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新教材七年级英语上册Units 5-7

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新教材七年级英语上册Units 5-7

一、 选择题

1.Her sister______a good friend. A.don’t have B.isn’t have C.doesn’t have D.aren’t have

2.She _______to school every day. A.goes B.go C.have D.has

3.Mum,I want_________ping-pong ball. A.play B.to play C.to playing D.plays

4.She is a________mother. A.well B.great C.red D.girl

5.Let’s _______to play______volleyball.

A./;/ B.go;/ C.go;the D./;the

6.Let’s play soccer._That__________great.

A.is sound B.sound C.is sounds D.sounds

7.The boy ________a good watch. A.get B.have C.gets D.does

8.Don’t________TV for a long time. A.look B.see C.watch D.read

9.She_________plays basketball after school. A.does B.doesn’t C.only D.don’t

10.I don’t have a sister,________I have a brother.

A.and B.but C.or D.so

11.We play_______ping-pong every day. A.a B.an C.the D./

12.Do you play basketball?No,but I watch volleyball games ______TV.

A.on B.at C.in D.for

13.Let’s watch TV with Jack. Oh,no.It’s_______________.

A.interesting B.boring C.relaxing D.good

14.That’s a good song. Yes,it____________nice.

A.spells B.calls C.sounds D.watches

15.Are _________your cousins?No.I don’t know_______.

A.they/they B.they/them C.them/they D.them/them

16._______!I have four volleyballs._That’s great.But I only______volleyball games.

A.Look/look B.Look/watch C.Watch/look D.Watch/watch

17.Let’s play soccer. _ ___________.It’ s interesting.

A.I don’t play soccer B.I don’t have a soccer ball C.That sounds difficult D.That sounds good

18.I want to go to Shanghai with you. _Sorry,I’m____________.

A.boring B.interesting C.easy D.busy

19._____Dale like bananas?Yes,______________.

A.Do/he do B.Do/I do C.Does/he does D.Does/she doesn’t

20.What do you have________lunch? A.to B.for C.with D.on

21.My brother ________ice-cream.

A.isn’t like B.aren’t like C.doesn’t like D.don’t like

22.The girl is very nice,_________we all like her.

A.and B.but C.or D.so

23.Two________are on the table. A.cup of milk B. cups of milk C. cups of milks D. cup of milks

24.Does your brother like_________ice-cream? A.have B.to have C.has D.had

25.He is a basketball player,he eats________.A.good B .well C.nice D.many

26.I can ______football,but I can’t play it_________.

A.play/good B.to play/well C.play/well D.playing/well

27.Peter eats very__________at school. A.good B.nice C.well D.bad

28.Jenny often has________breakfast at home. A.a B.an C.the D./

29.There________some milk in the bottle. A.is B.has C.are D.have

30.Let’s have__________for lunch. A.a chicken B.two chickens C.some chicken D.some chickens

31._______the tomatoes?Twenty yuan.

A.How much is B.What’s the price of C.How manay are D.How much

32._______milk do you want? A.How many B.How much C.What’s D.How

33.Can I help you?_ ______________.

A.Thanks B.I don’t know C.You’re right D.Yes,please.I’m looking for a computer.

34.The sweater is 45 yuan,sir.__ _______________.

A.That’s all right. B.Please C.You’re welcome D.I’ll take it.

35._______________?Yes,please.I want a skirt.

A.Can you help me B.How are you C.What do you want D.What can I do for you

36.The pen and the books ______cheap .I’ll_______them.

A.is /bring B.are/take C.are/bring D.is/buy

37.What _____this pair of shoes?This pair of shoes _________nice and cheap.

A.about/is B.about/are C.color/is D.color/are

38.______girls,we have skirts_______green for only $20.

A.To/of B.About/at C.For/in D.With/for

39.This pair of shorts______only$10. A.is B.are C.for D.at

40.My cousin Jeff wants________fat. A.to be B.be C.is D.to being


My name is Ed Smith.I’m 12. I’m a good friend at school. name is Linda Brown.Linda Brown is an English .She is 11.She not play baseball.

