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It will remind you of …

Films and film industry


Hollywood’s all- time best ['h?liwud] actress

Audrey Hepburn

She is one of Hollywood’s all-time greatest actresses.

She is famous not only in the USA, but also in other parts of the world.

Paragraph 1-2 & Paragraph 8

Read and guess
1.mourn(ed) [m?:n] a. people who are kind and helpful to others.



b. a kind of dancing

3. ballet ['b? lei]

c. feel sad because someone has died

4. Pass away

d. die

Date of birth :

4th May 1929

Date of death: 20th January 1993
Place of birth :
Belgium ['beld??m]

Reason of death cancer

Famous as:

a great actress; a great beauty; a great humanitarian;

Her interest: Ballet a model

When did she begin ballet lessons?

She began taking ballet lessons at a very young age.
What was her dream at that time?

Her dream was to become a successful ballet dancer.

Put effort into ballet training
['ef?t] ['ef?t]

a ________ a.Try one’s best to do sth. b.Get a lot of energy

c.Give up

Audrey Hepburn is _______of the all- time greatest one actressesin Hollywood. She is famous _______ __________ ___________ in the USA _______also not only but _________ in other parts of the world.

on Belgium ___________ 4th May She was born in __________ died 1929 and ______________ in 1993. She was the loss __________ of the world. at began ________ She ________taking ballet lessons __________ a very age. She loved ______________and her dream dancing to become was _________________ a _________________ ballet successful put her effort dancer. She ______ _______ ________ into ballet model _____________.She has been a _________.Finally, training she became a ____________ in Hollywood. superstar

Audrey Hepburn’s charm and beauty 注意力 attracted the world’s attention.
Someone of great charm ____. b a.has lots of money b.has an attractive quality c.wears fancy clothes

charmy and beautiful

The film Monte Carlo Baby

Her charm and beauty attracted a writer.

Colette wrote a novel called Gigi. The novel was made into a play.

Audrey Hepburn played the lead role of a young princess in Roman Holiday and won an Oscar for Best Actress for it. If someone plays the lead role in a film b or a play, he or she is ____. a.the director b.the main character c.the leader of a group

Made in 1953 Play the lead role of a young princess She won an Oscar for her role.

She acted in the play Ondine.

She won a Tony Award for it.

Made in 1989

her final appearance

She earned four more Oscar nominations for During her lifetime. [,n?mi'nei??n] If someone earns an Oscar nomination, a he or she ____. a.has the chance to win an Oscar b.will travel around the world c.should be a singer

Paragraph 3--5

1、Where was the writer called Colette from?

She was from France.
2、What film marked the beginning of Hepburn’s successful career?

Gigi marked the beginning of her successful career.
3、In which film

did she win an Oscar for Best Actress for her role?

Roman Holiday.
4、How many times did she earn Oscar nominations?

She earned four more Oscar nominations.
5、Which film was her last appearance? What role did she play? She played the role of an angel.


1. Colette insisted that Hepburn was the perfect girl to play the lead role in the play ‘Gigi’. 2. Hepburn played the lead role of a young princess in the film ‘Ondine’. Roman Holiday


3. Roman Holiday was a big success and Hepburn won a Tony Award for it. an Oscar for Best Actress
4. In 1989, Hepburn made her final appearance in her last film ‘My fair lady’. Always



5. Some people thought Hepburn herself was an angel to them.


Put the headlines in the correct order

1 5 4 3 6 2

Hepburn met Colette in France
Hepburn earned four more Oscar nominations Hepburn won a Tony Award for a play Hepburn earned an Oscar for Best Actress

Always-Audrey Hepburn’s last appearance in a film

Hepburn played the lead role in the play Gigi

Some films mentioned(提到)in the text:
Monte Carlo Baby Gigi Roman Holiday Ondine Breakfast at Tiffany’s Funny Face My Fair Lady Always
Only one TV series Gardens of the World with Audrey Hepburn

Read Part6 and answer: ? What did she want to remind people in the TV series?

To protect the environment.

Audrey Hepburn’s achievements went beyond Film industry. Beyond means ____. b a.less than b.more or greater than c.as much as

Listen and read

Then complete the passage
beyond Her achievements went _________ the film devoted industry. she ________ much of her time to charity _________.She spent her last life time working __________ with UNICEF to help poor children closely parts in different __________ of the world. number She was____________ with a ____________ honoured efforts of awards because of her __________ in the area.

What can we learn from Audrey Hepburn?

What made Audrey successful?


T: What made Audrey successful ?
Her beauty,hard work and kindness

T: What can we learn from Audrey ?
We should be kind to everyone and show love to others.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

(有志者,事竟成) With hard work and determination,
nothing is impossible! (勤奋加努力,无坚不摧)

1. Log into the websites for more information about Audrey Hepburn if possible. 2. Finish the additional exercises in the work sheet.

Thanks a lot!

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