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2013外研版新版八年级上册M2 U2

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Learning goals:
1. Master the new words and the phrases. 方位名词: east west south north 方位介词短语: in the east / west / south / north of 所属关系 to the east / west /south / north of 隔海相望 on the east / west / south / north of 毗邻关系

方位adj. eastern(东方的) western southern northern

home town especially be famous for + 物 be famous as + 人的身份 university island area low mountain countryside umbrella e.g. China is famous for the Great Wall. Yao Ming is famous as a basketball player. 2. Improve your reading ability . 3. Writing something about your home town.

方位名词: west 固定短语: in the east / west of … in the north / south of … on the coast 沿海 on the east/ south coast 在东部/南部沿海



浙江—中国 注意:在表示方位的介词短语中, 广西—中国 俩地方是所属关系的时候,介词用in 广东—广西 俩地方时毗邻关系的时候,介词用on 湖南—广西 日本—中国 俩地方时隔海相望的时候,介词用to 台湾—福建

? ? ? ? ? ?

Zhejiang Province is in the east of China. Guangxi is in the south of China. Guangdong Province is on the east of Guangxi. Hunan Province is on the north of Guangxi. Japan is to the east of China. Taiwan province is to the southeast of Fujian.

They are western food. They look very delicious. Do you like eating western food?
southern Qinzhou is a small _________(south) city in China. Xizang is a western _______(west) province in China.

north west south Bristol 布里斯托尔 Manchester 曼切斯特 east

in the east of …

布里斯 托尔

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Cambridge is in the east of England. 剑桥 London is in the south of England. 伦敦 Bristol is in the west of England. 布里斯托尔 Manchester is in the north of England. 曼切斯特

north / south / west / east北方/南方/西方/东方 Tips: home town 家乡 1. 坚持每天复习。 2. 在真实的语境中记。 especially /?'spe?li/ 尤其 be famous for / as 因….而闻名 university /j?:n?'v?:s?ti/ 大学 island /'a?l?nd/ 岛;岛屿 area /'e?ri?/ 地区;地域 low / l??/ 矮的;低的 mountain /'ma?nt?n/ 山;山岳 countryside /'k?ntr?sa?d/ 农村地区 umbrella /?m'brel? / 雨伞


Cambridge is a beautiful city in the east of England.

Isaac Newton 艾萨克.牛顿 Charles Darwin 查尔斯.达尔文

It’s famous for Cambridge University

Many famous people studied there in Cambridge University.

There are lots of old buildings and churches to visit. 有很多可以参观的古老建筑和教堂。

Task I. What’s the main idea of each part? B Part 1 (para_1_)_____ A Part 2(para_2_) _____ Part 3(paras_3-4_) _____ C

A. Introduction about London. B. Introduction about Cambridge C. Introduction about England.

TaskII. Complete the

table comparing Cambridge with London. Cambridge London Location (位置) Population
in the east of England 120,000 University, old buildings and churches River Cam in the south of England About seven and a half (7.5) million Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge. River Thames

Famous places

Task III. Complete the passage with the words and phrases in the box.

countryside east home town island London mountain south university
island England is part of a(n) (1)______. It is famous for its mountains countryside beautiful green (2)_________ with (3)_______ and lakes in the north, and hills and villages in the south. My (4) home town __________ is Cambridge, in the (5)____ Of England. It east has lots of old buildings and churches, and well-known university London (6)___________. It is smaller than (7)__________,which is south in the (8)_______of England.

Task IV.
? 1. What is Cambridge famous for? It’s famous for (Cambridge )University. ? 2. 翻译:第二段:It has a population of about seven and a half million, so it’s bigger and busier than Cambridge. 它有大约7500000人口,因此它比剑桥更大更繁华. ? 3. 从文中找出下句的同义句: It is famous for Big Ben. It is known for Big Ben.___________________ Low mountains beautiful lakes ? 4. _______________and_____________ in the ? north of England? ? 5. When can you visit England? You can visit England any time of the year.

Listen to the tape, pay attention to your pronunciation and intonation (语音,语调).

