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1)Please tell _____ about it if _____ doesn’t know.

A. her; herself B. she; she C. her; she D. hers; her

2)______ office is much larger than _______.

A. Ours; yours B. Our; yours C. Their; our D. Your; their’s

3) Is there _______ in today’s newspaper?

A. something important B. important anything

C. anything important D. important everything

4) The sweater isn’t _______. It’s _______.

A. yours; his B. your; hers C. mine; he’s D. his; her

5) We study Chinese, English and some _______ subjects.

A. the other B. Other C. Others D. another

6) The film is not interesting. _______ like it.

A. Little B. A little C. Few D. A few

7) All of them have gone out. There is ______ in the classroom.

A. Somebody B. Anyone C. Everybody D. nobody

8) Let’s go and play football, _______?

A. will you B. shall we C. do we D. shall you

9) Do you know ______ dictionary it is?

A. Which B. Who C. Whose D. whom

10) I’ve two friends. ______ of them are at school.

A. Both B. Neither C. Each D. All


1) Of the three foreigners, one is from London, ______ are from the USA.

A. two others B. the other two C. another two D. the both

2) –Which would you like, sir, tea or coffee? -I don’t mind. _______ is OK.

A. Either B. Neither C. Any D. Both

3) Help ________ to some chicken, boys and girls.

A. You B. Yours C. Yourself D. yourselves

4) –What do you usually have for breakfast?-______ milk and ______ eggs.

A. Little; a little B. A few; few C. A little; a few D. A few; a little

5) –Who taught ______ history last year?

-Nobody! He learned it _______.

A. him; himself B. his; himself C. himself; himself D. his; him

6) There isn’t ______ paper here. Will you go and get _______ for me?

A. any; any B. any; some C. much; many D. many; much

7) The farmer is very busy because he’s so _______ sheep to keep and so ______ work to do every day.

A. much; many B. many; C. many; a lot D. a lot; much

8) On ______ side of the river there’re many tall trees.

A. Every B. All C. Both D. each

9) The days in winter are shorter than ______ in summer.

A. That B. One C. Those D. these

10)–Who is playing the piano in the next room?-______ is Li Ping’s brother.

A. This B. That C. I t D. He


______ the twins enjoyed _______ at the party yesterday.

A. Both; themB. Both; themselves

C. Neither; themD. All; themselves

–Which do you prefer, a bottle of orange or a cup of tea?

-______, thanks. I’d like just a cup of water.

A. EitherB. NeitherC. BothD. None

–Would you like _______ milk in your tea?-Yes, just _______.

A. any; little B. some; a littleC. much; a few D. a little; some

There is ______ to do this evening.

.A much nothingB. many nothingC. nothing muchD. nothing many

The two friends were so pleased to see each other that they forget ______.

A. anything elseB. something else C. nothing elseD. everything else

–Is this your shoe?-Yes, it is. But where is _______?

A. the otherB. anotherC. other onD. the other one

What I want to say is ______: English is a very useful language.

A. itB. thisC. thatD. those

They have an English lesson ______ day, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

A. each otherB. every otherC. some othersD. another more

We found _______ very important to learn a foreign language well.

A. thisB. thatC. itD. it’s

-______ is Lily like?-Oh, she’s tall and thin.

A. HowB. WhoC. WhichD. What

–Would you like milk or orange?-______. I prefer water.(2000西安)

A. EachB. NeitherC. EitherD. Both

–Oh, there is someone in the room.-_____ must be my mother.(2000安徽)

A. ThereB. SheC. ThisD. It

Betty and John have come back, but ______ students in the class aren’t here yet.

A. the otherB. othersC. another D. the others

14. ______ of us has read the story.(2000上海)

A. SomeB. BothC. AllD. None

–Which of her parents is a doctor?-______ are.(天津)

A. AnyB. EitherC. BothD. Neither

I have bought a new watch because my old ______ doesn’t work. (2000重庆)

A. itB. oneC. thatD. this

–Is this dictionary ______ or ______?

-It’s mine.(2000内蒙古)

A. your; hersB. your; herC. yours; herD. yours; hers

There is _____ water in my glass. Will you please give me _____? (2000甘肃)

A. little; someB. few; anyC. few; someD. little; any

-______ pencil-box is this, Patrick?-It’s ______.(2000上海)

A. Whose; mineB. Who’s; mineC. Whose; myD. Who’s; my

The pen is _____. She wrote _____ name with it ______.

A. hers; her; herselfB. her; hers; her

C. her; hers; herselfD. her; herself; hers

Last Sunday everybody went to the cinema except ______.(2002汕头)

A. I and TomB. Tom and me C. Tom and I D. me and Tom

Grandpa Li has three sons. One is in Shanghai. ______ is in Guangzhou and _____ is in Beijing.(2002汕头)

A. Another; anotherB. The other; the other

C. Another; the otherD. The other; another

Mr. And Mrs. Brown built the house and no one helped them.(不变原意改句子) ________ _________ built the house __________ ___________.

–Whose photo is this?-It’s ______.(2003汕头)

A. meB. mineC. myD. myself

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