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( ) 1. Lincoln was born on ________.

A. February 12, 1809 B. 1809, February 12 C. 1809, 12 February D. February 1809,12 ( ) 2. A _______ boy can sing the English song very well.

A. ten-year-old B. ten years old C. ten-year-old D. fifth years old

( ) 3. An hour later, _____ minister was sent to see the “magic cloth” woven by those two men. A. two B. the second C. the two D. second

( ) 4. Abraham Lincoln was _______ President of the United States. A. 16 B. the 16 C. 16th D. the 16th

( ) 5. Do you think there is any room for us ________ ? A. two B. the two C. second D. the second

( ) 6. How many students are there in your class? ________. A. Twenty nine B. Thirty and two C. Forty-five D. fifties ( ) 7. Which number is wrong? _______.

A. Ninety B. Ninteen C. Ninth D. Nineteenth

( ) 8. The People's Liberation Army was founded _______.

A. on August 1, 1927 B. in 1927, 1 August C. on August 1st, 1927 D. in August 1, 1927 ( ) 9. The number 4,123 is read _______.

A. four thousand one hundred and twenty-three B. four thousand and one hundred twenty-three C. four thousand and a hundred and twenty-three D. four thousands a hundred and twenty-three ( ) 10. The old professor still works hard though he is _________. A. in his sixty B. in his sixties C. in sixties D. in the sixty ( ) 11. This classroom is ________ ours.

A. three times big as B. as three times big as C. three times as big as D. as big three times as ( ) 12. The basketball team of our school ranks ________ in the match. A. three B. third C. the three D. the third ( ) 13. Which is the car that he drives? It's ________.

A. fifty two B. the fifty-two cars C. the car fifty four D. the fifty-fourth car ( ) 14. Which of the following is wrong? ________.

A. He is a fifteen-year-old boy. B. He is at the age of 15. C. He is a boy of 15. D. He is fifteen year old. ( ) 15. Our school is not very big. There are only ________ students.

A. nine hundreds of B. nine hundred C. nine hundreds D. nine hundred of

( ) 16. How many new words are there in ________ lesson? There are only _________. A. five; fifth B. fifth; five C. the fifth; the five D. the fifth; five ( ) 17. ________, Coca-Cola began to enter China's market.

A. In 1970's B. In 1970s C. In the 1970s' D. In the 1970s ( ) 18. There was no bus in that small town. We had a ________.

A. ten miles walk B. ten-mile walk C. ten mile's walk D. tenth mile walk

( ) 19. Today is the first day and ________.

A. Tuesday is fourth B. Thursday is the fourth C. second is Tuesday D. a second is Thursday ( ) 20. Which room do you live in? ________.

A. The 201 Room B. Room 201 C. Room 201st D. The 201's Room

( ) 21. How many magazines do you have? I have ________.A. two B. both C. twice D. the second

( ) 22. Three hundred thousand one hundred and seventy means ________. A. 3,170 B. 3,117 C. 300,170 D. 30,170

( ) 23. On May ________, ________ people traveled round the country.

A. the first, millions B. the first, millions of C. first, the millionth D. first, millions

( ) 24. ________ of them are dining at school. A. Twelve B. Twelfth C. The twelve D. the 12th ( ) 25. It's 7:17 is read ________.

A. seven and seventeen B. seven seven C. seven one seven D. seven seventeen ( ) 26. Four ________ two is two. A. plus B. minus C. times D. divided by ( ) 27. Three ________ five is eight. A. plus B. minus C. times D. divided by

( ) 28. Three ________ seven is twenty-one. A. plus B. minus C. times D. divided by ( ) 29. Forty-two ________ seven is six. A. plus B. minus C. times D. divided by ( ) 30. There are ________ days in a year.

A. three hundred sixty and five B. three hundred and sixty-five C. three hundreds and sixty-five D. three hundred sixty-five ( ) 31. There are ________ students in that school.

A. two thousand eight-six B. two thousand eighty-six

C. two thousand and eighty-six D. two thousands and eighty-six ( ) 32. It took me ________ to get there.

A. two hours and a half B. two hours and half C. two hour and a half D. two hour and half ( ) 33. September is _________ month of the year. A. the nineth B. the ninth C. nineth D. ninth

( ) 34. Please pass me _______ book on the left. A. third B. three C. the third D. the three ( ) 35. ________ is a very tall boy.

