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九年级英语Unit 10 知识点

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Unit 10 知识点

1 某人发生了某事 happen to sb

2 回到某地 get back to 某地

3 把某物忘在某地 leave sth地点

4 ring rang rung

5 wake woke woken

6 等待某人 wait for

7 不幸 unfortunately unluckily

8 按时 on time

9 及时 in time

10 从旁经过 come by

11 come came come

12 然后 and then

13 让某人搭便车 give sb a ride /lift

14 成功地做成make it

15 恰好only just

16 把钥匙锁在家 lock keys in the house

17 一个亲戚的生日 a relative’s birthday

18 穿衣服 be/ get dressed

19 换装舞会 costume party

20 来自火星的外星人 aliens from Mars

21 登陆着陆land on

22 移动穿过美国 move across the United States

23 太……以至于 so… that

24 以便、为了 so that

25 从……逃走 flee from

26 flee fled fled

27 买尽量多的意大利面 buy as much spaghetti as they could 28 遍布全国的意大利面 spaghetti across the country 29 快乐的结局 a happy ending

30 着急做某事 rush to do


He invited his girlfriend onto his show on April Fool’s Day 2政府行政机构揭露这个故事是个骗局

The authority revealed that the story was a hoax.


4发生了什么事?What happened?

5把书包落在家. Leave the backpack at home


By the time I got back to school, the bell had rung.


The TV star lost both his girlfriend and his show. 8 我不想熬夜熬得太晚

I don’t want to stay up that late.

9 遍布全国的意大利面都被买光了

All of the spaghetti across the country had been sold out 10 你知道约翰在哪里嘛?

Do you know where John is?

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