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Unit 6 Detective stories
Main task A writing competition

An assistant(助手) is wanted.

Ok. And you must finish 4 tasks.

Four tasks
? Plan the story ? Finish the story ? Find the murderer

? Write a story

Are you ready ? GO!

Plan Tom’s story

degree: ★





a A witness said that she had seen someone running into Tom’s building. b Tom planned to take the necklace to the police station the next day. c One day, Tom found a diamond (钻石) necklace (项链) outside his door. d Tom was charged with robbery.

Can you order the story and read it out?
Well done, so we can go to Task 2.

Tom and the robber Tom got along with all of his neighbours except the man who lived next door. The man never spoke to anyone and no one knew what he did for a living(以...…谋生 ). One day, when Tom came home from work, he found a (1)________________outside his diamond necklace (2)____. Tom wondered where it came from. door

Tom thought that perhaps someone had dropped the police station necklace. So he planned to take it to the(3)____________ the next day. He thought the police would be able to find the owner. Just then, the(4)police _____came to Tom’s home and saw the necklace in his hand. Tom was very shocked(震惊 charged with 的) when he was (5)____________ robbery. A policeman told him that a jewellery(珠宝) shop had been robbed. witness A(6)_______ said that she had seen someone run from the jewellery shop into(7)Tom’s building right after _____________ the(8)_________. robbery

guilty Tom was not (9)______, but how could he prove it ? Write an ending:

Find the murderer
Are you ready ? GO!

degree: ★★★

d We’d better call the police. c He was murdered. Start looking for clues. e

I don’t know. I’ve never seen him before.


We didn’t see or hear anything. We were having a party. a b

You’re under arrest I’ll have to check these (被捕 ) for murder. for fingerprints.

1.Place of the crime: At the door 2.Clues found:


A gun and a knife A man and a woman

4.Suspect’s job: A cook
5.The evidence:Fingerprints

Excellent! We only have the last one, also the most difficult one.

degree: ★★★★★

An outline of your story 1. Introduction A description of the crime

Pictures 1-2 ( name/age of victim, time/place of murder, name of witness, relation between victim and witness… )

Any objects or clues found at 2. Main body the scene of the crime
Pictures 3-5 ( blood, fingerprints, knife, gun, interviews with some people… )

A description of the suspect
( name, appearance, occupation... )

3. Conclusion The truth of the case
Picture 6 ( who is the criminal, reason for murder… )


A detective story

Hi, friends. You’re my best assitant now.

To write a good composition
Step 1: 认真审题,明确写什么,找出要点,分析要点 Step 2: 列出写作提纲
Step 3: 检查文章,订正错误 5个注意点: 1) 打草稿 2) 有段落,有开头和结尾 3)

正确的时态 4) 恰当的表达 5) 好的书写

1. Do the exercises of Period 9.

2. Write a detective story ‘A kidnapping’ according to the information of the sentences and pictures.

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