A. The twelve B. The twelveth C. The twelfeth D. The twelfth ( ) 36. We have known each other for ________.

A. a year and half B. a year with half C. a year and a half D. a year with a half ( ) 37. “What year is it?” “It's ________.”

A. nineteen hundred and ninety-seven B. nineteen and ninety-seven C. nineteen ninety and seven D. nineteen ninety-seven ( ) 38. “What's the date today?” “It's _________.”

A. Tuesday B. June Fourth C. June the four D. June the fourth ( ) 39. The train from Shanghai will arrive ________.

A. in quarter past six B. in a quarter past six C. at quarter past six D. at a quarter past six


( ) 40. My friend was born on _________.

A. three of July, 1979 B. the third of July,1979 C. 1979, July the third D. 1979, the third of July ( ) 41. ________ is less than ________.

A. One-third; two-thirds B. One-third; two-third C. First-three; first-threes D. One-third; one-three ( ) 42. Which lesson did you learn yesterday? ________.

A. Lesson Seven B. Lesson seventh C. The 7 Lesson D. 7 Lesson ( ) 43. “What's the date today?” “It's _______.”

A. the fourth of may B. the fourth May C. May four D. May the fourth ( ) 44. 334 is read ________.

A. three hundreds and thirty four B. three hundreds thirty four

C. three hundred and thirty fourth D. three hundred and thirty-four ( ) 45. In February, there are only _________ days.

A. twenty nine B. twenty-nineth C. twenty-nine D. twenty eight ( ) 46. There will be a comedy on TV at ________ this evening.

A. seven past thirty B. half past seven C. seven the thirty D. thirty to seven ( ) 47. It took me ________ to find out the key to the drawer.

A. one and half hours B. one and a half hours C. one and a half hour D. one and half hour ( ) 48. I'm so tired after ________ walk.

A. three hours B. three hours' C. three hour's D. three hour ( ) 49. There are ________ stars in the sky.

A. million of B. millions of C. the million D. a million of ( ) 50. the street is ________ wide.

A. two meters B. two meter C. the two meter D. a two meter 二、用适当的介词填空

1 .I’m sorry I can’t say it ______ Chinese. 2 .Do you usually go to school ______bike?

3 .Look, the farmer is carrying apples _____ a truck. 4 .Is anyone _____ home?

5 .Please look ______my bird when I’m away. 6 .Are Jim and Li Lei ______ the same class? 7 .There is a hole ______ the wall.

8. _______ the beginning of this term, I met my new friend, Jim . 9 .There are a few leaves _______the tree. 10 .The girl ______ the red coat is my sister. 11 .Could you give an orange ______ me? 12 .It’s time to go ______bed.

13 .I can see a bottle ______ orange. 14 .Put the basket _______ there.

15 .What’s wrong ______ your watch?

16 .One ______ the students is in the classroom. 17 .I think the shop is closed ______ this time of day. 18 .My father teaches English _______ a school. 19 .We have lunch _______ the middle of the day.

20 .You can buy some school things ______ your way home. 21 .I was born _______ July 1st, 1982 . 22 .May I borrow a pencil _____ you? 23 .Don’t sleep ____ the open air.

24 .I often help my mother ______ the housework. 25 .It’s time ____ school.

26 .I have quite a lot _____homework to do. 27 .What’s the time ? It’s half _____ five. 28 .Ducks are good ______ swimming. 29 .What are you talking _______?

30 .He is sitting _____ the front of the car.

31 .The eraser was passed _____ one student _____ another. 32 .Did you live _____Beijing in 1997? 33 .When did you arrive _____ the village? 34 .I think Mary is _____ duty today.

35 .Eating too much isn’t good ______ your health.

36 .I’m afraid he is _____ the cinema _____ the moment. 37 .Thanks _____ asking me to your party. 38 .My watch is very different ______ yours. 39 .What’s the weather ______ today?

40 .The student is asking his teacher ______the sports meeting. II.选择填空。

( )41. ______ the money, she bought a new coat ______ her father. A. With, for B. With, to C. For, with D. To, with ( )42. The beautiful bottle was made ______ glass. A. from B. in C. of D. by ( )43. This is a map_______China.

A. in B. at C. of D. on

( )44. A group______ boys and girls are dancing in the park. A. with B. of C. for D. to ( )45. Tom always comes late_______school. A. at B. inside C. to D. for

( )46. Mr. Smith caught hold______ Bob and said, "This is a good lesson_______ you. A. of, for B. for, of C. of, of D. for; for



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