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初中英语八年级上Unit6 Reading Section B 1

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Unit 6 I’m going to study computer science.
Section B 2a---2e

I. Warming up My resolutions for 2013 Are you going to…?



Be a loving mom

Did you make any resolutions last year?

2a Discuss the questions with your partner.
Were you able to keep them?

Why?/Why not ?

II. Pre-reading

Guess what we are going to read

about ?

2b III. While-reading
Read the passage fast and answer the question .

1.What’s the passage about ?
Resolutions .


Skim(略读) for main idea of each paragraph. Underline the words and phrases
that helped you decide.

3 __ To question the idea of making resolutions

__ To give the meaning of resolution 1
2 __ To discuss the different kind of resolutions Tips: Topic sentence and key words can help you decide.


Scan for facts(跳读 找细节)
Put the four sentences (A-D) back into the correct places in the passage. Underline the words and phrases that helped you decide in the passage.



A. These are about making yourself a better person. B. For example, a student may have to find more time to study. C. There are good reasons for this. D. The start of the year is often a time for making resolutions.

Tips:Always use the information around the sentence to help you decide.

Careful-reading 2d Read Paragraph1 &2 and answer the questions .
1. What is a resolution? It’s a kind of promise you make to yourself. ____________________________ 2. Why do people usually make resolutions at the beginning of the year? They hope that they can improve their lives. ________________________________ 3. How many kinds of resolutions does the writer talk about? What are they? Three kinds. _____________________ Physical health,self-improvement(which _________________________________ includes taking up a hobby) and better planning __________________________________ .


Read Paragraph 3 and discuss the

questions in your group.

Do you think resolutions are difficult to keep? Why?/Why not? What’s your resolution ? How are you going to keep it?

Write 3 different kinds of resolutions. 1)_______________________ 2)________________________ 3)_______________________ How are you going to keep them? ___________________________________ ___________________________________ Make sure what your resolution is and keep it, you can be anything you want!

Choose at least 2 tasks.
1. Read the passage after class.( ☆) 2. Write down the new expressions in your notebooks.(☆☆) 3. Find these phrases in the passage. Then write your own sentences with them. (☆☆☆) have to do with; make promises ; have something in common; write down ;for this reason; take up 4. Additional reading
resolutions.htm .(☆☆) http://www.ehow.com/about_4644362_new-years-

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