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One day a farmer__1__in a field near a forest.A hare ran towards him.It__2__him until it__3__close to him.Then it turned away quickly and ran into a big tree.It__4__its neck against the tree and__5__at once.The farmer was happy because he__6__a good meal.He__7__down his spade(铁锹)and decided__8__near the tree and wait for another one.He waited for a long time,but no more hares__9__.It was getting dark.The farmer was then tired and hungry.He was disappointed for he hadn’t got__10__more hares.

1. A.was working B.is worked C.working D.are working 2. A.weren’t see B.not seen C.doesn’t see D.didn’t see 3.A.do B.were C.was D.done 4.A.will break B.broke C.breaks D.is breaking 5.A.died B.went C.passed D.through 6.A.will have B.would have C.had D.have 7.A.put B.got C.lain D.wrote 8.A.standing B.to stand C.to be stood D.to stood 9.A.comes B.come C.came D.has come 10.A.no B.any C.some D.many

There are only two seasons in some countries—the dry season and the rainy season.They are India,Vietnam and some countries in Africa.It’s never cold there and it doesn’t snow.In the dry season it is as warm as it is in the rainy season.When it is the dry season,it doesn’t rain at all.It’s very,very hot.All grass and leaves in the trees are yellow.Animals and people are very thirsty.It is a very difficult time for them!When it is the rainy season,the rain doesn’t stop;it rains day and night.There is a lot of water around!Some animals like it,but some don’t.

There is a place where there are no seasons at all.It is the Antarctic(南极). It is very cold all the year round.There are no countries and no cities there.There are some villages in the Antarctic.Who lives there?Some scientists from some countries go there to learn about the coldest place,its animals and birds.But there are no trees,no flowers,no fruit there,so people can’t live there long.

1.There are______seasons in the Antarctic. A.two B.three C.four D.no 2.What’s the weather like in Vietnam? A.It’s very cold all the year round. B.It’s never cold and it doesn’t snow. C.It is very cold and it snows all the year round. D.It is never cold and it snows all the year round. 3.When is a difficult time for people and animals in India? A.The rainy season. B.Spring. C.The dry season. D.Winter.

4.Some scientists live in the Antarctic because they want to learn about______. A.the coldest place B.the countries there C.the cities D.the fruit there 5.Which of the following sentences is NOT true according to the passage? A.The leaves on the trees are yellow in the dry season. B.All countries in Africa have two seasons. C.Some animals like the rainy season. D.There are some animals and birds in the Antarctic.

If you get into the forest with your friends,stay with them always.If you don’t,you may get lost.If you really get lost,this is what you should do.Sit down and stay where you are.Don’t try to find your friends—let them find you by staying in one place. There is another wa

y to help your friends or other nearby people to find you.Give them a signal(信号)by shouting or whistling(吹口 哨)three times.Any signal given three times is a call for help.

Keep up shouting or whistling always three times together.When people hear you,they will know that you are not just making noise for fun.They will let you know that they have heard your signal.They give you two shouts,two whistles,or two gunshots(枪声).When someone gives you a signal,it is an answer to a call for help. If you don’t think that you will get help before night comes,try to make a little house—cover up the holes with branches(树 枝)with lots of leaves.Make yourself a soft bed with leaves and grass.

What should you do if you get hungry or need drinking water?You would have to leave your little house to look for a river.Don’t just walk away.Pick off(去除)small branches and drop them as you walk so that you can find your way back.The most important thing to do when you are lost is to stay in one place. 1.If you are lost in the forest,you should______. A.stay where you are and give signals three times B.walk around the forest and shout so that your friends could hear you C.try to find your friends as soon as possible D.try to get out of the forest and shout for help

12.If you want to let people believe that you are not just making noise for fun,you should______. A.tell people that you are lost B.keep up shouting or whistling C.shout at the top of your voice D.shout or whistle three times 13.When you hear two shouts,two whistles,two gunshots,______. A.you should shout more loudly B.you can whistle three times C.it is an answer to your call for help D.you should try to run to them 14.When you want to leave your place to get drinking water,you should______. A.just go to the river B.find some glasses or bottles before you go C.make a fire so that you can have some tea D.leave marks so that you can find your way back 15.This passage mainly tells you______. A.when you hear a signal always three times,it is a call for help B.what you should do if you get lost in a forest C.any signal given twice means an answer to a call for help D.how you can live longer in a forest

用所给词的适当形式填空。(5分) 1.Please pay attention to______(listen)to the teacher in class. 2.They only have a small room______(live)in. 3.The maths problem isn’t difficult.She can work it out______(easy). 4.The______(translate)of English is very difficult to me. 5.The teacher warned his students________(not talk)in class.


Chinese writer Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize in Literature on Thursday,October 12th in 2012.He was the first Chinese__1__(win)this prize. Mo Yan’s real name is Guan Moye.He__2__(bear)in a poor family in Gaomi,Shandong Province in 1955.His parents are both farmers.At the age of 12,he stopped__3__(go)to school and began__4__(work)on the farm.Then he went on__5__(work)in a factory.In 1976,he joined the PLA(人民解放 军).From th

en,he started to learn writing stories.His first story__6__(come)out in 1981. Most of his works were based on__7__(he)own life at the early age.One of his__8__(famous)works was Red Sorghum(《红 高粱》).It was made into a__9__(wonder)film by Zhang Yimou. As a writer,Mo Yan is very__10__(success).He is a symbol of China’s literature.

Mike and Dick work in the same office . They don’t like the cold weather .And one day they decided ______(41)their holiday in Australia . Their plane _______(42)Sydney at nine in the morning. They had a good rest in a hotel . The next morning they _______(43)a car in the city and began their travel . A few hours later the sun ______(44)in the sky and were no shade trees beside .It was so hot that they could hardly go on driving . They had to stop_____(45) around .Mike found a river was about half a kilometer away from them .

They were both very happy and drove the car _______(46). Soon they got the river .Before they jumped into the water ,Dick saw a boy ______(47) under a big tree. He asked ,“Are there any sharks in the river ,boy?” “No , there aren’t ”answered boy . So they began______(48) in the river .After a while ,Dick felt something hit _______ (49) his leg .He told Mike about it .They were afraid and stopped swimming .Dick asked ______(50) ,“Is it true that there aren’t any sharks in the river?” “ Yes ,sir ,”said the boy ,“There’re a lot of crocodiles(鳄鱼)in the water .All the sharks(沙鱼)have swum away!”

41A. to take B. takes C. taking 42A. arrived in B. arrived C. gets in 43A. borrow B. rented C. lent 44A. shined B. was shining C. to shin 45A. looking B. to look C. to looked 46A. quick B. more quickly C. quicker D. quickly 47A. to play B. played C. is playing D. playing 48 A. to swimingB. swam C. to swim D. for swimming 49A. to B. against C. at D. about 50A. aloud B. loudly C. loud D. more loudly


A.I bought a book yesterday. B.First you should remember their pronunciations. C.And if you have questions,you can ask your teacher for help,too. D.Thanks a lot. E.I can’t get the pronunciation right. F.That will help. G.I learned a lot at school. A:Hello!This is Learning English programme.Can I help you? B:Yes,please. 1 How can I improve it? A:That’s easy.Listening to more English tapes is a good way. 2 B:OK,I’ll try.And how can I understand the teacher in class? A:Oh,this is a hard question.Try to make notes(笔记)in class and revise them after class. 3 B:That’s a good idea.And then how should I learn new words? A: 4 Then you can make sentences with them.And you can use them in conversations with your friends. B: 5 A:You’re welcome.I hope you can improve your English soon.

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