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1. She _________Beijing last night.

A.arrvied in B.got C.reaches D.arrived

2.__________ ready now, let’s begin.

A.Everything is B.Something are C.Nothing are D.Anything is

3.I ______ life was like here in the past.

A.wonder that B.know when C.wonder what D.decide why

4._____________weather it was!

A.What nice B.How a nice C.How nice D.What a nice

5. Another two hours _______not enough.

A.is B.are C.will are D.were

6. I’m free now, I have _________ (无事)to do .

7. Is __________(某人)going with you ?

8. I can finish it by __________ (我). X Kb 1.C om

9. Children, please help _____________to the fish(随便吃).

10. It ____________(似乎)that it is going to rain.

11. The _____________(无聊的)book makes me ___________(无聊的)

12. He decided ___________(try) it.

13. I tried my best ____________(work) it out.

14. He is __________ __________(等候) a bus.

15. I need ______ _________(一把雨伞)_________ ________(因为) the heavy rain.

16. I have _________ ___________(足够的时间).

17. I am not _________ __________(足够的老).

18. Did you go ___________ ___________(有趣的某个地方)?

19. I _________ a gift _______my mother yesterday (给…买).

20. When it’s hot,I feel like ____________(游泳) in the pool.

21. He teaches ___________(I) English.

22. Why not __________(try) to go by boat?

23. I kept _____________(写) this story.


1.___________do you go to Shanghai?

A.How many times B. How often C,How long D.How soon

2. __________this book carefully and you can get a lot.

A. Reading B.Read C.Readed D.To read

3.There is ____________salt in the fridge, I will buy some.

A.little B.few C.a few. D.a little

4. I am going to study ________.

A.hardly B.hard C.hardly ever D.harding

5. _________do you watch TV? ----Twice a week

A.How many B.How long C.How far D.How often

6. He ___________ten years old.

A.may B.maybe C.may be D.might

7. ___________they were hard-working,_______they didn’t get good grades.

A. Although, / B.Though, but C.though, / D.Although, but

8. He is ________a clever girl __________she can work out this math problem.

A.so, that B.such, that C.too, to D.enough, to

9.The ___________dog was ___________on the floor, at last it __________.

A.dying, die, died B.died, die, dying C.dying, dying, died D.death, dying, die

10. _____________ of the students ____here.

A.None,is B.No one,are C.Nothing,are D.None,are

11.___________of my parents _____teachers.

A.All,are B.Both,is C.Both, are DNone,are

12. I will have ________________holiday.

A.three weeks B.three-weeks C.three week’s D.three-week

13. ---Next week I am ________ __________(相当满) for me.

----Really? ____________?

A. How about; B. How come; C.How often D.How many

14. My mother _________me __________.

A. hopes, to drink B.wants, drink C.except, to drink D.wants, to drink

15. Fifteen percent of the information _______true and twenty percent of the medicine _____fake.

16.It’s good to relax by _____________(使用) the Internet.

17. He went Shanghai, _____________(但是), I stayed at home.

18. Keeping ___________is good for our __________(健康).

19. I have ____________(曾经) been to Wuhan, I went there ___________(两次).

20. What do you usually do ____________ ____________(在周末)?


1. ______________you study, ______________your grades are.

A.Harder, the better B.The harder, the better C.The hardest, best

2. He is ____________ of the two girls.

A.taller B.the tallest C.the taller D.tallest

3. The weather in Beijing is colder than ___________in Hainan.

A.weather B.it C.those D.that

4. You don’t need a lot of friends ____________they are good.

A.though B.but C.as long as D.in fact

5.Larry helps to __________the best in me.

A.bring out B.care about C.be up to D.have to do with

6. We ___________excellent, we ___________one thing in common.

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