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Unit5 It must belong to Carla

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Unit5 It must belong to Carla.

1.glass 玻璃杯(可数) 3 glasses of milk

眼镜 (本身为复数)a pair of glasses


2. an alien, an honest person/girl/boy, an hour, an unusual woman, a university, a dishonest kid a UFO, a useful book,

3. land ( v.)着陆 ( n.) 陆地on the land

4. however 然而,可是(通常前后加, )

But 但是 (均表示转折)

5. because +句子

because of +短语

6. own ( v.) 经营,拥有 ( adj.) 自己的one’s own clothes

owner ( n.) 主人 the owner of…

7. interview ( v.) 采访 direct (指引,指挥) invent(发明)visit(参观)

interviewer ( n.)采访者 director(主管,导演)inventor(发明家)visitor (游客) 8 noise (n.) 噪音 ( make noises=make a noise) ( noisy adj. get noisy)

voice (n.) 人的声音 (in a low/loud/sweet voice )

sound (n.) 声音的总称 ( v.)+adj. 听起来。。。

9 neighbor( n.) 邻居 neighborhood ( n.) 邻近地区

in the neighborhood =near here

10. sleep ( v./n.) go to sleep, ( 反 ) wake ( v.) wake up

asleep ( adj.) 睡着的 fall asleep, be asleep ( 反) awake ( adj.) be awake

sleepy ( adj.)昏昏欲睡的,疲倦的 feel/be sleepy

11. happy ( adj.) 反 unhappy

happily (adv.) 反 unhappily

happiness ( n.) 快乐

12. mean ( v.)意思是 What does …mean?

meaning ( n.) 意思What’s the meaning of …?

meaningful ( adj.)有意义的

13 happen (偶然发生 ) What is happening?/What happened? (Sth. happened to sb. take place (有计划,有预谋的发生 )

14. use ( it/them)up = run out of ( it/them)

15. use (v./n.) 使用,useful ( adj.)有用的, useless ( adj.)无用的

help (v./n.)帮助 , helpful ( adj.)有帮助的, helpless ( adj.)无帮助的

16. try to do sth. try one’s best to do sth.

try ( it/them) on 试穿 have a try试一试

17 belong to sb.( Who do/does sth. belong to?)

=be one’s (Whose sth. is/are …?=Whose is/are sth.?)

18. maybe ( adv.)也许,大概 Maybe it is yours.

may be ( v.) 也许是,大概是 It may be yours.

19.must 必须 mustn’t 绝不允许

must 引导的问句肯定回答用must ,否定回答用needn’t或not have to

have to+v. 不得不, has to (单三), had to (过去),will have to(将来) 20 may (可能,可以)以may引导的问句肯定用may ,否定用can’t 或 mustn’t。

21.情态动词表猜测:must 一定 could/might 可能 can’t 一定不

22. There ( must ) be sb./sth. doing sth. 有。。。在干。。。

There must be something visiting our homes in our neighborhood.

23. at the picnic, have a picnic, at the meeting, at one’s appointment

24. make up 形成,组成


提示:(1)卷面整洁,属于一个女孩子;(2)书写良好,可能是Lily, Jessie和Alice.



参考词汇:can’t, might, must, tidy, good handwriting, be good at, do well in, top student, full mark

This paper without a name can’t be a boy’s because a boy’s paper can’t be so tidy. It must belong to a girl, but only three girls have good handwriting in our class---Lily, Jessie and Alice. The paper can’t belong to Lily because she isn’t good at Chinese. It might be Jessie’s, because she is one of the top students in our class and she does well in Chinese. But the problem is that she has found her paper on her desk. So it must belong to Alice. She likes Chinese and does better in Chinese than any other student in our class. And now she hasn’t got her paper yet. So the paper with a full mark must be Alice.

5.. Only then will I have a chance of achieving (achieve) my dream.

6. .We should concentrate more on our clothes than our studies.

7.. That would be a good way to keep both teachers and students happy.

8.. Longer vacations would give us time to do things like volunteering .

9. Last summer I had an opportunity to volunteer at the local hospital .

作文:If you want to become a driver, you should learn to drive carefully and understand some knowledge about driving .

First ,you shouldn’t drive without driver’s license ,and you should study the traffic rules. Second , you must obey the traffic rules and don’t drive through red traffic lights ,or a traffic accident may happen. Third , you mustn’t drive after drinking . And don’t answer the phone or give a phone call while driving .

Be serious about driving and you’ll become a good driver.

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