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Unit3 Topic1 期末复习学案7

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Leiyangshinanjingzhongxue 2013.12.31


1.Reveiw new words and phrases:(翻译)

A) 1.n.业余爱好,嗜好__________2.v.背诵,朗诵________3.n.诗,韵文___________




1.在某人的业余时间2. 喜欢读故事


5.在家观看DVD 6.听起来不错





2. Review the following sentences(翻译)

1)What do you often do 在你的业余时间你经常做什么?

2)What’s your hobby?你的业余爱好是什么?

I’m a movie fan. I go to the movie theater a lot.

I am interested in playing basketball.

I love singing and playing the guitar.

I enjoy dancing to music.

I prefer playing soccer.

I am fond of acting.

I like reciting poems.

3)Why not go out and 为什么不出去做一些户外活动呢?


2) I playing computer games.

more trees.

she likes chinese food.

2. 单项选择。

( ) 1) Why not _______ shopping with me?

A. go B. goes C. going D. to go

( ) 2)Wang Yanbo’s mother is fond of _______.

A.cook B.cooker C.cooking D.cooked

( ) 3) I have an _______ reading book. Are you _______ in it?

A. interesting; interesting B. interesting; interested

C. interested; interesting D. interested; interested

( ) 4) What do you often do your free time?

A. in B. on C. at D. to

( ) 5) I like music.

A. too B. either C. also D. as well

3.情景交际: 根据对话情景,选择合适的句子填入在空白处。

Ann:What do you often do in your free time?

1 Unit3 Topic1 期末复习学案 Section A

Leiyangshinanjingzhongxue 2013.12.31

Ben:I often play basketball. 1._______________. What’s your hobby?

Ann:2. Ben:Every evening .


Ben:Good idea. 5. A.How often do you watch TV? B. Why not go out and do some outdoor activities ?

C. It’s my favorite hobby. D. I like watching TV.

E. Maybe I need a change. Unit3 Topic1 Section B


I.Reveiw new words and phrases:(翻译)

A) 1.n.收藏品,收集物_______________2.n.玩偶,玩具娃娃_________ 3.n.硬币___________

4.v.厌恶,讨厌______________5..(口语)大众的,通俗的__________6. n友谊,友情___________

7.adj.滑稽的,好笑的_________8.v. 丑陋的,难看的_____________ 9.n.背景________________

10.n.纸,纸张____________11.n.剪刀_______________ 12.n.胶水v粘合,粘贴______________

13.v .剪,切,割n.伤口,开口________ 14.v.粘贴,粘住__________ 15.adj.懒惰的____________

16. n.题目,标题________ 17. n.章节,段落_________________

B) 1.他们中一些...的知识


5.养宠物II. Review the following sentences(翻译)

(1)Would you like to see it?

I used to enjoy listening to rock music. I didn’t use to go shopping, but now I like it.



3) I go shopping, but now I don’t like it.

winter. It is too cold.

5) A has two sides,a head and a tail.

2. 单项选择。

( ) 1)_______ beautiful girl she is!

A.How B.What C. What a D. How a

( ) 2) She used to A. go B. goes C. to go D. going

( ) 3)—What’s your hobby?

—I _______ listen to music, but now I enjoy dancing.

A.am used to B.used to C.am used D.use to

( ) 4) What hobbies did you A. used to B. use to C. to use to D. using to

( ) 5) Would you like shopping with me?

A. go B. goes C. to go D. going

3.情景交际: 根据对话情景,选择合适的句子填入在空白处。


Leiyangshinanjingzhongxue 2013.12.31

Ann:What’s your favorite sport?

Ben:Well, 1._______________. But now I like playing basketball.

Ann:Could you please tell me what you like to eat?

Ben:Er, I like fish and eggs. But I don’t eat any meat!


Ben:Oh, yes. I love vegetables.


Ben:No, I never drink wine(酒). I think it’s very bad for my health.


Ben:I drink a lot of milk. 5._______________.

Ann:Both milk and juice are good for our bodies.

A.Do you like eating vegetables B. I used to like running C.It’s good for my health

D.What do you drink? E.Do you drink wine? Unit3 Topic1 Section C


I.Reveiw new words and phrases:(翻译)

A)1)n.介绍,引进2)adj.日常的,每日的.n. 蛇

4)v.提供,给予n.安慰v.安慰,抚慰n.猪,贪婪的人 7)n.洗澡;浴室n.池塘



II. 掌握特殊疑问词与动词不定式连用。

1) What to collect

2) How to make it

3) Why to make it



2) I'll tell you a funny story .

3) I won’t do these things.

4) The dog is very ,so nobody likes it.

5) People can things with knives.

2. 单项选择。

( ) 1) I don’t know how _______ a cake.

A.make B.to make C.made D.makes

( ) 2) You can share happy things your friends.

A.in B.on C.at D.with

( ) 3) It is very useful _______ English well.

A.to learn B. learn C. learns D. learned

( ) 4)You can use the scissors to cut_______the pictures?

A.out B.down C.into D.off

( ) 5) -What _______ they use to do in spring?

-They used to go traveling.

A.do B.did C.are D.were


What do you do at the weekend? Some people like to at home, but others like to go


Leiyangshinanjingzhongxue 2013.12.31

a walk or play football. My friend Jack works hard in a factory during the . At the

weekend, he always the same things. On Saturday he his car and on he

goes with his family to a village by car. His uncle and aunt have a farm there. It isn’t a

one but there’s always to do on the farm. The children help with the animals and give

them their . Jack and his wife help in the fields(田地). At the end of the day, they are all

and Jack’s aunt gives them a big meal.

( )1.A.play B.live C.stay D.enjoy

( )2.A.to B.for C.in D.at

( )3.A.day B.time C.autumn D.week

( )4.A.does B.makes C.borrows D.has

( )5.A.watches B.drives C.sells D.washes

( )6.A.Monday B.Sunday C.Saturday D.Wednesday

( )7.A.small B.big C.hard D.short

( )8.A.much B.little C.fast D.far

( )9.A.clothes B.places C.food D.water

( )10.A.clean B.late C.hungry D.friendly Unit3 Topic1 Section D


I.Reveiw new words and phrases:(翻译)


B)1.为某人提供某物在某人的生活上,在某人一生中 II.Review the following sentences(翻译)

1)All pets provide their owners with love and comfort in their lives.

2) He doesn’t mind whether they are good or not.

3)So I often take him out for a walk.



us with hot water.


of the dog ?

near his house. He often go fishing there

2. 单项选择。

( ) 1) Wu Rui likes keeping clean very much. She _______ a bath twice a week.

A.takes B.take C.have D.washes

( ) 2) Our English teacher is _______ and never _______ to us, so we like her very much.

A.funny; friendly B.funny; unfriendly C.fun; friend D.fun; unfriendly

( ) 3) I don’t know _______ he will come or not tomorrow.

A.that B.when C.what D.whether

( ) 4) He doesn’t mind_______there?

A.live B.living C. to live D. lived

( ) 5) The government provid us _______ free books.

A. with B. to C. in D. at


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