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1. W: I can’t find the kids. What are they doing now?

M: Don’t worry. They are playing basketball over there.

2. W: It is a fine day. Why not go out for a walk?

M: OK. That’s a good idea.

3. W: What do you do every night, Tom?

M: Oh, I finish my homework ,help my mother do housework and then I watch TV. At about 10 o’clock I go to bed.

4. W: How was your weekend?

M: I had a good time in the library. I enjoyed reading very much.

5. W: You had a good time in Hainan, didn’t you ?

M: Yes, my family and I flew to Hainan and stayed there for a week.

Ⅱ. 听小对话,回答问题。本题共有五个小题,在每个小题内你将听到一个小对话,我们把对话念一遍。请你根据对话内容从试卷A、B、C三个选项中选出最佳选项。

6 M: Hi, Linda! What do you usually do on weekends?

W: I usually go swimming. Sometimes I go shopping with my mother. 7 W: I want to join the sports club.

M: What can you do, Jill?

W: I can play basketball. And I practice it every day.

8 W: Tony, you look really healthy!

M: Thank you. I drink milk and exercise every day.

9 W: Do you want to play soccer with the boys after school, Dave? M: Sorry, I never play soccer. I like to play volleyball.

10 M: Mrs Green, do you like the movie Kungfu Panda.

W: Yes, it’s interesting. I often go to the movies on weekends.

三. 听长对话,回答问题(读二遍)


W: Who’s that young woman?

M: The one with long curly hair? She’s our new teacher, Janet White. W: Does she teach music?

M: No, she teaches P.E.


M: Would you like some dessert after dinner?

W: I’m really full after such a big salad.

M: What about an ice cream?

W: OK. A small one.

M: With strawberry?

W: No, with nothing.

M: OK. Waiter. A small ice cream with nothing and some apples, please.

四. 听短文,回答问题(读二遍)

It was Saturday. Katy was reading a novel when she heard a knock at the door. She opened the door and found it was one of her neighbors, Mrs. King, with her son. Her husband fell off a tree and hurt his leg. She had to carry him to the hospital, but nobody could look after little Jim. Katy understood everything. She was ready to help. The woman thanked her and hurried off. Katy read some picture books for Jim and then taught him to sing a song. She took him out and watched some children flying kites by the river. She gave him some cakes when he felt hungry. That afternoon, when Mrs. King came again to take Jim home, the boy didn’t want to leave his “sister”!


Ⅱ.5分 )






66-70 information, carefully, touches, chose, sayings 71-75 hungry, dislike, worst, although, yourself

76-80 is , finding, the cheapest, well, easier, more expensive, watching 81-85 more expensive, watching, deciding, telling, more beautiful Ⅺ.书面表达(15分)

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