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仁爱版Unit2 Topic3 期末复习6

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一、复习导航 Unit2 Topic3 期末复习学案 Section A

1.Reveiw new words and phrases:(翻译)

A) 1.n.记者_________________2.n.问题;v.询问____________3.v.防止,预防______________

4.v.建筑,增强____________ 5.adv.最后终于_____________ 6.adj.拥挤的________________

7.n.喉咙___________________8.n.因特网 ________________


2. Review the following sentences(翻译)


May I you 2)我们应该做些什么来防止它呢? What should I do it?

3)为了增强我们的体质我们应该经常锻炼 .


We should our rooms and the air

5)我们应该远离拥挤的地方We should crowded people.

6)当我们患流感时,我们必须立刻去看医生吗?是的,我们必须去。 when we have the flu?Yes,we must.

7)我们会听从你的建议的. We will


Must we take some medicine to prevent the flu? No,we 二、课堂导练:


her up.

5) , you should have a good rest.

II. 单项选择。

( )1.-- May I ask you _______ questions? –Sure. Go on. A.some B. any C. much D. few.

( )2. –Must we clean the classroom at once? --No, you _______. You may do it after school.

A. mustn’t B. don’t C. needn’t D. don’t have.

( )3.—May I take the book out of the library, Miss Li? --_________.

A. You may not B. No, you mustn’t C. I’m afraid not

( )4. You ________ wash your hands before meals. It is good for your health.

A. may B.can C. must D. need

( )5. Today is Sunday. He ______ get up early, because he doesn’t go to school.

A. doesn’t have to B. didn’t have to C. won’t have to D. have to\

( )6.Reading _________ is good for you.

A. too much B. much too C. too many D. many too

( )7.You’d better ____ late for class.

A. not are B. are C. not be D. not is

( )8.What should we do ______ the children?

A. help B. helping C. helps D. to help

( )9.As a student, we should keep our school ______.

A. cleaned B. clean C. cleaning D. to clean


Leiyangshinanjingzhongxue 2013.12.29


1. You should drink more water. (改为否定问)You ________ ________ more water. (就划线部分提问)

________ ________ we ________ to prevent the flu?

3. Must we clean the floor every day? (作否定回答)No,we _______ _______ _______.

4. You’d better lie down now.(改为否定句)You’d better _______ _______ down now.

5. We must open the windows every day.(同义句转换)We must _____ the windows _____ every day. Unit2 Topic3 Section B 一、复习导航

1.Reveiw new words and phrases:(翻译)

A) 1.他/她/它们自己______________





11. 2. Review the following sentences(翻译)


My I Dr.Liyuping? I’m afraid he is busy .

2.我会稍后给他打电话的。I will later.

3.我想要李玉平医生接电话。I’d like to Dr.Liyuping

4.我能留口信吗?Can I ?


Please forget the talk tomorrow afternoon.

6.我会亲自把这个口信给他的。I will him the message .


Hello! Is that Tom (speaking)? _________________

Hello! I’d like to speak to Tom.(比较正式) _________________

Is that you, Tom?(熟人之间使用) ________________________



(Hello!)This is Tom speaking./Tom speaking. 你好!我是汤姆。

b. 要找的人不在或很忙用:

Sorry. He/She isn’t here/in right now.___________________;

Sorry. He/She is busy now. ________________________;

I’m afraid (that) he is busy now. ________________________

(3) afraid 的几个常用结构:

a. I’m afraid (that)... 恐怕....

b. be afraid of doing sth./be afraid that ... 担心......, 担忧......

c. be afraid to do sth..含有―害怕其结果而而不敢做......‖的意味)。


ring ...up = call...(up) = phone sb.= give sb. a call = give sb. a phone 给......打电话。

另:call sb. back 给某人回个电话。

= give sb. a message.


Leiyangshinanjingzhongxue 2013.12.29

tell sb. to do sth. 告诉某人做某事 ask sb. to do sth. 要求某人做某事。如:

否定形式:tell/ask sb. not to do sth. 如:



2) Don’tto close the door before you leave the classroom.



5) The poor girls have no teachers. So they have to teach .


( ) 1) Please tell him _____ go out at night.

A. not B. not to C. to not D. doesn’t

( ) 2) ---Who taught _____ English?

---I learned it by _____.

A. you, myself B. your, myself C. yourself, me D. yourself, myself

( ) 3) Michael asked you _______ when you come back.

A. ring up him B. ring him up C. to ring up him D. to ring him up

( ) 4) Playing computer games too much ______ your eyes.

A. are bad for B. is bad for C. do bad for D. is good for

( ) 5) Can you help me ____ my math, Li Lei?

A. in B. of C. with D. on


A: Hello! Green Shop.

B: Hello! This is Mary speaking.

A: Yes. This is Tom’s mother.

B: Hello, Mrs. White. A: I’m afraid not. He isn’t in the shop now.

B: Oh.

A: Yes, please.

B: Tom asks me to his party tomorrow evening. But I’m afraid I can’t come.

A: It’s a pity (遗憾).

B: My mother is ill in hospital. I have to take care of her.

A: B: Thank you, Mrs. Smith. Goodbye.

A: Bye.

Unit2 Topic3 Section C


1.Reveiw new words and phrases:(翻译)

A) 1.习惯_______________________2.胖的__________________








Leiyangshinanjingzhongxue 2013.12.29

2. Review the following sentences(翻译)

2.快乐对于你的健康是重要的.Happiness for your health. 1.了解急救知识是必要的. It is first aid.

3.你应该拒绝吸烟和喝酒。You should and



1) The sad news made her_________. (happy)

2) Help to some fish, my friends. (you)

3) You should have a good_________ habit if you want to keep healthy. (eat)

4) Students should stay away from_________ games in the net bar. (play)

5) Smoking is bad for your _________. (healthy)


( ) 1) ____ is necessary for us ____ good books.

A. It, read B. This, to read C. That, reading D. It, to read

( ) 2) The boy is only three years old. He isn’t _____ to go to school

A. enough old B. enough young C. old enough D. young enough

( ) 3) As a student, we should _____ throwing litter around.

A. say thanks to B. say hello to C. say no to D. say yes to

( ) 4) I can’t finish the work ______ the help of my classmates.

A. with B. without C. have D. no

( ) 5.) Vegetables and fruit can make us ______.

A. health B. unhealthy C. healthy D. happiness 4.为了保持健康,我们应该... keep healthy,we should... Unit2 Topic3 Section D 一、复习导航

1.Reveiw new words and phrases:(翻译)


4.B) 1. 3.



one you like.

2) Don’tyour head out, Li Lei.

an hour doing her homework every day.

4) I’m very tired. I to have a good rest.

5) We had a party yesterday and enjoyed 2、单项选择。

( ) 1) My mother is ill. I _______ take care of her. A. can B. may C. shouldn’t D. have to ( ) 2) --- Must I finish my homework before I go home? --- No, you ____. But you ____ finish it before two o’clock. A. mustn’t, must B. must, mustn’t C. needn’t, must D. needn’t, mustn’t ( ) 3) The teacher is coming. Please stop______. A. to talk B. talking C. is talking D. to say ( ) 4) Bob’s parents have no time. He washes his clothes by______. A. him B. his C. himself D. yourself ( ) 5) Lucy is ill. I will take part in the sports meet _____ her. A. instead B. instead with C. instead on D. instead of


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