【即时训练】 2. --- A 或D the population of Qinzhou ? ____ is --- Sorry, I don’t know. (多选) A. What B. How many C. How much D. How large 3.形容词比较级的变化规则是: 修饰形容词比较级的副词有:much, even, far, rather, a little , a lot 等,而very,quite不能使用(后面要用原级)。 【即时训练】 1) She is_____taller than her mother. D A. more B. many C. little D. much 2) --- Is the first box as big as the third one?(适当形式填空) --- No, the third box is far bigger (big). ______

4.从文中找出下句的同义句: It is known for Big Ben, … = _______________________ … It’s famous for Big Ben, 由此可知:be known for = be famous for 5. Russia is on the north of China. Shan Dong province is in the east of China. Australia is to the south of China. 通过观察以上例句得知,若两地相邻并且接壤 用介词 on ,若两地是包含关系用介词 in , 若两地有隔海相望则用介词 to 。 【即时训练】 Where is Japan?—It’s the D of China. A. in ; north B. in ; west C. on; north D. to ; east

First, read the text loudly . Try to understand the text better and find ou your questions. Then, discuss in pairs to solve your questions with the passage.

Some Key Points:
1. on the river Cam 在康河河畔上 on the coast 在沿海 such as…and so on. 例如……等等 2. be famous for / as … 以……而著名 3. England itself is part

of an island. 伦敦本身是一个海岛的一部分。 4. It is never very hot in summer or very cold in winter. 它夏天不热,冬天不冷。 5. at any time of the year 一年中任何时候

1. I come from Cambridge, a beautiful city in the east of England. 2. It’s on the River Cam. (位于哪里) 3. It has a population of about 120,000.(有多少人口) 4. My home town is famous for its university. 5. There are lots of buildings and churches to visit. 有很多可以参观的建筑物和教堂。 6. There are many things to see and to do. 有很多可以看和可以做的事情。

Recite the passage (10’):
★contents: level A&B: Para.1-2 level C:Para.1
★requirements: 1. Everyone should recite quickly and efficiently. 2. Try your best to do it. The more, the better. ★check: No.2 in each group goes to the next group to check No.5 of Para.1(5 points), others check in pairs.

1. 位于英格兰的东部
2. 有大约12万人口 3. 尤以…而著名 4. 例如 5. 有大约750万人口 6. 一年的任何时间

in the east of England has a population of about 120000 be especially famous for such as has a population of about seven and a half million any time of the year

当堂检测 1. The table is ____ A. long 2 meters B. 2 meter long C. two meters long 2. China is famous ____ the Great Wall. A. at B. for C. as 3. Britain is ____island. A. a B. an C. / 4. ____is the population of Foshan? A. How many B. How much C. What D. What’s 5. The population of this village _____only nine hundred, it is very small. A. are B. has C. is 6. China is a great country, it _____1.3 billion people. A. are B. has C. is 7. China is a great country ______a long history. A. in B. from C. with

二、完成句子 1)Hong Kong is hot. Shanghai is hotter. (用比较级把两 个句子合并成一句) hotter than Shanghai is ___________ Hong Kong. 2)The population of Shanghai is 13 million.( 就划线部 分提问) What’s the populationShanghai ? ____ __ _______ __ of 3)大连约有三百五十万人口。 Dalianhas a population ____5.3 million people. __ _ ______ __ of about 4)这条河长达五十公里。 kilometers long This river is 50 _________ _____. 5)香港位于中国的南部。 in the _____ __China. Hong Kong is __ ___ south of

? Look for the information of your hometown and another city. ? Then try to compare the two cities and talk about like our text book.

根据下表所提供的信息,请你以“My home town” 为题,写一篇短文,不少于80词。
Qinzhou Beihai
in the south of Guangxi

Location (位置)

in the south of China. near the Beibu Gulf a population of about3.5 million Sanniang Bay. You can see the white dolphins in the sea Qinzhou pig power and Many kinds of fruits

a population of about 1.5 million

Famous places
Famous food

Beihai Silver Beach Weizhou Island
all kinds of delicious sea food

longan litchi


根据下表所提供的信息,请你以“My Capital

City” 为题,写一篇短文,不少于80词。

Location population

in the northeast of China

a large population of about 206.93 million Famous the Palace Museum; the places Summer Palace; the Great Wall… Famous food Beijing Roast Duck

Thank you!

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