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Name_____________________ Score__________________

1. Everything was __________ when I went to England for the first time.

2. Questions __________ my mind when I first ate in a western restaurant.

3. The Eiffel Tower, a __________ of Paris, has a history of over 100 years.

4. If you have been on working for a long time, you can listen to soft music in order to be __________.

5. In Western countries, people use __________ and forks instead of chopsticks.

6. Diaoyu Island is Chinese own __________. Any other counties have no right to have it.

7. Nothing is in its __________ place.

8. It’s rude to __________ at others with your finger.

9. They __________ hands with each other and then sat down.

10. The local people are always friendly __________ tourists.

二、 短语题












5. 按汉语提示写出短语的正确形式 At first, I find it hard to remember everything, but gradually I _________ (习惯于) the things. Please don’t punish (惩罚) the boy, he is only ten, _______________ (毕竟). Lily is really a smart girl. She ___________ English __________ (自学) by the time she went to England. They _______________ (特地) help me when I was in trouble. My uncle lives in Wuhan. My mother _______________ (顺便拜访) his home when she went to Wuhan on business. 用括号内所给词的适当形式填空 Are the students supposed to __________ (finish) their homework after school? In our country, if you __________ (invite) , you are supposed to come on time. The boy __________ (be not) supposed to go out alone without telling his parents. It’s necessary __________ (read) English as much as you can. If he __________ (not) come here on time, we will start first.

三、 选择填空

( ) 1. ---What are the people in Korea supposed to do when they meet for the first time?

----They are supposed to ______.

A. kiss B. bow C. say hello D. shake hands

( ) 2. We never visit a friend’s house without ______ first.

A. to call B. calling C. call D. calls

( ) 3. You should try different ways ______ out the problem.

A. way to work B. ways to work C. way working D. ways working

( ) 4. ---Mary dances best in our school.

---I agree. I’ll never forget ______ her dance for the first time.

A. seeing B. to see C. see D. seen

( ) 5. ______ Amy likes to go to the cinema, but she doesn’t like to see horror films.

A. Since B. As C. Though D. /

( ) 6. --- May we leave the classroom now

---No, you _______. You ______ to leave until the bell rings.

A. mustn’t, are allowed B. don’t have to, are supposed

C. needn’t, aren’t allowed D. can’t, aren’t supposed

( ) 7. ---Are you ______ e-mail English ? ---No, it is ______ me.

A. familiar to, unfamiliar with B. familiar to, unfamiliar to

C. familiar with, unfamiliar with D. familiar with, unfamiliar to

( ) 8. I find _____ difficult to remember everything, though I’m still young.

A. that B. this C. it D. what

( ) 9. Oh, my god! The kids are making too much ______ here. I can’t do anything.

A. sound B. voice C. noise D. footstep

( ) 10. It’s very nice ______ me with my math.

A. of you to help B. for you to help C. for you helping D. of you helping

( ) 11.Her son ______ coke, but now he ______ milk.

A. is used to drink, is drinking B. used to drinking, drinks

C. is used to drinking, used to drink D. used to drink, is used to drinking

( ) 12. ---What do you want to say at the meeting? ---I have ______ to tell you.

A. something important B. important something

C. anything important D. important anything

( ) 13. This computer can’t work ______. It needs to be fixed.

A. right B. normally C. hardly D. usually

( ) 14. I like the teacher ______ classes are very interesting and creative .

A. which B. who C. whose D. what

( ) 15. ---There is a smile on Miss Gao’s face. She must be ______ with Sam’s work.

---I think so. No one did as ______ as him in our class.

A. angry, well B. pleasing, good C. strict, good D. pleased, well

四、 写作


提示:1 买件小礼物,比如一束花; 2 按时到达,美国人很有时间观念;

3 席间要说一些赞扬的话,表示你对食物很满意;

4 与其他客人共同离席,并向主人说谢谢。









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