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1. He looks quite_______. Yes, he is getting ready for the test ______.

A. busy, busy B. busily, busily C. busy, busily D. busily, busy

2. I know _______Japanese. I can’t ______ to a Japanese yet.

A. a little, say B. little, talk C. a few, speak D. few, tell

3. Oh, that’s the bell. _____ must be Li Feng. A. He B. She C. This D. It

4. _____ in their class likes the teacher. A. Everyone of the students

B. All the students C. Both of the students D. Everyone

5. Did you see ____ one-eyed horse_____ past here just now?

A. a, ran B. an, run C. a, running D. an, running

6. I was born ____ a snowy morning and my mother was born _____Christmas Day.

A. in, on B. on, on C. on, for D. in, for

7. Jim is better________ English than _________from his sister’s class.

A. at, any student B. at, any other student C. for, any student D. for, any other students

8. _______ hard work it is! A. How B. What a C. What D. How a

9. There are some birds on one side of the boat and some mangoes on ________.

A. other B the other C. another D. others

10. Millie will come to your birthday party. I will come ______.

A. both B. either C. also D. as well

11. I know you know English, but do you know ________________?

A. any language B. any other language C. any language else D. any else langu

12. Traveling to the USA _______ me a lot of money.

A. takes B. costs C. pays D. spends

13. If Jim ______ free tomorrow, I’ll ask Tom_________ .

A。isn’t, instead of B. don’t be , instead C. won’t , instead D. isn’t, instead of him

14. David scored a wonderful goal the football match and his team won the match .

A.in the end,in the end B.in the end,at the end of

C. at the end of , in the end D. at the end of ,at the end of

15. On my way to school, I go ___________his house every day.

A. past B. pass C. passed D. to past


1. It’s difficult for me ______________(decide) when ____________(go) on a trip to Japan .

2. The Olympic Games __________________ (take) place every four years.

3. I’ll go walking instead of ___________________ ( swim ).

4. They decided _____________________ ( not drive) a car to the quiet countryside .

5. He ________________ (make) up his mind __________________ (study) hard last week.

6. He _________________(agree) ____________________ ( not trouble) me last night .

7. We are listening to him carefully while he _________________ us the story.(tell)

8. Would you go to the zoo with us? I think you __________________(enjoy) yourselves

9. My wish is ____________(visit) America next year. / Before _____________(cook), mother cut the meat into pieces.

10. Listen! Can you hear the boy ____________ (sing) in the next room?

三. 阅读理解:

The world has many beautiful sounds. We can hear the songs of birds and the laugh of people. We can listen to cool music and news reports. And it’s all because of our ears! They bring us a world of sounds.

But some people can’t hear any sound at all. Some are born deaf. Others can hear well in their childhood, but too many loud sounds hurt their ears later on.

Many people in China can’t hear ordinary sounds clearly. A large number of them are children. Most of them are born with good hearing. But 6children out of every 1,000 have hearing problems when they are born. And if a child has hearing problems, he of she usually will also have learning problems at school.

A lot of things can cause hearing problems. For example, too much earwax is not good for our hearing. And noise louder than 85 decibels(分贝) can hurt our ears and make us lose our hearing for a short time or even for ever.

Hearing is important for all of us. So we should do our best to give our ears special care. Don’t forget to do the following.

◎ Try to stay away from places with too much noise. If you have to go, wear earplugs(耳塞). A pair of good earpluge can cut the noise by 30 decibels.

◎ When swimming, remember to put earplugs into your ears to stop water from getting in.

◎ Never put anything sharp(尖锐的) into your ears. If you think you have too much earwax, ask your mum of dad to help you clean it out.

( )1、 The underlined word “earwax” means in Chinese.

A、耳膜 B、耳鸣 C、耳垢 D、耳疾

( )2、 In the first paragraph (段落), the writer wants to .

A、tell us many beautiful sounds B、describe the uses of ears

C、explain the kinds of sounds D、show the importance of ears

( )3、 Which of the following is NOT mentioned by the writer? A、Hearing problems caused by diseases.

B、People with hearing problems. C、Ways to protect our ears. D、Danger of loud noise.

( )4、 Hearing problems may be caused by .

A、a little earwax B、learning problems at school

C、noise louder than 85 decibels D、earplugs that can only cut noise by 15 decibels

( )5、The underlined sentence means .

A、when you get older, you know it’s not polite to ask “What?”

B、when you get older, you still have good hearing C、when you get older, you won’t ask questions

D、the older you are, the less questions you’ll have


Many North Americans love sport. This does not necessarily mean that they get any e______________ . What they do is w____________ national teams on television. They watch baseball, football, basketball, hockey, golf and tennis—which means that for most of the weekends they s____________ in front of the television.

Baseball is the great American s__________ and every team has fans. Nearly every big city has a t___________, and as each team plays 162 games a year, following baseball can take up a lot of time. The playing season b_____________ in spring and finishes in the fall World Series, when the two leading (main) teams p___________ each other. The first to w_________ four games wins the Series. Although called the World Series, Canada is the only other c_____________ to take part in it.

Football, played in the fall and winter, is also very p_____________. It is not at all l____________ the game called soccer. There isn’t much kicking in American football, which has more to do with r____________ with the ball and knocking people d___________. Each team only plays 16 games during the season, and these take place on Sundays and Monday evenings. Half the country watches the f___________ game on a Sunday, in January.

When there are n_______ good games on television, Americans watch college sports. Many colleges feel that if they want their former students to give money to their old schools, they n_________ a winning football team. To our surprise, this seems to be t__________.

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