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Give the right orders

7 The victim’s parents offered a reward for information 3 The victim struggled with the attacker(s). 2 The victim left his office in New Town. 6 The police checked the scene for clues. 5 The body was found in the doorway of a clothes shop. 1 The victim was charged with computer crimes. 4 The victim died.

Here is the detective Lu’s report, please help him complete it.

A young man was m________ in urdered

Valley Town. The body was f_______ ound
in the doorway of a clothes shop. The v_______ was a computer programmer ictim who worked in New Town. When he l______ his office, he said he was eft

going to visit his parents.

ook The murder t______ place between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m. last night. The victim was killed w______ a knife and there ith was evidence of a s_______ . We are truggle checking the scene for f_________ , ingerprints which will help us find the murderer.
A witness saw a man running down Upper Street with b______ on his shirt. lood But the man said that he was not g______ . uilty

1. He was last seen leaving his office in New Town at about 7 p.m. see sb doing sth --------sb be seen doing sth 看见某人正在做某 事
see sb do sth------------- sb be seen to do sth 看见某人经常做某 事

eg: 我看见他正进入那个办公室。 I saw him entering / going into the office. = He was seen entering / going into the office by me.. 老师经常看见两个学生在那儿踢球。 The teacher often sees the two students play football there. =The two students are often seen to play football by the teacher.

2. They are still working at the scene of the crime to find out whether the victim was killed somewhere else and then brought to Valley Town, or killed at the place where he was found. (1) somewhere adv.(副词),意为“某 处;在某处”,经常用于肯定句中。 eg:我想去个安静的地方野餐。 I want to go somewhere quiet to have a picnic. 凶手一定住在附近的某个地方。 The murderer must live somewhere around here.

(2) whether… or 是… (还是);或者…(或者),不是…(就是) (用以引出两个以上的可能性) 他不知道是走还是留下来。 He doesn’t know whether to go or stay . 我不知道她是穷还是富 I don’t know whether she is poor or rich . (3)whether 与or not 连用,意为“是否”. whether后面可以紧

跟or not, if则不能,即whether…or not=if…or not; whether or not(正确),if or not (错误)

I asked him whether he was coming or not.

3.The victim was attacked with a knife and bled to death as a result. (1)attack sb with sth 用…袭击某人, sb be attacked with sth 某人被用某东西袭击
他用枪袭击了那有钱人.He attacked the rich man with a gun. 他昨晚被人用枪袭击.He was attacked with a gun last

night. (2) bleed to death 流血致死 blood bleed(动词,流血)----bled-----bled 名词______ 看,他的鼻子在流血。Look,

his nose is bleeding. (3)回顾:死:名词 death ;动词 die ; dead , 意为“死 形容词dying , 意为“垂死的”;形容词 的”;

(4)as a result, 意为“结果,因此”,先交代 原因然后再用as a result连接结果,相当于 so, 既可放在句中,也可放在句末。 eg:他错过了公共汽车,结果迟到了。 He missed the bus,__________, he was as a result late. 他没有努力学习,因此考试不及格。 He didn’t work hard,____________, he as a result failed in the exam.

4.The victim obviously put up a good fight.很明 显,受害人进行了激烈的博斗。
put up 此处意为“进行(抵抗、斗争等)” put up a fight against 与…进行抵抗 他同疾病进行了顽强地抵抗。 He put up a good fight against the illness. 战士们与敌人的进攻进行了顽强的博斗。 Soldiers put up a good fight against the enemies .

5. He was charged with breaking into several computer systems. (1) charge sb with sth …意为“控告某人犯有(某种 罪行)”,后接名词或动名词, 其被动语态是sb be charged with sth. , 意为“某人 因某事而被控告” eg:警察指控他不慎驾驶 The police charged him with careless driving. 这个嫌疑犯被指控犯有谋杀罪 The suspect was charged with murder.

(2) break------broke------broken break into 意为“闯入,侵入,强行进入”, eg:在我们到达之前他已闯入店内。 He had broken into the shop ______________________ before we arrived . 这个男孩侵入银行并拿走了一些钱。
broke into The boy______________ the bank and took away some money


6. We suppose that the victim knew his attackers.
我们推断受害人认识袭击他的人。 Suppose意思是 (根据所知)认为,推断,料想。如: I supposed that Miranda______________________ would 我以为米兰达会去看那场电影。 go to see the film.

