C to do ,doing D doing , to do

4 ---What do you think of the Party last week?

--- It was ____ successful _____ we all enjoyed ourselves there.

A such , that B so , that C so , as D such , as


5 --- ___ the time my parents reached home yesterday, I ____ the dinner already. -----Good boy !

A. By , had cooked B. By ,cooked C Since, have cooked D Before , was cooked 6 ---I don’t know if Jack _____. ---She will come if it _____ , I think.

A comes, won’t rain B will come, doesn’t rain

C will come, won’t rain D comes, doesn’t rain

7 Don’t worry. She ____ you a call as soon as she ____ Shanghai.

A will give, reaches B gives, will get to C will give, arrive in D gives, will get

8 --- Don’t step on the grass. --- Sorry. I _______.

A will B don’t C didn’t D won’t

9 Which of the following is True?

A Could you tell me what is the matter with him?

B Do you know where does Elizabeth live?

C I’ve got no idea how to do with it.

D There are many people read in the library.

10 ---What do you think of the book?

--- I found it quite ____ . It doesn’t contain any information I want.

A helpful B good C unhelpful D useful

1 --- I heard that Jim won the English contest.

---Yeah! ____ he was nervous, ____ he answered all the questions correctly.

A Although, / B Because, / C Although, but D Because, so

2 ---How long have you known Alice?

--- we ____ the best friends ____ she moved into the apartment next to mine.

A had been, since B have been, since C had been , when D have been, when 3 Which of the following is true?

A She said she have been here for two days.

B Do you know where does Elizabeth live?

C Do you know where Mr Smith is from?

D He asked me what is your name ?

4 --- Dad, why do I ___ take exercise every day?

--- For your health, I’m afraid you ____ , dear.

A need, must B need to ,have to C have to , may D need, can

5 --- On Monday, we ___ the national flag. ---Yes, and now the national flag ____ in the wind.

A raised, is rising B rose, is raising C raised, is raising D risen, is rising 6 –Did you see Simon in the concert? --- Yes, I was so _____ that I couldn’t ______.

A excited, keep still B exciting, keep moving C excited , keep wise D exciting , keep violent 7 --- Dad, I will go and help grandma. I don’t think she is ____ to carry the boxes.

--- It’s very nice _____ you to do that, son.

A strong enough, of B strong enough, for C too strong, of D too strong, for 8 --- Mr Chen , is it possible ___ me ___ an appointment with you tomorrow?

--- Of course. Will 5:30 pm do for you ?

A for , making B of , making C for , to make D of , to make

9 --- I can’t believe our son will leave ___ next year. ---Neither can I . I still remember his first day to school. He ____ all the way.

A school, cried B the school, cried C school, cries D the school, cries



Tiger King

1. ----I have _____ money with me. Would you mind lending me some?

---- Of course not.

A. a few B. a little C. few D. little

2. ----This dish tastes ______.

----Thank you, it __________ by Mr. Smith.

A. good, was cooked B. well, cooks C. bad, is cooked D. terrible, cooked

3. ----Would you like ______ bread?

----Yes, please. I feel ______ hungry.

A. little; a little


4. ----How long do you ______your homework every day?

----For about two hours.

A. take doing B. spend to do C. cost to do D. spend on B. bit; a bit C. a bit; a little D. a bit of; a

5. ----Doctor, I am too heavy, could you give some advice _______ how ________?

----Do more exercise, eat more vegetables and less meat, just try to have a balanced diet.

A. about, to put on weight B. for, losing weight C. on, to lose weight D. with, putting on weight

6. ----Dad, why should I stop ______ computer games?

----For your health, my boy, I’m afraid you ______.


7. ----Sarah will go to America next Friday _______me.

----Really? _______ that you can’t attend such an important meeting with us!

A. instead, it’s a shame

C. instead of, it’s a pity B. instead of, it’s a pleasure D. instead, it’s an honour A. to play, must B. playing, have to C. to play, can D. playing,

8. ----What excuse did James make for _____ to school?

----Well, he said his pet dog was _______ so he was too sad to come to school.

A. not to come, died B. not to come, dead C. not coming, died D. not coming, dead

10. ----Need I _______ here again next week?

----No, you _______. We will tell you the result on the phone.


A. came, needn’t B. come, don’t need C. coming, don’t have to D. come,


11. ----Could you tell me ______? He is wanted by the head teacher. ----Sorry, I’ve no idea. But he _____ here just now.

