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should ,ought to和had better


had better,should,ought to 含义及语气有所不同,请看下表:

二、should和ought to均为提建议型情态动词,可表示“责任”、“义务”,常用来劝告别人去做某事,译为“应该”,还勇于纠正某人的错误。 其特点是:和另一个动词共同构成谓语,没有人称和数的变化,后接动词原形可以表示现在、将来或过去将来,由时间状语或上下文决定。

例如: We ought to be more careful with our homework.


You should follow Mr. Wang’s advice. 你应当听王老师的话。

she should be back tomorrow.它应该明天回来。

I ought to do my homework now.我应该现在就做作业。

What’s wrong with my answer? It should be 62,not 26.


1、陈述句肯定形式: 1

否定形式: ’t) discuss it.

’t) to discuss it.


Ought we to


Yes , we should /ought to .

No, we shouldn’t /ought not (oughtn’t) to.


You should study hard, shouldn't you? 你应该认真学习,是吗?

You ought to study hard, oughtn't you?

He shouldn’t speak in class, should he? 你上课不应该讲话,是吗?

He oughtn't to speak in class, ought he?

三、should和ought to +have done

(一)should/ought to + have done 意为本来应做但实际没有做,表达遗憾的感情色彩。

例如:There was a lot of fun at yesterday's party. You ought to have come, but why didn't you?

(二)shouldn’t / oughtn't to have done,意为本来不应做但实际已做,表达遗憾的感情色彩。

例如:I was really anxious about you. You shouldn't have left home without a word.


四、should和ought to +be doing ,表示“应该在(立即)??”

例如:You oughtn’t to be talking so much.你不应当说这么多话。

They felt they ought to be doing something.他们感到他们应该做点什么事。

五、had better表示"最好"

had better 作为情态动词,它只有一种形式,它后面要跟动词原形。

I/You/He /She/We/They had better go to bed early.

I/You/He /She/We/They’d better go to bed early.(缩写)

1、陈述句肯定形式:had better do sth

You had better go there at once. 你最好立即去那里。

否定形式had better not do sth

You had better not start at this time. 此时你最好别出发。


Had he better start early at once? 他最好立即出发吗?

Yes ,he had./ No, he hadn’t.


You had better not go home, had you? 你最好别回家,是吗?

She had better water the flowers as soon as possible,hadn’t she?她最好尽快给花浇水,不是吗?



一、 用should, shouldn’t, ought, oughtn’t填空:

1. I’m getting fat. I to eat too much. 2. Mary is not feeling well. She stay at home.

3. He to be here, oughtn’t he? 4. Children play football in the street. 5. They to let their dogs run on the road.

6. She’s always short of money. She spend too much. 7. Mike has a weak body, so he to do more exercise. 8. Hopeful gets low marks at school. He work harder. 9. May go swimming this afternoon? No, she . She do her homework at home. 10. we to buy some batteries? Yes, we . There’re no batteries left. 11. You should drink eight cups of water, you? 12. He oughtn't to speak in class, he?

二、 单项选择 ( )1.You jump the queue! Sorry , I won’t.

a. ought to not b. ought not to

c. ought not d. not ought


( )2. My sister often spends more money than she has. She spend so much. She save money.

a. shouldn’t , ought to b. shouldn’t , oughtn’t to

c. oughtn’t ,should d. oughtn’t to ,shouldn’t ( )3. There much noise in a hospital.

a. should have b. shouldn’t have

c. ought to be d. oughtn’t to be ( )4. What we do in the corridor? You be quiet.

a. should ,ought b. ought ,ought

c. should, should d. should to ,ought to ( )5.I to recite this text, I ?

a. should ,shouldn’t b. ought ,oughtn’t

c. shouldn’t ,ought d. ought , shouldn’t ( )7. multiplied by 9 is 54. No, it to 63.

a. ought, is b. should be c. must, be d. ought , be ( )8. Albert is too fat. She not eat too much sweet.

a. had better b. ought to c. had to d. should to

( )9. Kathy is talking to her classmate in the class. She to others in the class.

a. should is talking b. should be talking

c. shouldn’t be talking d. shouldn’t is talking


( )10. they better wait here, sir? No, they .

a. do ,don’t b. had ,hadn’t c. had ,don’t d. had ,had ( )11.Susan better not be lazy, she?

a. had ,had b. hadn’t, had

c. hadn’t, hadn’t d. had, hadn’t

三、 句式转换:

1、You should go to school on time.(否定句)

2、They ought to go now.(一般疑问句)

3、You had better get here early.(否定句)

4、You should dress neatly.(同义句) You dress neatly.

5、We should put the rubbish in the bin.(划线提问)

四、 改错:

1、Angel should to wear more clothes, it is cold.

2、This book don’t ought to be too expensive.

3、You’d better doing your homework at home.

4、Ought he go now?

5、The twins should listening to their mother.



Electricity is very important to our lives. Almost everyone today uses

electricity in one way or another. As you know it is precious, so we 1 try our best to save electricity. For example, we 2 to turn on more lights than we need. You 3 not turn fans on when you leave a room. We 4 leave the fridge open after we have taken something out. We 5 to turn off the lights after we leave school.

答案:一、1、ought 2、should 3、ought 4、shouldn’t 5、oughtn’t 6、shouldn’t

7、ought 8、should 9、Should,shouldn’t,should 10、Ought,ought to

11、shouldn't 12、ought


三、1、You shouldn’t go to school on time.

2、Ought They to go now?

3、You had better not get here early.

4、ought to

5、Where should we put the rubbish?

四、1、Angel should wear more clothes, it is cold.

2、This book ought not to be too expensive.

3、You’d better do your homework at home.

4、Ought he to go now?

5、The twins should be listening to their mother.

五、1.should 2.ought not 3.had better 4.shouldn’t 5.ought



I. 从 A 、 B 、 C 、 D 中选出可以填入空白处的最佳答案。

( )1. This dictionary belongs to Rita. You ____________ it home without letting her know.

A. had better not to take B. shouldn’t have taken

C. oughtn’t take D. shouldn’t be taking

( )2. Our money is very limited, so you ___________ so much money on so dear a skirt.

A. shouldn’t have spent B. shouldn’t be spending

C. needn’t have spent D. oughtn’t spend

( )3. You __________ to your father like this, after all he is your father.

A. needn’t have spoken B. mustn’t have spoken

C. oughtn’t to have spoken D. ought to not have spoken

( )4. Look,the books on the desk are all wet. You _______ all the windows to keep the rain out.

A. must have shut B. should have shut

C. ought have shut D. can have shut

( )5. The little girl had better not stay up too late, ___________ she?

A. does B. will C. had D. has

( )6. This is a very important project,so you _______ plan it very carefully.

A. ought to B. will C. dare D. need

7. You had better ________ football near the street,it’s very dangerous. 8

A. not to play B. don’t play

C. not play D. to not play

II. 在下列各句的空白处填上适当的情态动词,每空一词。

1. — Excuse me, may I sit here?

— I’m afraid you ________ ________ not, because someone has taken it.

2. Tom,you __________ have left home without telling your parents yesterday afternoon.

3. You _________ __________ have bought that book. It is so good.

4. I think you should be careful in all your work, ____________ you?

5. Your sister ought to put her heart and soul into her study, _____________ she?


I. 1. B 2. A 3. C 4. B 5. C 6. A 7. C

II. 1. had better 2. shouldn’t 3. ought to 4. shouldn’t 5. oughtn’t


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