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Unit 5 Do you have a soccer ball 水平测试

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Unit 5 Do you have a soccer ball?


( )21. We play ______ basketball every day. A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )22. —Do you play baseball? —No, but I watch baseball games _____ TV.

A. on B. at C. in D. for

( )23.—Let’s watch TV.—Oh, no. It’s _____.A. interestingB. boring C. relaxing D. good

( )24. —That’s a good song (歌曲). —Yes, it _____ nice.

A. spells B. calls C. sounds D. watches

( )25. His school has three ________ a soccer club, a basketball club and a tennis club.

A. sport B. sports club C. sports D. sports clubs

( )26. —Are ______ your cousins? —No. I don’t know ______.

A. they; they B. they; them C. them; they D. them; them

( )27. I ______ two pens, and my brother ______ three.

A. have; has B. has; have C. have; have D. has; has

( )28. —___! I have four volleyballs. —That’s great. But I only ___volleyball games.

A. Look; look B. Look; watch C. Watch; look D. Watch; watch

( )29. —Do you have a telephone? —______. And it’s red.

A. Yes, I am B. No, I’m not C. Yes, I do D. No, I don’t

( )30. —Let’s play soccer. —______. It’s interesting.

A. I don’t play soccer B. I don’t have a soccer ball

C. That sounds difficult D. That sounds good


My name is Ed Smith. I’m 12. I’m 31 Class One. I like (喜欢) ball games. They are 32. I play ball games every day. I can 33 baseball, tennis, and volleyball. But I can not play 34. Ping-pong is difficult for me.

I 35 a good friend at school. 36 name is Linda Brown. Linda Brown is an English 37 . She is 11. She also (也) likes 38 . She can play tennis, volleyball, and ping-pong. But she 39 not play baseball.

So Linda and 40 often (常常) play tennis and volleyball together (一起).

( )31. A. in B. on C. of D. To

( )32. A. difficult B. relaxing C. boring D. dear

( )33. A. spell B. play C. meet D. found

( )34. A. baseball B. tennis C. volleyball D. ping-pong

( )35. A. lost B. thank C. have D. call

( )36. A. My B. Your C. His D. Her

( )37. A. boy B. girl C. father D. mother

( )38. A. ball games B. computer games C. phone numbers D. ID card numbers

( )39. A. is B. are C. do D. can

( )40. A. I B. you C. she D. he

III.阅读理解(每小题2分,共20分)A 难度:★

Sally: Hello! Can I help (帮助) you?

Peter: Oh, I need some information (信息). What clubs do you have?

Sally: Er ... We have a soccer club, a basketball club, a volleyball club, a tennis club

and a ping-pong club. Do you want to join (想加入) one?

Peter: Yes. I want to join the basketball club. Sally: Good. What’s your name? Peter: Peter Hall. Sally: How old are you?

Peter: I am 13. Sally: What’s your phone number?

Peter: It’s 837-4562. Sally: OK. Please fill the form out (请填写表格).

Peter: Thanks.


( )41. They have _____ clubs. A. three B. four C. five D. six

( )42. Peter wants to join the _____club.A.soccer B. basketball C. tennisD. ping-pong

( )43. What’s Peter’s family name?A. Brown. B. Hall. C. Smith. D. Hand.

( )44. How old is Peter? A. He is 13. B. He is 12. C. He is 11. D. He is 10.

( )45. Peter’s phone number is ________.

A. 873-4526 B. 837-4526 C. 873-4562 D. 837-4562


Barry and Kim are twin(孪生的) brother and sister. But they like different sports. Barry likes soccer. He is in the school soccer club, and he plays soccer every day. He has 9 soccer balls in his bookcase. He also likes volleyball. He has 2 white volleyballs and 2 blue volleyballs. But Kim doesn’t like soccer or volleyball. She likes tennis. Tennis is interesting. She is in the school tennis club and she plays tennis every day. She has 7 tennis balls and 2 tennis rackets in her room. She also likes baseballs. She has 5 baseballs: 2 green baseballs and 3 yellow baseballs.


( )46. How many (多少) volleyballs does Barry have? A. 2. B. 3. C. 4.

