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2013版 新目标八年级上册英语 Unit3 period 3

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Unit 3 I’m more outgoing than my sister.

Period III


tall -


big -


short- shorter
wild- wilder nicer easier heavier thinner

fat -

more difficult
more outgoing

difficult -


many -

more better less


good -
little -


Friendship is very important in our life.

We may have many friends.
Some are the same as us. Some are different. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Is he a good friend ?
1. When you have problems, he doesn’t want to

help you.


2. When you’re tired, he does homework for you.

3. When you are sad, he goes away. No


4. When you don’t know the answers in the test, he gives you the answers to copy. No


What kind of things are important in a friend?

Rank the things below.[1-7](1 is the most important.

A good friend _____ a. has cool clothes. _____ b. is talented in music. _____ c. likes to do the same things as me. _____ d. is good at sports. _____ e. truly cares about me. _____ f. makes me laugh. _____ g. is a good listener.

Friend wanted
Tom: I don’t know how to make myself more handsome. My clothes are too ugly. If my friend have some cool clothes, that will be great.

Tom thinks a good friend has cool clothes.

Friend wanted
Mary: The schoolwork is so difficult for me. I don’t know how to get good grades. I want to ask my friend for help.

Mary thinks a good friend____________.

Tara: I am very outgoing. I like going shopping, swimming, sightseeing and so on. I like to do these with my friend together. Tara thinks a good friend____________. Tim: I am very athletic. I like playing sports and I am good at sports. I want to play sports with my friend together. Tim thinks a good friend__________.

Jimmy: I am not very popular in school. Maybe I am too quiet. I like the student who is very popular with others. Jimmy thinks a good friend__________. Holly: Sometimes I feel tired and sad, I

think a good friend_________.


Talk about what you think a good friend should be like.

A: I think a good friend makes me laugh. B: For me, a good friend likes to do the same things as me. C: Yes, and a good friend is talented in music, too. D: That’s not very important for me … ( has cool clothes/ is popular in school/ likes to do the same things as me/ is good at schoolwork/ make me laugh )

Listen. What do Molly and Mary like about their best friends? Fill in the first column of the chart.

Like about their best friends Molly Peter likes to do the same things. Mary

The same as their best friends

Different from their best friends Mary studies harder

They’re very tall. Lisa is quieter.


Talk about Holly and Maria and

their best friends.



The same as Different from best friend best friend They are both Pete is more athletic, pretty outgoing funnier and wilder. They are both Holly is quieter good at sports look alike, Vera is quieter and smarter. both tall, Maria is mo

re outgoing. both have long, curly hair

A: Holly’s best friend is funnier than she is. B: Well, Maria and her best friend are both tall.…


1. I think a good friend makes me laugh. make sb. do sth. 让(使)某人做某事(make后跟不 带to的不定式)

e.g. His words made us feel so exciting. The boss made the workers work all day. 2. She’s a good listener, and she keeps secrets. 听者listener, 说话者speaker keep a secret 保密

3. Is she a lot like you?
= Is she like you very much?
(1)a lot 表程度, 相当于very much, 但位置

(2)be like 像…, like为介词。
Is she a lot like you? = Is she like you very much? 她长得像你吗?

PAIRWOR 1e Talk about Holly and Mary and their best friends.
A: Holly’s best friend is funnier

than she is.
B: Well, Maria and her best friend are both tall.

Write the comparative of the following adjectives. Then use them to write five sentences about you and your friends.


popular _____ quiet ____ serious ____ outgoing _____

funny ____ hard- working ____ friendly ___ smart ______

shy _______

Talk about friends

Jeff Green

Huang Lei

Mary Smith

Should friends be the same or different? Read about what these people think. Underline the differences between the friends and circle the similarities. 2b


Are the following statements true (T) or false (F)?

1. Jeff is less serious than most kids. 2. Jeff and Yuan Li are both quiet.

3. Jeff thinks it is easy for him to make friends.
4. Huang Lei is taller than Larry. 5. Huang Lei isn’t as good at tennis as Larry. 6. Larry works harder than Huang Lei. 7. Mary thinks her friends should be the same as her. 8. Carol broke her arm last year and Mary made her feel better.

How do you and your friends compare with the people in the article? Write five sentences.


I’m different from Jeff because I’m louder than the other kids in class. My best friend is similar to Larry because she’s less hard – working than me.

_______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________

Which saying about friends is your favorite? Which friend do you think about when you read this saying? Why? Tell your partner about it.


1. A good friend is like a mirror.

2. Friends are like books – you don’t need a lot of them
as long as they’re good. 3. My best friend helps to bring out the best in me. 4. A true friend reaches your hand and touches your heart.


1. Peter is good _____ playing football, so he wants to D join the football club. A. to B. with C. for D. at 2. Mrs Green has a son and a daughter. And they are _____ students now. A. both B. all C. every D. each A 3. His funny story made all of them _____. A. laughed B. to laugh C. laugh C 4. I don’t think Henry is _____ than Tony. A. much popular B. more

popular C. popular D. mostB popular


二、下列短语及句子。 1. 使我笑__________________

make me laugh

2. 穿酷的衣服 _______________

3. 在…受欢迎 __________________

wear cool clothes

be popular in… 4. 一个好的倾听者_________________
a good 5. 保守秘密________________ listener
6. 看上去像_________________

keep secrets look alike

Write about you and your best friend … 1.What do you like about him/her? 2.The same things between you. 3.The differences between you.

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