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Go for it! ( J8A)

Section B

train station

bus station

你 认识吗?

bus stop

subway station

Practice in groups.
A: How do you get to school? B: I … A: How far does he live from his grandparents’home? B: … A: How long does it take? B: It takes me … C: How does A get to school?

1c Listen and check the things that Mary wants to know
Mary wants to know…… ____where Bob lives. ____how far he lives from his grandparents 'home. ____how he gets to his grandparents 'home. ____how long it takes to get to his grandparents 'home. ____what he thinks of the trip.

1d Listen again .How does Bob get to his grandparents’home? Check 1 or 2.


Is it far

from your home to school

___________________________________________________? 2,long, it, to,take,you,how,from, get,school,to,does,home

How long does it take you to get from home to school
————————————————————————? 3,most,Japan,take,students,in,to,trains,school
—————————————————————————. 4,his,bike,he,to,rides,subway,the,station

Most students in Japan take trains to school He rides his bike to the subway station
—————————————————————————. 5,my,home,from,20,about,kilometers,school,is —————————————————————————.

My home is about 20 kilometers from school

1e Talk about how Bob gets to his grandparents 'room.
How does Bob gets to his grandparents 'room. He……

Practice in pairs.


walk/on foot take a/the bus take a train take a subway bus station train station subway station

how/how far/how long by bus/by boat by train/by subway half an hour get to school bus stop leave for school

How do you get to school?I ride to school. How does Bob/Mary get to school? He/She walks to school. How do they get to school? They go to school by bus. How far is it from your home to school?It’ s 20 kilometers. How long does it take?It takes me 15 minutes. How far do you live from school?I live 10 miles from school.

Write a passage
Write a short passage to describe how you and your classmates get to school.

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