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(一) 14.—When you the MP4? --Last year.

1. Can you believe that in a rich country there should A. have; bought B. had ; bought C. do ; buy D. did ; buy be many poor people ? 15.—Where is Tom ? A. such ; such B. such ; so C. so ; so D. so ; such --He London. 2.Tom was not given to home though it was time for A. has gone B. has gone to C. has been D. has been to lunch . 16.Tom is sad . Everyone is trying to . A. right B . decision C. suggestion D. permission A. pick him up B. dress him up C. cheer him up D. give up 3. The twins are so much alike that people find it difficult to tell him 7.I want to persuade this little girl of mine shopping

with me .

A. going B. went C. to go D. goes

8.Of the stars the sun is the nearest to the earth . A. all B. whole C. both D. every

9. the way , why did the boy do many different things ?

A. In ; such B. On ; so C. By ; so D. To ; such

10.I want my children to be brought up in a world . one from . A. other B. others C. another D. the other 4.When I was at college I three foreign languages, but I all except for a few words of each . A. spoke; had forgotten B. spoke ; have forgotten C. had spoken ; had forgotten D. had spoken ; have forgotten 5.—Have you bought that digital camera ? --No, I can’t afford it . The price is a bit too , I think. A. low B. high C. cheap D. expensive 6.The clothes are new , but my parents have decided to give to the people in disaster areas. A. it away B. them away C. away it D. away them 7.—Could you tell me to have the picnic ? --Near the South Beach . A. what B. why C. when D. where 8.Hangzhou is one of cities around the world . A. more beautiful B. more beautifully C. the most beautifully D. the most beautiful 9.—Listen ! Is that Lucy playing the violin in the class ? --No. It be Lucy . She has gone to Beijing. 10. He has for ten years . Ten years a long time. A left home ; are B. been away from home ; is C. left home ; is D. been away from home ; are 11. I think of the materials I listened to at the beginning of the exam easy. A. two thirds ; I s B. second three ; are C. two thirds ; are D. two third ; are 12.— do your write to your parents ? --Once a month . A. How long B. How often C. How soon D. How many 13.Could you tell me ?I want to post a letter. A. where is the post office B. where the post office is C. how can I get to the cinema D. How I can get to the cinema

17.—Your sister isn’t a nurse , is she ? -- . She teaches Chinese in a primary school. A. No, she isn’t B. Yes, she is C. Yes, she isn’t D. No, she is 18.—Do you think it will rain tomorrow ? -- . It hasn’t rained for the whole month! It’s so dry . A. I’m sure it will B. I hope not C. I’m afraid so D. I hope so 19.—I have lost a chance to go to Peking University . -- . A. You’re lucky B. What a pity C. Congratulations D. I’m sorry (二) 1.Janet’s programming is different from , but I really agree with . A. his ; her B. his ; hers C. him ; hers D. him ; her 2.—Look! The girl at the gate be my sister . She is always singing there every day . --No. It be her . She is dancing in the room now . A. must ; can’t B. must; mustn’t C. can; can’t D. can ; mustn’t 3.—Are Pierre and Antonio engineers , too ? --No, they are psychologists . of them likes machines . A. All B. Both C. None D. Neither 4.—Do you know when the abacus was invented ? -- . A. In the sixth century by Chinese people B. In the nineteenth century by Ignatio Porro in Italy C. At the tenth century by Joseph Nicephone Niepce D. At the fourteenth century by English people 5.—How long may I the book? --For about one week. A. borrow B. keep C. lend D. buy 6.Can you imagine these fat woman so fast ? A. run B. runs C. running D. ran

A. beautiful B. peaceful C. cheerful D. careful 11. is that red car ?

A. Whose B. Who’s C. Who D. Whom

12.This is bedroom. The twin sisters like it very much . A. Anne and Jane B. Anne’s and Jane’s C. Anne’s and Jane D. Anne and Jane’s

13.—Would you like big chicken wings or chicken wings ? --Big , please.

A. one B. ones C. it D. them 14.What would you like to eat , girls ? -- , please.

A. Two bottles of coke B. A loaf of bread

C. Three cups of coffee D. Two loafs of breads

15. I thought she could bike from Tom yesterday afternoon.

A. have B. keep C. lead D. borrow

16.When you leave the railway station , go on the highway and follow the to the city .

A. designs B. ways C. directions D. signs 17.—Do you know about Florence Nightingale?

--Yes, she was well-known a nurse in England her kindness to the sick and wounded soldiers . A. as ; for B. for ; as C. to ; for D. as ; to

18.—Do you know the lady is interviewing our headmaster?