A. where Tim was, was

B. where is Tim, was

C. where Tim is, was


where Tim is, is

12. ----______Tom ______ help his father in the garden? ----I’m afraid he has to.

A. Does, need

B. Does, need to

C. Have, to

D. Has, to

13. ----There is still some time left. You _____hurry. ----But I ______ we ______get to the station in time.

A. don’t need to, think, can’t C. don’t need, think, can’t

B. need to, don’t think, can D. needn’t, don’t think, can

14. ----Last week I watched a programme ______ medical research and I wanted to become a doctor very much.

----Oh, Mike, you are always ______by TV programmes.

A. on, influenced

B. with, influencing

C. in, to influence




15. ----What do you ______ this computer? ---- _____that one, I think this one is better.

A. think of, Compared with C. like, Compared to

B. decide on, Compared to D. decide on, Compared with

16. ----Do you know ________? ----Yes, I do. She came here on foot.

A. where Kate came from C. when Kate came here

B. how Kate came here D. why Kate didn’t come here

17. ----Did you go to the school party last night? ----Yes, I did. ____________. so.

18. ----Your coffee smells __________.

A. So did Tim

B. So Tim did

C. Tim did so

D. Tim went

----It’s from Hainan. Would you like ______?

A. well, it little

19. ----When Jack met her, he was shocked _____ her horrible face _____yellow teeth.

B. nice, this

C. good, some

D. wonderful,


---- Really?

A. with, at B. on, with C. at, with D. at, has

20. ----It’s so hot. You can ______ your jacket.

---- OK, I will.

A. pull down B. pull off C. put on D. put up

21. ----After the orchestra was over, the audience _____ the conductor ______ flowers. ----That is to say, the conductor did a perfect job.

A. offered, with B. presented, with C. provided, for D. gave, to

22. ----Do you know when Raoul will be back?

---- I think _______ he will return in 5 days.

A. when B. that C. what D. whether

23. ----I think the ________ industry in our town is the coal industry.

----I don’t _______ you. Now the real estate is developing better and better.

A. simple, agree to B. modern, agree on C. crazy, agree about D. major, agree with

24. ----Do you want to keep a pet dog?

----No, It can _______her partner at home and make her not feel ______any more.

A. belong to, alone B. know about, alone C. rely on, lonely D. act as, lonely

25. ----What happened _______ you, Nancy? You look so tired.

----Yesterday my mother _____me to practice dancing until late at night.

A. with, let B. to, made C. to, forced D. on, asked

26. ----S sudden big fire broke out in the factory last night. Were the workers there in danger? ----No. The firemen _____ them _______ being burnt.

A. regarded, as B. reminded, of C. provided, with D. saved , from

27. ----I don’t know ______to draw flowers well. Could you give me some advice?

----Sorry, I don’t know anything about drawing. But you can ask Tim for help. He _____ drawing.

A. where, is keen on B. what, is angry with C. how, is good at D. when, is afraid of

29. ----How do you like the boys’ relay race in the sports meet?

----Oh, it was _______disappointing ______Tom fell to the ground and got badly hurt.

A. too, to B. not, but C. such, that D. so, that

30. ----Will Mike come to join us?


----Well, I don’t know _____ or not he has finished his homework. If he has finished it, he’ll come.

A. if

B. that

C. whether

D. when

31. ----Did your parents ________ in 1995, Simon? ----No, they have ________ for twenty years.

A. get married, got married C. get married, been married

B. be married, been married D. be married, got married

32. ----Would you mind _____ your coat? Or your coat may ______ the wet paint on the wall. ----Of course not. Thank you for reminding me of it.

A. putting on, warm

B. pulling off, touch D. looking for, powder

C. throwing away, miss

33. ----We can use FAceTime to talk to each other on the iPhone 4. ----Really? Can you show me ______ it?

A. how to use

B. what to use

C. how can I use

D. what I use

34. ----Would you please tell me ____next? ----Why not stop _____a rest?

A. how to do, to have B. how to do, having

C. what to do, to have D. what to do,


35. ----Where will you live tonight?

----Well, we have two rooms _______, but I can’t decide _______.

A. to live, to choose which one

B. to live, choose which one D. to live in, which one choose

C. to live in, which one to choose

36. ----Mr Green ______ a teacher and he is very popular with his students. ----Yes, it’s a pleasure _____ his English lessons.

