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Unit 9 my favorite subject is science教案

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Unit 9 My favorite subject is science.

SectionA 1a----2d(教案)

学校:山丹三中 教师:王丽

一、教学内容:人教版新目标七年级上册Unit 9 My favorite subjecis science.

二、Teaching goals:

(一)、Knowledge aims:

1.You can learn the new words about our subjects.

2.You can master(掌握)and use our key sentences:

What’s your favorite subject?

My favorite subject is ...

Why do you like it?

Because it’s ....

(二)、Ability goals: improve Ss listening, speaking, reading and cooperation(合作能力).

(三)、Moral aims:

1.According to the teaching let Ss(学生的缩写) master how to talk about their favorite subjects.Appriciate others and enjoy the fun of different communicative ways.

2.Arouse Ss’ interest of learning English and take part in each activity.

三、Teaching difficulties and importances:

1).Review the words:music,math,Chinese,English

2).New words:subject,science,geography,P.E..

3).Sentences:1. -What’s your favorite subject ?

-My favorite subject is Chinese .

2. -Why do you like English ?

-Because it’s interesting and useful .

四、Teaching methods:Task method, situational teaching method,group work methods, pair work methods.

五、Teaching procedure:

Step1 课前三分钟有一位同学做个自我介绍,并且利用曾经学过的句型my favorite color.. My favorite food..

Step2 Greeting

T: Good afternoon, everyone.I’m your new English teacher. I’m glad to be here. Nice to meet you.

S: Nice to meet you, too.

T: Hi, what’s your favorite color?

S: My favorite color is ...

T: W hat’s your favorite sport?

S: My favorite sport is ...

T: What’s your favorite month?

S: My favorite month is ...

T: What’s your favorite season?

S: My favorite season is ...

Step3 Lead-in

T: Now students, you know I’m an English teacher. You guess----- what’s my favorite subject?

S: ....

T: Emm, my favorite subject is science.

Show today’s topic by ppt. Lead them to read it, ecipacially the word science and subject.

Step4 Presentation

T: I am a collector, do you know collector?---收藏家 I like collect the covers of our

books.---封皮 Now I collect some covers of our books. Can you tell us what subject they are?

Show today’s new words. Subject science geography need leading them to read many times.

Step5 Practice


T:OK, Ss turn to page 49 ,activity 1a match the words with the picture. Can you do it? 1 minutes. (Then check the answers.)


T: Now Ss, do you want to watch a video? You need to watch it carefully and circle the subjects in 1a you hear.

Step6 Consolidation(巩固) Remark(备注):Combine 1c with 2a

1.Pair work

T: Now Ss what’s your favorite subject?

S: ....

T: Why do you like ...?

S: Because it’s ....T: Now Ss what’s your favorite subject?

S: ....

T: Why do you like ...?

S: Because it’s ....

T: Now boys and girls work with your partner and practice this dialogue. Are you clear?

Then teacher can ask several pairs to practice. Give them some prizes.


T:OK, Ss let’s go on our nexr step----listening. Look at your book activity 2a. Listen and put the conversation in order.

Check their answers and do next listening.

T: OK guys(伙伴),teacher prepared a vedio and you can watch it carefully then match the subjects with the descriptions.

3. Group work

T: It’s time to do a survey.Look at our learning guide and work in your group. You can ask your partner: .... When is your birthday?....What’s your favorite subject? Why do you like it? Then fill the answers in the chart. 然后每个小组选一位代表以作文的形式写出来并为大家做个报道,老师对表现好的同学准备了一份小奖品。

4. Role-play

T: Now Ss let’s look at another dialogue.Boys to be Frank, girls to be Bob. Read it ,please.

Step7 Exercise

Step8 Summary

How many subject do you have?Who can write then on the blackboard?

What's your favorite subject? Why?

Step9 Homework

Write an article to introduce yourself.You can write your favorite things, such as food, color, clothes, subject and sports ect(等等)

Blackboard Design

Unit9 My favorite subject is science

What’s your favorite subject?

My favorite subject is ...

Why do you like it?

Because it’s ...

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