So Linda and 10 often play tennis and volleyball together.

1.A.in B.on C.of D.to

2.A.difficult B.relaxing C.boring D.dear

3.A.spell B.play C.meet D.found

4.A.baseball B.tennis C.volleyball D .ping-pong

5.A.lost B.thank C.have D.call

6.A.My B.Your C.His D.Her

7.A.boy B.girl C.father D.mother

8.A.ball games B.computer games C.phone numbers D.ID card numbers

9.A.is B.are C.do D.can

10.A.I B.you C.she D.he

三、任务型阅读题 (1)


My name is Paul Hall.I like sports.I play basketball ,baseball,soccer and volleyball.I have three

basketballs,five baseballs and two soccer balls.I don’t have a volleyball.I often play volleyball with my cousin.He has a nice volleyball.


Li Shan,Wang Hong and Zhang Ping are good friends.They like different food.Li Shan is from Shanghai.She likes dessert,but she doesn’t like carrots.Wang Hong is from Qingdao.She doesn’t like ice-cream.She likes noodles and tomatoes.Zhang Ping is from Dalian.She likes chicken,vegetables and fruit,but she doesn’t like noodles.


Hi,boys and girls.Welcome to Sunshine Clothes Store.We have white and blue socks for $3.The black hat is sweater is $ 8,the red sweater is $9 and the blue sweater is $10.We also have black pants and blue pants.They are $11.The shorts are $14,and the shoes are $14,too.

11.What can you buy in Sunshine Clothes Store?

A.The white hat B.The black T-shirt C.The green sweater D.The yellow socks

12.How much are two black hats and a red sweater?

A.$16. B.$17. C.$18. D.$19.

13.Can you buy white and blue socks in Sunshine Clothes Store?


14.You only have eight dollars.What can you buy?




1.We eat lots of______________(health)food.

2.She often ______________(watch)TV at home.

3.She likes_____________(have)ice-creams.

4.Let’s _____________(eat)some fruit.

5.She______________(not like)milk for breakfast.

6.Every morning I eat two___________(egg)and drink a cup of milk.

7.Oh,some___________(tomato)are in the box.

8.In this picture I see lots of_____________________.(vegetable)

9.Anna likes to eat_____________very much.

10.I have a healthy ________(eat)habit.

11.Here____________(be)some ice-cream.

12.There_________(be)a book and some rulers in the bag.

13.There________(some apples)and an orange on the table.

14.David doesn’t like____________(play)soccer.

15.How much _______________(be)these black trousers?

16.Alan________________(not have)a green hat.

17.This is an___________(interest)book.We are ________________(interest)in it.

18.I like music,because it’s_________________(relax).

19.Jimmy wants____________(join)the art club.

20.What about_______________(swim)in the river?

五、句型转换题 (划线部分提问) _______ ________Linda________for breakfast?

2.They like some bread.(改为否定句)

They_______ ________ __________bread.

3.This is an orange tree.(改为复数形式)________ ________ _________ ________. (划线部分提问)_______ _______is this sweater? ________ _______ _______ _______this sweater? (划线部分提问)______ ________is his bag?

6.The girl in red is my sister. (划线部分提问)_______ _______is your sister?

7.He needs white. (划线部分提问)________ ________ _______he need? (划线部分提问)

_______ _______he___________for dinner?

9.Can I help you?(同义句)_________can I_______ _______you?

10.Ed plays ball games every afternoon.(改为一般疑问句)

________Ed__________ball games every afternoon?

11.He likes ice-cream and hamburgers. (改为否定句)

He__________ ________ice-cream _______hamburgers.

12.I think he is a good boy. (改为否定句)

I_________ ________he_______a good boy.

13.How much are the socks? (同义句)_______ _______ ________ ________the socks?

14.She is a woman teacher. (改为复数形式)

_______ ________ _________ __________. (划线部分提问)_________ ________ ________? (划线部分提问)________ _______the old man?

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