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2013版 新目标八年级上册英语 Unit3 period 2

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Unit 3 I’m more outgoing than my sister.

Period II

Free talk

Do they look the same? Why? They are twins(/twinz/ n.双胞胎). They are twin(adj.孪生的) sisters.



thinner 1.Gina is _________ than Mary. heavier 2.Mary is _________ than Gina.



They are outgoing. Mike is even more outgoing than John.


Which country is larger?

The U.S.A. is a little/ bit larger than Australia.



China is much larger ___________than Japan.

Japan is ____________than China. a lot smaller
Diaoyu Islands belong to China.

Find out their differences. many The more, much the better. good well

Pan is shorter than Liu. He is funnier than Liu. He is thinner than Liu. He is more outgoing than Liu. ......

Liu is taller than Pan. He is quieter than Pan. He is heavier than Pan. He is more serious than Pan. He is more athletic than Pan. ......

严肃的 庄重的




greater cleaner 以不发音的e结尾的在词尾加r finer nicer 以辅音字母+y结尾的,变y为i再 busier happier 加er 以重读闭音节,末尾只有一个辅 bigger 音字母结尾的,双写该字母,再 hotter 加er 多音节词和部分双音节词在前 more important 面加more

? 比较级,要变化,一般词尾加 er. (tall—taller) ? 词尾若有哑音 e, 直接加 r 就可以. (nice— nicer) ? 重读闭音节,单辅音字母要双写. (thin— thinner) ? 辅音字母若加 y ,记得把 y 变为 i . (happy—happier)


good / well –-- better bad / ill / badly –-- worse

many / much –-- more
little –-- less far –-- farther / further


Use the words to write questions and answers.

1. Julie/ tall/ you Q: Is Julie as tall as you? A: No, she isn’t. She’s shorter than me. 2. Jack/ run/ fast/ Sam Q: A: No, he doesn’t. He runs than Sam. 3. your cousin/ outgoing/ you Q: A: No, she isn’t. She’s than me. 4. Paul/ funny/ Carol Q: A: No, he isn’t. He’s than Carol.

Think of yourself two years ago. Write down how you are different now.

1.Are you taller? Yes, I am. I’m taller now than two years ago.

2. Are you funnier? ___________________________________
3. Do you study English better? _________________________ 4. Are you more outgoing? _____________________________ 5. Do you sing better? _________________________________


Compare your parents. Check ( ) who is smarter, funnier,

etc. in the chart. Then ask your partner about his/ her parents.

A: Who is smarter, your mother or your father? B: I think my mother is smarter than my father.
Mother smart funny Work hard outgoing Father

friendly sing well

1. Our classroom is bigger than . C A. she B. her C. hers 2. My parents hard. A. both work B work both C. both works B. 3. Peter is outgoing than his brother A. a little B. much C. a little more C 4. The tiger the car. A. looks the same B. looks

the same like C C. looks the same as D. looks like the same

? 完成句子: ? 1 这个盒子比那个重。 ? This box is ______ _______that one.

heavier than ? 2 你下次一定要做得更好。

You must ____ ______next time. ? 3 他学习比他的哥哥努力得多。 do better ? He studies _______ __________his brother. ? 4.谁想去最远的那个公园? much harder than ? Who wants to go to _____ _____ park?

the farthest


My friend and I

The same and different between you and your friend.

The same
We are both Chinese. We both have long hair. We both like singing.

He is a little taller than I am.

My hair is much shorter than his.
He sings much better than me.

We should know:
? Everyone has his or her advantages and

disadvantages just like every coin has two sides, so we should treat the people or the things around us correctly.
? 每个人都有他(她)的优点和缺点就像每枚硬币都有

正反两方面,因此我们应该正确的一分为二的看待我 们周边的人与事!

1.Remember the important sentences of this period. 2.Copy the new words twice.

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