A. gives up, to take

B. depends on, taking

C. looks after, taking

D. works as,

to take

37. ----Stop _______! How can our school have so many new computers?

----Well, I have heard that a new company in our city _______ 300 computers to our school.

A. to daydream, asked B. to day dream, bought

C. daydreaming, offered D.

daydreaming, provided

38. ----I’m worried that I will not achieve A level in the coming exam, Miss Zhan.. ----Don’t be so nervous. I am sure that you won’t ______me _____. I believe in you.

A. dry…out

B. let…down

C. make…bored

D. take…to


39. ----It was really surprising that Tom failed in the maths exam.


----To be honest, I don’t _______him _______ a maths genius.

A. add…to

B. help…with

C. regard…as



40. ----Was Lily ______ when someone asked her so difficult a question? ----No. _______ the question, she did a simple experiment.

A. in danger, As well as C. on duty, As a result of

B. in time, Instead of D. in trouble, In reply to

41. ----His attempt ______ a car failed again. ----Really? Did he _______ what the reason was?

A. to drive, find out

B. driving, write down

C. to driving, set up

D. of driving,

set up

42. ----Would you like to _______our game?

----I’d love to, _____I’m sorry that I have to look after my pet dog.

A. join, and

B. attend, or

C. join in, but

D. take part

in, so

43. ----The police were ______clever______ they caught the thief quickly. ----Yeah, when I heard the news, I was very excited.

A. so, that

B. such, that

C. too, to

D. enough, to

44. ----Do you know ____buy the book Harry Potter?

----The book is ____popular that you can buy it at any bookshop.

A. where can I, so

B. where can I, such

C. where I can, so

D. where I

can, such

45. ----Is Mr. Smith in his office now?

----No, he _____there. I ______ him in the library a minute ago. A. may be, saw be, saw

46. ----______people are taking action to protect the environment now. ----Yes. _____ of my classmates come to school by bike now. A. More and more, Four fifth C. More and more, Four fifths 47. ----The cake looks ______.

----Yes, and it tastes even __________. A. well, good best

48. ----_____plastic bags we, ______it will be to the environment.

B. nice, better

C. good, worse



B. Less and less, Four fifth

D. Less and less, Four fifths

B. can’t be, see

C. mustn’t be, see

D. can’t


----I agree _____ you.

A. The less, the better, with C. The less, the worse, to

B. The fewer, the better, with D. The fewer, the worse, to

49. ----The teacher looked at her students ____ when they were saved. ----We also felt ______ for them.

A. happily, happy happily

50. ----It sounds ________ that a truck hit two cars. ----Luckily, _______of three drivers was hurt.

A. terribly; none neither

51. ----Is there _______ in today's newspaper?

----Yes, it's really cheerful to read that a group of _______ kids joined the volunteers!

A. anything new; ten-year-old C. anything new; ten-years-old 52. ----What was the weather like yesterday?

----It was very bad. It rained_____ people could____ go out.

A. hard, hard hardly

53. ---- Did you hear of the plane accident in Chile _____ the second of September. ---- Yes. No one _____ the air-crash. A. on; escaped survived

54. ----What do you think of your trip to Hainan?

----Wonderful. We were all ______ with the ______ trip.

A. pleased, pleasant B. pleasant, pleased pleasing

55. ----Which boy spoke English ______ among them? ----Jim is more confident than the others. A. confidently confidently

56. ___________you get there, _______________you will get.

A. The earlier; the more B. Earlier; more much

57. ---- Amy gets up _____ her mother. They get up at 6 every morning.

C. The earliest; the most

D. Early;

B. the most confident

C. more confidently D.


C. pleasing, pleased

D. pleasant,

B. in; escaped

C. on; survived



B. hardly,hard

C. hardly hardly D. hard,

B. something new; ten-years-old D. something new; ten-year-old

B. terrible; none

C. terrible; neither D.


B. happy, happily

C. happy, happy

D. Happily,


---- Yes. But they are _____than Amy’s father. He usually gets up at 5 every morning.

A. as early as; earliest B. as late as; earlier

as; later

58. ---- Does the cake made by your mother taste _____?

---- Yes. I think my mother can do everything _____.

A. good; good


B. well; good C. well; well D. good; C. as early as; later D. as late


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