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2013版 新目标八年级上册英语 Unit3 period 4

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Unit 3 I’m more outgoing than my sister.

Period IV


My friend

My best friend is Tina, and she likes to do the _______ (相同的) things as I do. Shepopular is same _______ (受欢迎的) in school, makes and always _______(使) me ________ (欢笑). at is _________ laugh good She (擅长于) sports. She is __________ (更有趣的) more outgoing funnier and_______________ (更外向) than I am. She keep secrets likes to __________(保守秘密). And she is a good listener ___________ (倾听者). By the way, she is of medium build. Friendship means a lot to me.


Match the events with the correct dates.
Dr Martin Luther King September 11, 2001


was murdered.

April 4, 1968
July 20, 1969 March 15, 1979 October 15, 2003


Yang Liwei flew around
the Earth.


The World Trade Center
was destroyed in New York.

4. Man walked on the moon for the first time.

Wang Ling and Liu Lili are best friends. Look at the chart below and compare them. Wang Lingling tall likes reading Liu Lili tall short straight hair


popular outgoing serious hard- working

likes sports popular outgoing funny smart

Wang Lingling’s best friend is Liu Lili. They are both tall, but … __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ _________________________________

Make notes about two of your friends. One friend should be similar to you; the other friend should be different.


A friend who is similar to me

A friend who is different from me




Read the job ad. Then compare two of your classmates.

Decide which classmate is better for the job.

Self check

Put the words in the correct columns in the chart.

Hard- working serious


fast smart


jump high

What people are like

What people can do

Fill in the blanks using the correct forms of the words in brackets. 1. My brother is ____ (funny) than me. He makes people laugh a lot. 2. I’m outgoing, but my best friend is a lot ____ (outgoing) than me. 3. My brother is ___ (serious) as my sister. They both like to study. 4. My cousin can run ____ (fast) than me. She is taller than me, too. 5. Jim is ____ (friendly) than Tom, so Tom has more friends than Jim Keys: 1. funnier 2. more outgoing

3. as serious
5. More friendly

4. faster

Think of your best friend. Write down two ways in which you are similar, and two ways you are different.

Use comparatives.

3._________________________________________________________________ 4._________________________________________________________________

Write about Holly and their friends.



Holly’s best friend is Pete. He likes to do the
same things as Holly does. Holly is quieter than Pete. Pete is funnier and more athletic. They are

both pretty outgoing.

Let me have a try!

My best friend is ____. We _________. I am
_____________. But She is__________and she is also ___________________.

Example: She is my friend. We are both girls and we are both

good at English. However, she is taller than me and
I am more outgoing than she is. She is quieter than me and she is a good listener. She likes to keep secrets. Please guess who she is.


1.--Let's buy some cards for our teachers on Teachers' Day.

--Why not make some by hand?It's much____.
A. interesting C. the most interesting B. more interesting

2. I had to call a taxi because the box was ______ than I’d expected.

A. heavy
C. the heavier

B. heavier
D. the heaviest

用所给词的适当形式填空。 1.I have many __________ (interest). interests 2. I don’t really __________ (careful). care (be) the same. 3.It’s not necessary __________

to be things. 4.We both like _______ (do) the same to do ________________ 6. Larry is _______ (tall) and taller more outgoing (outgoing) than me.
7.He always __________ (beat) me in tennis.

beats 9._____________ (不同) are important in a friendship Differences

根据提示完成句子。 are 1. He’d like to make friends who ___________ _______________(与……不同) him. different from in 2. My son often ________ me _____ (在……方面打败) beats chess, he is good at chess. 3. Some friends have _________________________ opposite views and interests (相反的观点和兴趣). 4. It’s not good ___________ (大声谈话) in class. to talk loudly telling jokes 5. My grandma enjoys ____________(讲笑话). more 6. We both like sports, but Larry is __________ athletic _______ (athletic) than me.


Describe your friends and let the other Ss guess who the person is.

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