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(二)数词的分类 (一)基数词在英语中表示数目的词称为基数词。







586→five hundred and eighty-six,803→eight hundred and three


million,第三个“,”前为billion(美式)或thousand ,million(英式),然后一节一节地表示。

1,001→one thousand and one

9,785→nine thousand, seven hundred and eighty-five

18,423→eighteen thousand,four hundred and twenty-three

6,260,309→six million two hundred and sixty thousand three hundred and nine 750,000,000,000→seven hundred and fifty, billion(美式) seven hundred and fifty thousand million(英式)



e.g.Four Of them come from Paris.


e.g.一How many books would you like?

一I would like two.


e.g.Seven minus two is five.


e.g.There are three people in my family·


e.g. You two will go swimming with us.


e.g. There are six hundred students in our grade.

(7)表不确定的数字时,数词用复数。若带名词,再加of hundreds of(数百,成百上千23→twenty-three,34→thirty-four,45→forty—five,56→fifty-six,

的),thousands of(数干,成千上万的),millions of(数百万)

e.g,They arrived in two sand threes.他们三三两两地来了。


e.g. He is in his early thirties.他有三十来岁(31—34岁):

This took place in the 1930s.这事发生在二十世纪三十年代;


e.g.I watch CCTV News at seven o’clock every evening.








twenty→twentieth, forty→fortieth, ninety→ninetieth


twenty-first,two hundred and forty-fifth



e.g.Tom is their second son.

He is the first one to come here.


e.g: He tried a second time.他又试了—次.

Shall l ask him a third time?还要我再问他—次吗?我已问了他两次)


1st 2nd,3rd,4th,20th,21st,22nd,23rd


2005年8月15日:(英)15,8,2005=15th,August,2005;(美)8,15,2005=August 15th,2005


No.1(1号),No.3bus(3路公共汽车),Room 103,(103号旁间)

The first lesson=Lesson One(第一课)



e.g.1/3-one third;2/5-two fifths


e.g.3+5=8 Three plus/and five is eight.

9-2=7 Nine minus two is seven.

6x5=30 Five times six is thirty /six unutilized five is thirty.

8÷2=4 Eight divided by two is four.

(六)倍数表示法 a. 主语+谓语+倍数(或分数)+ as + adj. + as

I have three times as many as you. 我有你三倍那么多。

b. 主语+谓语+倍数(分数)+ the size (amount,length?) of? The earth is 49 times the size of the moon. 地球是月球的49倍。 c. 主语+谓语+倍数(分数)+ 形容词(副词)比较级+ than?

The grain output is 8 percent higher this year than that of last year. 今年比去年粮食产量增加8%。

d. 还可以用by+倍数,表示增加多少倍

The production of grain has been increased by four times this year. 今年粮食产量增加了4倍。


( )1. Work must come ______.

A. first B. at first C. the first D. in first ( )2. The People's Republic of China was founded _______.

A. on October the first , 1949 B. in October the first, 1949

C. on October one, 1949 D. on October first one, 1949

( )3. There are _______ days in a year

A. three hundreds and sixty-five B. three hundreds and fifty-six

C. three hundreds of sixty-five D. three hundred and sixty-five

( )4. There are ______ days in February.

A. thirty B. thirty-one C. twenty-eight D. twenty-six

( )5. The film begins at 4:15 . "4:15" is _______.

A. four fifth B. fifteen four C. four fifteen D. a quarter to four

( )6. _______ is seventy-seven.

A. Forty and four B. Thirty-seven and forty C. Forty or thirty-seven

( )7. It took me _____ to finish my homework .

A. two and a half hour B. two hour and a half

C. two hours and a half D. a half and tow hour

( )8. ---How many months are there in a year ? ---There are _____.

A. eleven B. twelve C. twenty D. twelfth

( )9. At the age of _____, he was a worker.

A. twenty B. the twenty C. twentieth D. twenty-first

( )10. The Changjiang River is ______ longest river in China.

A. the first B. the second C. first D. one

( )11._______ of the teachers in the school is 300, and ______ of them are women teachers.

A. The number ;first fourth B. A number ;one's second

C. A number; one second D. The number ;three quarters

( )12. Mr Green lives on ______ floor.

A. seven B. the seven C. the seventh D. seventh

( )13. This is a big class , and _____ of the students are girls.

A. two third B. second three C. two thirds D. two three

( )14. She has been to Hangzhou ______, so he knows it very well.

A. for the four time B. four times C. a fourth time D. for four

( )15. To our surprise, it was invented by a high school student of _______.

A. fifteen-years-old B. fifteen C. fifteen-year age D. age of fifteen

( )16. What does he say about ______ holiday ?

A. Jim's two months B. Jim's two-month

C. Jim-two -month D. Jim's-two-month

( )17. The School Art Festival is held _______.

A. each two year B. every second years

C. every two years D. each second years

( )18. About ______ of the workers in the clothes factory are women.

A. third fifths B. third fifth C. three fifths D. three fifth

( )19. The story took place in _______.

A. the 1978 B. 1978's C. the year of 1978s D. the 1970s

( )20. ______ other stars are much bigger and brighter than the sun.

A. Thousands of B. Thousand of C. The thousand of

D. Thousands

( )21.The government of Chongqing is building _______ cheap and good houses for the people.

A. thousand B. thousands C. thousand of D. thousands of

( )22. Now, everybody, please turn to Page ______and look at the ______ picture.

A. Fifth; five B. Five; fifth C. Fifth; fifth D. Five; five

( )23----Do you have enough students to clean the laboratory ?

----No, I think we need ______ students.

A. another B. two others C. more two D. two more

( )24. We’ll have a ______ holiday. What about going to the West Lake?

A. two days B. two—day C. two—days D. two—days’

( )25. ---How many teachers are there in your school ?

---- ______, but I’m not sure.

A. Hundreds B. Hundred C. Hundreds of

D. One hundred

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