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九年级英语Unit 9 知识点

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Unit 9 知识点

1 恼人的发明 an annoying invention

2 超过3000 年 over/ more than 3000 years

3 饮用水 drinking water

4 leaf 复数 leaves

5 一个附近的灌木丛 a nearby bush

6 一阵愉悦的香味 a pleasant smell

7 一段时间 some time

8 甜的味道 sweet taste

9 环游中国 travel around China

10 深受喜爱的运动 much-loved sport

11 稍稍多余 a little over/ more than

12 一个坚硬的木质地板 a hard wooden floor

13 使球进入篮筐 get the ball into basket

14 互相传球(throw the ball to each other)

15 大家相信。。。It is believed that…

16 帮助做某事 help do

17从那时起(时态)since then 现在完成时

18 shoot (shot shot)

19 rise(rose risen)

20 ……的数量 the number of

21许多 (a number of)

22 篮球的普及程度 the popularity of basketball

23 朝着……移动 move towards

24 据某人所说 according to

25 被用于…… be used for doing

26 被用于 be used to do

27 加拿大医生 Canadian doctor

28 注意到某人做某事/正在做某事notice sb. do/doing

29 一个古老的传说 an ancient legend

30 错误的 by mistake

31 helpful最高级 the most helpful

32一双电池供电的拖鞋 a pair of battery-operated slippers

33 稍后 later / later on

34 这样 in this way

35 改变鞋的风格 change the style of the shoes

36 fall fell fallen

37 意外的 偶然的 by accident

38 薯片的历史 history of potato chips

39 直到……才 not until

40 电灯泡 light bulb

1 它被用来舀特别冷的冰淇淋。It’s used for scooping really cold ice cream.

2 你认为最有用的发明是什么? What do you think is the most helpful invention?

3 计算器是什么时候被发明的?When was the calculator invented?

4 他们是由(被)谁发明的?Who was it invented by?

5 他们被用于做什么?What are they used for?

6 电灯泡给人每天更多的时间工作和玩耍。

The light bulb gives people more time to work and play every day.

7尝尝这个热的混合物 Taste the hot mixture

8 我可以整天听音乐 I can listen to music all day

9 顾客认为薯片不够咸。The customer thought the potato chips weren’t salty enough 10 顾客最后高兴了。The customer were happy in the end.

11 我妈妈烹制薯片很长时间直到他们很脆。

My mom cooked them for a long time until they were crispy.

12 我在他们上面撒了很多盐,所以他们非常咸。

I sprinkled lots of salt on them so they are very salty.

13 茶叶直到1610年被带入西方世界。The tea wasn’t brought to Western country until 1610 14 我喜欢蓝色超过绿色 I prefer blue to green

15算盘在6世纪被中国人发明出来 The abacus was invented in the 6th century by the Chinese 16 球员的安全很重要 The safety of players is important.

17 撞在球员身上和跌落都会很危险

Knocking into players and falling down would be dangerous

18 他将学生们划分为两队 He divided the students into two teams.

19 学生的数量是50个. The number of students is fifty.

20 他们坚硬、干燥、容易破碎。They are hard dry and easily broken

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