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Unit 8 When is your birthday?

一、单项填空(15分) ( A.June fourth A.All right A.is A.in

B.June forth

C.July four

D.June four

( ) 2.—Happy birthday to you,Gina! —B.Thank you B.are B.on

C.That’s all right D.You’re welcome





( ) 4.—When is your school’s contest? —It’sMay 25th.


( month of a year is December.

A.twelve;twelve A.a

B.twelfth;twelfth B.an

C.twelfth;twelve D.twelve;twelfth



( ( ) 7.—birthday? —It’s on October 23rd. A.Kate’s


B.Kates B.bat

C.Kates’ C.play


( .


D.How old are you


( ) 9.—? —I’m fourteen. A.How are you A.How

B.When are you C.What are you



( ) 10.—do you go to school every day? —At 7:00. ( ) 11. The boy is only ______. Today is his _________ birthday.

A. five; five A. not

B. fifth; five

C. fifth; fifth

D. five; fifth

( ) 12. Vera ________ know when Jeff’s birthday is.

B. isn’t

C. don’t

D. doesn’t D. She; she’s

D. Sorry, I don’t know.

( ) 13. Look at the girl over there. _____ is my good friend and ______ birthday is September 11th..

A. He; his

B. He; he’s

C. She; her

( ) 14. –Do you have a school trip? – ___________

A. Yes, you do .

B. No, I do.

C. Yes, there is.


Hello,everyone!I am your new friend.My name is Mike.There are__1__people in my family—my wife(妻子),my__2__and I.I was born__3__the year 1976.My birthday is__4__—New Year's Day.I like soccer but I __5__ volleyball.I think it is__6__.My wife has a clothes store.__7__ clothes are at very good prices.Many people come to her store to __8__ clothes.My son is a student.He goes to__9__every day.His school has a (n) __10__.It is March 11th.He likes music very much,so he is in the festival every year. ( ) 1.A.two

( ) 2.A.brother

B.three C.four D.five B.sister C.daughter D.son

( ) 3.A.in B.on C.at D.for

( ) 4.A.January 1st B.March 8th C.April 1st D.July 1st

( ) 5.A.like B.doesn't like C.likes D.don't like

( ) 6.A.boring B.fun C.great D.interesting

( ) 7.A.She B.Her C.She's D.Hers

( ) 8.A.buy B.bring C.sell D.make

( ) 9.A.store B.room C.school D.bed

( ) 10.A.School Day B.English party C.speech contest D.music festival



Vera is eight years old. She has four dollars. She wants to buy a birthday gift for her mother. She comes to a big store. She looks at the things and thinks, ―I’ll buy her something nice‖.

―Can I help you?‖ asks the shopkeeper. ―Yes,please. I want to buy a gift for my mom’s birthday,‖ answers Vera, ―but I don’t know what to buy.‖ The shopkeeper gives her a nice skirt and says, ―Do you like this skirt? It’s thirty dollars.‖―Yes, but I only have four dollars,‖ says Vera.Then she sees a nice red hat. She knows her mother would like it. She wants to buy it,but the price must be very high.

―How much is it?‖ she asks. The shopkeeper looks at her, and then he says, ―That’s just four dollars.‖ Linda is very happy ,and says, ―OK, I’ll take it.‖


( ) 1. Vera’s mother’s birthday is coming.

( ) 2. Vera doesn’t like the skirt.

( ) 3. Vera buys a red hat for thirty.

( ) 4. The shopkeeper is a kind man.

( ) 5.The shopkeeper is Vera’s father.


I’m Ann. I’m English. I’m twelve. I was born on May 17th, 1991. I learn Chinese at Beijing No.3 Middle School. I have a good friend. Her name is Lucy. She is twelve, too. We are in the same grade. But we are not in the same(同样的) class. I’m in Class Two, and she is in Class Three. We have the same Chinese teacher. Her name is Zhang Ying. We all like her. Lucy’s parents are English teachers in China. She has a sister. Her name is Lily. She is only five years old.

( ) 6. Ann and Lucy are _________.

A. classmates B. sisters C. brothers D. friends

( ) 7. Ann was born _____________.

A. on May 17th, 1990 B. on May 17th 1991 C. in May 17th, 1991 D.in May 17th, 1990

( ) 8. Zhang Ying is Luly’s __________ teacher.

A. English

A. England B. Chinese B. China C. math D. music D. Japan ( ) 9. Lucy’s parents are in _________. They teach English. C. America

( )10. Lucy and ______ are in the same grade(年级).

A. Ann B. Lily C. Zhang Ying D. her sister

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