D. 5.

( )47. What club is Kim in? A. The school soccer club. B. The school volleyball club.

C. The school tennis club. D. The school baseball


( )48. The Chinese meaning (汉语意思) of "different" is "______".

A. 相似的 B. 不同的 C. 熟悉的 D. 陌生的

( )49. What does Kim like? A. Soccer and volleyball. B. Soccer and baseball.

C. Tennis and volleyball. D. Tennis and baseball.

( )50. Which of the following is NOT true (下列哪项陈述是错误的)?

A. Barry is Kim’s brother. B. Barry plays soccer every day.

C. Kim doesn’t have tennis rackets. D. Kim has 2 green baseballs.


51. Yao Ming is a good b____ player (运动员).52. Please take ______(我们) to your school.

53. That _____(听起来) boring. I don’t like it.

54. Jim doesn’t play baseball. He o______ plays soccer.

55. They have seven ________ (课) every day.


A. No, I don’t have a ping-pong ball. B. No, it’s difficult.

C. Where are they? D. Yes, it’s interesting.

E. But I don’t have a tennis racket.

A: Do you like ping-pong? B: 56. ________

A: Let’s play ping-pong. B: 57. ________

A: Let’s play baseball. B: 58. ________ I can not play it.

A: Well, let’s play tennis. B: 59. ________ A: It doesn’t matter (没关系). I have two tennis rackets. B: 60. ________ A: They’re on my desk.


61. they, do, a, telephone, have____________________________________?

62. a, has, he, collection, sports ____________________________________.

63. many, she, has, balls, ping-pong____________________________________.

64. I, do, games, play, not, computer____________________________________.

65. day, TV, she, does, watch, every____________________________________? VII.书面表达(共10分)


Name Collection Number

Wang Na Baseball 12

Zheng Jian Map 23

Gao Mei Pencil 36

Li Wei CD 50

提示: a collection of ... ……的收藏

要求:1. 语句通顺,语意连贯;2. 描述表格中的所有内容;3. 不少于40词。





1. Do they have a TV? (改为陈述句)______________________________________

2. Do Ken and Rice have soccer balls? (作肯定回答)


3. I have a red watch. (把主语换成she改写句子)


4. Sonia has a bag. (改为否定句)______________________________________

5. He plays computer games every day. (改为一般疑问句)




My name is Dave and I’m 10. I’m from Britain (英国). I like sports very much (非常). (A) I have a great sports collection. I have 6 volleyballs, 5 soccer balls, 7 basketballs, 9 baseballs, 8 tennis balls and 4 ping-pong balls. I also have 6 tennis rackets and 4 ping-pong bats. (B) 我每天做运动。Sports are fun and make me healthy (使我健康).


6. 将画线部分(A)处翻译成汉语。______________________________________

7. 将画线部分(B)处翻译成英语。______________________________________ 任务二:判断正(T)、误(F)。

( )8. Dave is an English boy.

( )9. Dave thinks (认为) sports are boring.


10. What sports collections does Dave have? _____________________________________________________________________

Unit 5 Do you have a soccer ball? 水平测试参考答案


I. 21-25 DABCD 26-30 BABCD

II. 31-35 ABBDC 36-40 DBADA

III. 41-45 CBBAD 46-50 CCBDC

IV. 51. basketball 52. us 53. sounds 54. only 55. classes

V. 56-60 DABEC

VI. 61. Do they have a telephone 62. He has a sports collection

63. She has many ping-pong balls 64. I do not play computer games

65. Does she watch TV every day

VII. One possible version:

I have a collection of baseballs. I have 12 baseballs. Zheng Jian has a collection of maps. He has 23 maps. Gao Mei has a collection of pencils. She has 36 pencils. Li Wei has a great collection of CDs. He has 50 CDs.


I. 1. They have a TV. 2. Yes, they do. 3. She has a red watch.

4. Sonia doesn’t have a bag. 5. Does he play computer games every day?

II.6. 我有很多体育收藏品。7. I play sports every day. 8. T9. F10. He has 6 volleyballs, 5 soccer balls, 7 basketballs, 9 baseballs, 8 tennis balls, 4 ping-pong balls, 6 tennis rackets and 4 ping-pong bats.

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