--Yes, she is a journalist from CCTV.

A. which B. who C. whom D. whose

19.The population of China is than of any other country in the world.

A larger ; the one B. more ; that C. larger ; that D. more ; the one


1.-Let’s go to visit the amusement park next Sunday .

--That great . decisions . 11.—Hi, Bill ! this is Divid speaking . A. feels B. looks C. sounds D. turns A be allowed B. allowed C. allows D. allow --I’m in your office now . But where ? 2.—She wants to go to different places , but she doesn’t know the 15.The girl is a friend of mine . A. have you been B. hve you gone . A. that you talked B. whom you talked to her C. are you going D. did you go -- A map is helpful , Father thinks C. to whom you talked D. you talked to 12.The trees twice a week in such hot weather , A. price B. way C. time D. ticket 16. I don’t know when she . When she , I’ll they’ll die . 3.People in the northeast of China are trying their best to clean up let you know . A. can’t be watered; because B. must be watered ; or the snow on the street with money and A. will arrive ; will arrive B. arrives ; arrives C. need to water ; and D. can water ; since people. A. few ; little B. a few ; a little C. less ; fewer D. fewer; less 4.—This book educating teenagers . Would you like to buy it ? --Yes ,I’ll take it . A. aims at B. depends on C. gives out D. sets up 5.—How was your school trip last Sunday ? --Great !It was the most interesting tour I had had . A. never B. ever C. hardly D. always 6.Peter come with us tonight , but he isn’t very sure yet . A. must B. may C. can D. will 7. –Excuse me ! can you tell me to put the plan into practice ? -Of course . We would know about it very well first. A. must B. may C. why D. where 8. All friends of his came to his 50th

birthday . A. congratulate B. welcome C. celebrate D. greet 9.Sinnce you are not in good health , they have decided to go fo a picnic you . A. besides B. except C. with D. without 10.—Would you like to come to dinner tonight ? --I’d like to , I’m too busy . A. and B. but C. as D. so 11.—How many tickets for the film did you buy yesterday ? -- . A. None B. No one C. Nobody D. Nothing 12.—Is the house at the end of the street for sale ? --No, it . A. was sold B. has sold C. had sold D. has been sold 13. –The green typewriter is mine. --Do you know whose typewriter ? A. is this blue one B . this blue one C. it is this blue one D. this blue one is 14. I think teenagers should to make their own

C. will arrive ; arrives D. arrives ; will arrive 17.—The toilet is clean it was last week. --Sorry , I forgot to clean it . A. as ; as B. so ; as C. not so ; as D. more ; than (四) 1.--What was Bruce doing when UFO landed ? --He was walking down the street . A. a B. an C. the D. / 2.—Which of her parents is a volunteer ? -- are. A. Any B. Either C. Both D. Neither 3.Do you know that his father often provides enough food us ? A. for B. with C. to D. at 4—Where did the big earthquake happen ? --It happened in in Taiwan. A. the 1990s’ B. 1990s C. the 1990s D. a 1990’s 5.—Look! What are they doing ? --They are having fun with the ball. A. play B. to play C. playing D. are playing 6. has collected waste paper or bottles for recycling. A. Not one of them B None of them C. Nobody of them D. Not all of them 7. people are members or bottles for recycling. A. Hundred of B. Hundreds of C. Hundred D. Hundreds 8.Ted thinks traveling by train is cheaper and enjoyable than a rushed trip by air . A. much ; much B. more ; more C. much ; far more D. more ; much 9.—Why didn't you try to get on the bus ? --I tried to , but I could , it had started to move. 10.—I went diving with my friends last Sunday . --Vow!That really cool. A. seems B. looks C. feels D. sounds

13.These shoes look very good . I want to know . A. how much cost they are B. how much do they cost C. how much they cost D. how much are they cost (五) 1.My friend is not feelig well today and doesn’t feel like anything. A. to eat B. eating C. ate D. eats 2. She wants to know if there a flower show next week. If they it , she must get ready for it . A. is ; will hold B. will be ; hold C. will be ; will hold D. will have ; hold 3. I think should be allowed to choose their own clothes . A. fifteen-year-olds B. fifteen-years-old C. fifteen years old’s D. fifteen year’s olds

4. Students often learn English by heart . A. are ; made B. are ; made to C. are ; make D. are ; make to 5. –Why don’t you get her a soccer ball ? She likes to play soccer . --Not , that’s not . A. creative enough B. enough creative C. enough expensive D. boring enough

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