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Unit 6 I

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Unit 6 I’m watching TV

Language goals:

? In this unit students use present progressive tense to learn to talk about what people are doing

New languages:

? What are you doing? I’m doing my homework.

? What is he / she doing? He / She is reading.

? Is he / she writing a letter? Yes, he / she is. / No, he / she isn’t.

? Are you / they playing football? Yes, we /they are. / No, we / they aren’t. ? Do you want to go to the movies?

? That sounds good.

? When do you want to go?

? At three o’clock.

? What time is it in…?

Difficult points:

Talk about what people are doing.

Know the places and everyday activities.

Read a letter.

Write what someone is doing.

2. Present progressive tense.

Yes / No questions and short answers.

Teaching aids:

Some pictures

Period 1

Teaching aims:

1. Teach vocabulary words.

2. Target languages:

What are you doing?

I’m watching TV.

What is he doing?

He’s reading.

3. Enable the students to talk about what people are doing.

4. Help the student learn how to listen to and talk about what people are doing.

Teaching procedures:

Step 1. Warming up and lead-in

Perform some actions and make sentences.

Say: Hello, boys and girls. Nice to see you here again.

Step 1.

Let us enjoy a song : I am sailing.

Then act out the activity sailing and flying .

Step 2.

Show them some pictures and ask them to do as the teacher and say out the words.

Step 3.

① prctice the words.老师给同学们看图片,同学们抢答出单词,正确的加星星

Sailing dancing playing basketball talking on the phone……. ②Match work

Ask the students to read the words and the picture, and then match the activities with the pictures .

Encourage or help the students to say something about the picture and do the match work.

Step 4.

制作PPT,动词 sleep study paint….出现在图片下面时,让ing慢慢向单词移动 ,结合时再播放单词发音

放购物 跑步 游泳的图片 同时出现shop run swim ing慢慢向单词移动 字母p n m 跳下来挤在单词后 ing 前

第三图有一个人在写字 字母e消失后 ing 移向write组成writing





6. 做单词变ing形式的练习

7. Ask some students to do some simple actions and ask them the questions. Say: I will ask some students to do some simple actions and tell me what you are doing.

8.Show them some pictures and ask them to ask and answer the question. 变换人称练习Pair work (1c)

Ask the students to practice: Where is…doing?

Show the following:

—What’s he / she doing?

—He / She is reading / cleaning / doing homework / watching TV / eating dinner / talking on the phone.


Ask the students to repeat the sentences several times.

Step 2.

Line next to the words “watching TV.”(as shown below)

Go on with the others in the same way. Then check the answers with the students.


1. Ask the students to make conversations.

2. Ask the students to learn the new words and expressions in this unit. (on page 117)

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