7. A witness reported that he was breathing heavily and had blood on his shirt.

呼吸”,名词breath , 气喘吁吁 out of breath ; “呼吸”,动词breathe 气喘吁吁 breathe heavily ;

8.The suspect had evidence to prove that he was at another place at the time of the crime and insisted that he was not guilty.
(1)prove (vt) 及物动词,意为“证明,证实”,其后可接名词, “宾语+宾语补足语”或从句 eg: 结果已经证实他是他很有天赋。 The result has proved that he is talented . ____ 没人能证明这幅画是否是真的。 No one can prove if the picture is real .
(2) prove用作联系动词动词,意为“证明,结果是”,后接 to be,常省去to be而直接跟形容词或名词; eg:我的意见证明是对的。My idea proved to be right . 这计划结果是成功了。The plan proved to be a success .

9. The victim’s parents have offered a reward of ¥50,000 for any information that leads to the arrest of the murderer. (1) 悬赏…钱 offer a reward of … 妈妈

提出给我满分100元的奖金。 My mother offers me a reward of 100 yuan for full mark. (2)lead----led----led; lead to 意为“导致,通向,造 成”,期中to 为介词 eg:勤奋学习通向成功。 Working hard leads to success . 条条道路通罗马。 All roads lead to Rome. 工作太多休息太少常常导致疾病。 Too much work and too little rest often leads toillness.


? You can begin like this:

Retell the murder

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

I am the top detective in Valley Town. Last night ,the body of a 22-year-old man …
Useful expressions: (1)in the doorway of the clothes shop (2)was attacked with… (3)bled to death (4)as a result (5)put up a good fight (6)It is possible that… (7)It is said that … (8)be guilty of… (9)was charged with … (10) only one suspect… (11)had evidence to prove (12) the victim’s parents

Fill in the blanks by using the right forms of the given words.

1. A witness saw him running down the street breathing and__________ (breath) heavily at 10.p.m.yesterday. is dying/ will die 2. The bird _________________ (die). What can we do to help it. bleeding 3. Oh, my god. Your nose is __________ (bleed)!

1. We hear him playing the violin in the hall . He is heard ______ the violin in the hall . __ ____ playing 2. He breathed heavily after a long way.

He was _____ _____ ______ after a out of breath long way.
3.Someone attacked the victim with a gun. (改 为被动语态) ____________________________________. The victim was attacked with a gun by someone 4. I couldn’t go out because of the heavy rain. heavily as a result It rained ______ , _____ _____ ______, we couldn’t go out.

You are a lucky dog!

B: 单项选择
( C)1.It’s said that a young man _______ the bank and robbed a lot of money just now. A. break into B. break down C. broke into D. breaks into ( A) 2.The soldiers a fight against the enemy’s attack. A. put up B. put down C. put off D. put up with ( B) 3. The detective found him guilty ___ murdering his wife . A. in B. of C. with D. on ( C)4-Could you tell me _________ that’s a fast train or not ? - It’s a fast train . A. if B. when C. whether D. where ( D) 5. One of the suspects is _________ schoolboy. A. a 18-year-old B. an 18-years-old C. a 18 years old D. an 18-year-old ( B) 6. Great changes have____ in my hometown these years. A. happened B. taken place C. broke out D. happened to.

1 The bright young engineer was found d ead

(死)in the room. 2 The police are trying to search for the _________ (凶手). murderer 3 I’ve just left my bag somewhere (某处). But I can’t find it. 4 My little cousin Tom likes detective (侦探) stories very much. He asks me to tell him one every evening. 5 After the long race, John was breathing (呼吸) heavily.

6.In old days people built the Great Wall to prevent e nemies . 7.Look !The little boy’s nose is bleeding . 8.The d eath of a beautif

ul young girl made me sad . 9.How can you prove (证明) that you have finished it? 10.Someone b roke into his house last night and took away a lot of things. 11. Tom had blood (血)on his shirt. 12. My uncle is able and hard ----working, so he is well-paid (待遇丰厚).

根据短文内容及首字母提示,填写所缺的单词。将答案按序号填 入下面的表格内。

Policemen were called by a shop early one Christmas morning. When they arrived, they found ith two burglars(破门偷盗者) were kept in a lift w____ a heavy box of money. The two men were in their roke twenties. They b_______ into an office in the shop and t_____ the money box and ran into the lift. They ook urry were in such a h______ that they did not see the ign s____ on the door saying that it carried no more than two people.


etween “They were trapped b______ the floors because they had a heavy box,” the police said, “they w____ ere there for six hours, sitting on what they hoped to be their Christmas p resent . They were doing this at ______ a time when people were at home for Christmas with their families. It was a very special m____ oment when the policemen opened the door and they walked out holding our arms. They said they had never been so p_____ to see policemen.” The leased policemen said they were glad to see them too.

Bad Luck!

You lose


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