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Section A

考点一 let的用法 let sb do sth. 让某人做某事 let’s do 表建议

1. –Let’s play computer games.--_________

A. That sounds good B. That’s sound good

C. That sound good D. That’s sounds good

2.____________(让我们) play tennis.

3. Let’s______(call) Mrs Brown this evening.

4. 我们踢足球吧。________ ________ soccer.

考点二 play 的用法

play + 球类 play + the + 西方乐器

1. Do you have _____ basketball? Let’s play_______basketball.

A. an, a B. a, a C. /,/ D. a,/

2. I like playing_____ soccer after school.

A. / B. the C. a .D. an

3.My sister _______(play) ping-pong in the afternoon.

4.— Can you play _______? — Yes, I can.

A. with sports B. basketball C. the volleyball

5.Let’s play ________ basketball. I don’t like playing ________ violin(小提琴)at home.

A.the, the B.the, × C.×, the D.×, ×

6. 琳达放学后常做运动。

Linda often __________ __________ after school

考点三 sound 的用法

五个系动词 sound , look, smell, taste, feel

1.That music ____________(听起来) good.

2. — Let’s play tennis. — That sounds ________. A. well B. good C. more

3.The chicken _________ (taste)so delicious.

4. The clothes__________(feel) so soft

5. 你的主意听起来很有趣。 Your idea ________ very ___________.

考点四 watch, look, read, see的区别

watch 观看比赛节目, look 动作, read 文字, see 看见

1.My mother ____________(看) TV every day. 、

2.Can you _______ any pictures on the wall?

A. look B. see C.read D.watch

3. ________! The bus is coming.

A. look B. see C.read D.watch

4.We should _____________ English every day.

A. look B. see C.read D.watch

考点五 助动词do. does 与主语之间的关系

一二人称用do, 第三人称单数用 does

do 还可以作为实意动词


1. _______ you_____ (have) a brother?

2. That book _______(be not) on the table.

3. _______ Bill ______ (have) a computer?

4. Do the _______(boy) have CDs.

5. His friend_____ ( not have) a cup

6.Gina ______ an English dictionary.

A. doesn’t has B. don’t have C. have D. doesn’t have

7 .Mary ______(not have) a computer.

8.— Does your sister ______ a soccer ball?— Yes, she ________.

A. has; do B. have; does C. having; does

9.Kate has some money in her pocket.(改为否定句) ____________________________________

10.My parents have some good friends.(变否定句) _______________________________

11. 我每天晚上7点做作业。I _______ my homework at 7 every evening.

考点六 动词单三形式的变化规则(动词单三, 变化有三)

1.一般直接加 –s

2. 以s, x, ch, sh,o结尾, 加-es

3.辅音字母+y, 变y 为 i, 加-es


watch _____ play______ have______ like______ do_____ sound______ study_______

1.Tina and Jim ______ a computer.

A. has B. have C. do D. are

2.I _____ two pens and they______ black.

A. have, have B. am, are C. have, are D. am, have

3.--______ they have a computer ?---No, they______.

A. Are, aren’t B. Dose, doesn’t C. Do, don’t D. Does, don’t

4. Bill ______ a black jacket.

A. is B. has C. have D. don’t have

改错。1. He don’t have a brother.

2. Tom have five basketballs.

3. Peter doesn’t has computer games.

4. This watch doesn’t Bob’s

Section B

考点一 and, but 区别

都为连词。and 为“和”,“而且”,递进关系。but 为“但是”,转折关系。 and 表并列,前后要一致。 but 表转折,前后意不同。

1. Let’s ________ and ________ footballs on the playground.

A.to go, to play B.go, play C.to go, play D.go, to play

2. I have a room, it is small,_______ it is very nice.

A.but B. also C. and D.well

3.Math is boring for some students, ______ it’s interesting for me.

A. but B. and

4.I eat some salad, but I ______.

A. like it B. like them

C. don’t like them D. don’t like it

5.I’d like to go shopping with you, _________ I am too busy today.

A.so B. but C. and D. because C. /

考点二 and, with 表示“和”的区别

and 句中表并列,主语前后都要看。 with 句中表伴随,主语看前不看后

1.My brother ________(go) to school with his friend.

2.用 and 改写上句。


3.Linda with Jane ________ ping-pong ball every day.

Linda and Jane ________ ping-pong ball every day.

A. play the B. plays C. plays the D. play

考点三 –ing 后缀与-ed后缀

interesting----interested relaxing-----relaxed boring-----bored

1.That is an___________ (interest) computer game.

2.I am very ___________(interest) in the __________________(interest) book.

3.The homework is so____________, and he feels so______________(boring/bored)

4. we are ___________(relax) on Sundays.

5.My mother likes volleyballs. She thinks it is ____________.

A. fun B. boring C. difficult

考点四 It’s + adj +(for sb) + to do


It is ________for me to______ __________


It’s ________ to ________ _________ on weekends.


It’s________ _________ play ___________.

考点五 关于介词 on

on TV on 表示在树上与 in 的区别 on +具体某一天

1.I love sports, but I don’t play them----- I only watch them__________(在电视上)

2.There are many apples ________ the tree, many birds are ________ the tree. (on/in)

3.Some boys often watch NBA _______ TV

考点六well 与good 的用法区别

good 后面加名词, well 前面加动词

1.他歌唱的很好。He sings very __________

2.那看起来很好。That looks ____________

3.我有一位好妈妈。I have a _______ mother.

4. I like playing sports, Let’s play _________.----It sounds________

A.the baseball, good B.baseball, well C. baseball, good D. the baseball, well 综合练习,用所给词的正确形式填空

1.That ________(sound) interesting.

2.________ you ________(have) a tennis racket?

3.My brother ________(have) a baseball bat.

4.We have many ________(club) in our school.

5.Let’s watch ________(they) on TV.

6.She ________(play) sports every day.

7.Can you ________(bring) your new picture books here?

8.________ your friend ________(like) sports?

9.Let ________(we) play tennis.

10.That’s an ________(interest) computer game.


1.(2011.四川)John can play ______ guitar, but he can’t play_______ chess.

A.the. / B. /, the C. the, the D. a, the

2.(2011河北)。This sentence__________ right, please write it down.

A. feels B. sounds C. tastes D.smells.

3.(2011湖南)。The idea to go to West Lake ___________ wonderful.

A. looks B. tastes C.sounds D.smells

4.What_________ do you like?---I run every morning, and often play tennis at weekends.

A.sports B. music C. art D. subjects

5.(2011浙江)。How do you like your new job, Sam?----It’s so _________ I don’t like it at all.

A.boring B. interesting C. exciting D. relaxing

6.(2011陕西)He has read many books on history, so it’s _________ for him to answer these questions.

A. hard B. impossible C.easy D. serious.

7. (2011山东)I’d like to go shopping with you, _________ I am too busy today.

A.so B. but C. and D. because

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