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初三基础知识测试(Unit 1- 10) Unit 1 How do you study for a test?

一. 翻译下列词组

1. 备考study for a test 2. 在发音方面犯错 make mistakes in grammer

3. 随后later on 4. 害怕去做 be afraid to do 5对...生气be angry with…

6. 取笑(某人)laugh at 7. 做笔记 take notes 8尽力做 try one’s best to do

9 没关系it doesn’t matter 10. 结束(做某事)end up doing 11组成,编造make up

12. 处理deal with 13. 首先 first of all 14.担心worry about=be worried about

15.练习做practise doing 16.决定做decide to do` 17. look up查找, look for寻找

look after照顾, loook like看起来像 18.喜欢做enjoy doing 19.写下来write down

20.做某事有麻烦have trouble doing 21. 成功的秘诀the secret of success

22.把...视为regard …as 23.中断break off 24.读书慢/快read slowly/quickly

25. 学英语的最好方法 26意识realize 27. 除非unless

28. 学英语对我来说很容易。 29.士兵soldier

30.制作词汇表make vocabulary list 31.请求老师帮助 32.照顾好孩子是你的责任。It is your duty to take good care of the chidren29

33. 在…的帮助下’s help 34.友谊friendship 35.柔软的soft

35. 时间流逝Time goes by. 36.面对挑战face the challenge

书面表达:假设你是Maria, 你的英语成绩很好。你的朋友Lily在英语学习上遇到了麻烦,


Dear Lily:

I’m sorry to hear that it’s very difficult for you to learn English, and you want to give it up.

English is one of the most important languages in the world. And if you want to go to a

good college,it’s necessary for you to learn it well.

How do you study it?First, you can make vocabulary lists. Second, you can listen to English

songs and watch English –language TV. Third, joining an English club is also a good way to

learn English. One more thing, you should use English as much as possible.

I hope you can make progress in English .



Unit 2 I used to be afraid of the dark.

一 汉译英

1. 过去常常used to do 2. 习惯做be used to doing 2.对 …感兴趣be in

3.下决心make a decision 4.令某人惊奇的是to one’s surprise 5.入睡fall asleep=go to sleep

6 最好的学生之一 7..根本不not at all 8. 放弃做 give up doing

8..最后 in the end =at last =finally 9.不再 not …any more =no longer 10.买得起afford

10. 对…非常害怕be terrified of (doing)sth 12. 一个18岁的男人an eighteen-year –old man 14即使even though 15. 对…感到骄傲take pride in= be proud of 16.校长head teacher

17花时间/金钱做某事(on) me ten dollars; sb money 付钱买…

19.和…闲聊chat with 21.飞机airplane=plane 20.对…注意pay attention to doing

21.他自己himself 她自己herself 我自己myself ,你自己yourself,你们自己yourselves,

我们自己ourselves, 他们自己 themselves 22. 耐心的patient 23.几乎不 hardly ever


24.我开着灯睡觉 。 I go to sleep on. 25.在足球队26.带…到/去take …to 27.带…来bring… to 28.在过去的几年里in the last few years

28. 似乎Yu Mei 改变了很多。 29.死die(动词) ,

死亡death(名词),死的dead(形容词) 30.太…已致不能 too…to 31.介意做mind doing

32.what/how about doing sth=why not do sth=why don’t you do sth(提建议)


It seems that Yu Mei has changed a lot . She used to be short when she was younger, but

now ,she is tall and thin. She used to have long curly black hair, but now she has short straight

brown hair. She used to be quiet , but now she is outgoing and she has lots of friends..She used

to playfootball .Now she likes playing baseball. She didn’t use to like tests. Now, she doesn’t

mind them. She used to like junk food. Now , she likes vegetables and fruit.

Unit 3 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes

一. 汉译英

1.允许某人做某事allow sb. to do sth =sb.be allowed to do 2.目前at present 3.执照licence

3. 够大big enough 够钱enough money 4.停止做stop doing 5.听下来做stop to do

6.在星期五晚上on Friday night 7.考试失败fail the test 8.谈论关于talk about

9.十六岁的青少年sixteen–year-olds 9.互相学习learn from each other 15.困倦的sleepy

10.休息一天have a day off 12.挡道的get/be in the way of… 13. 在…的路上

14. 代替,而不是 16.专心于concentrate on 17.关心care about

18.对…严格be strict with sb. / be strict in sth 20. 答复某人reply to sb. 21.熬夜 stay up

22.. 同意某人 agree with sb. 23.学英语的重要性the importance of learningEnglish

24.请人做某事get sth done 25.请人打耳洞 get one’s ears pierced 26.经验,经历experience

26..我希望你会成功。I hope you will succeed. Success(名词) Successful(形)成功的

27.需要做need to do = need do, 28.几天前 the othe day 29.想做would like to do=want to do

29.有机会做have an opportunity to do= have a chance of doing 30. 对…有好处be good for

31.为我自己做决定make my own decision=make dicisions for myself 32. 擅长 be good at

33.实现梦想achieve one’s dream=one’s dream come true 34. 对…认真be serious about

34.few+可数, little+不可数,(很少,几乎没有); a few+可数, a little+不可数 (一些,一点)

35.八小时的睡眠eight hour 一小时的考试 an hour test

36.成员member 老人院old people’s home 37.自愿者,自愿(做)volunteer


Our School Rules

There are a lot of rules in our school. First ,we’re not allowed to be late for class. The

teachers will be angry with us if we’re late . Second ,we shouldn’t fight with each other . Third ,

we should listen to the teacher carefully and shouldn’t do other things in class . Fourth ,boys can’t

wear long hair and girls can’t wear earrings. And we have to wear our school uniform every day.

I disagree to wear school uniform every day , because all of my classmates think that the school

uniforms are ugly. We would like to wear own clothes. What rules do you have in your school ?

Unit 4 What would you do?

1. 如果我有一百万美元,我将环游世界。(从句用过去时) (主句用过去将来时

如果我是你, 我会打领带。 If I were you , I would wear a tie.


If+从句还可表示条件状语从句,表示假设将来的事情发生,且有可能发生,从句不能用将来时,用一般现在时代替。如:If it doesn’t rain tomorrow,I will go shopping with you。

2. 变得紧张get nervous 3. 我不知道怎么办。I don’t 疑问词+不定式)

4. .如果…将会怎样what if 5.未经许可without permission 6.医学研究medical research

6.大量的 plenty of = a lot of 7.与…友好相处get along well with= get on well with

8. 根本不not …in the slightest = not ..at all 9. 拒绝做refuse to do 10. 使…失望let …down

11.把某物提供给某人offer sb sth=offer sth to sb 12. 想出,提出come up with= think of

13.恐怕这河很。I’她昨天She me yesterday..

15.赶紧做 hurry to do 16. 山上着雪。

16. 事实上in fact 17. 请求医生给建议ask doctors for advice 18.在…的前面in front of

19.马上,立刻right away= at once 20. something bad 坏的事情(不定代词+形容词)

20.宁愿做A而不做B (动原)(动原)B 21.有用的helpful 22邀请/叫/想/告诉某人(不)做某事invite/ask/want/tell sb 23.在楼下downstairs 24出版,出来come out , 进来come in 25.

Unit 5 It must belong to Carla.

1.表猜测的情态动词:一定must 可能can 也许may 不可能can’t 2. 属于某人的3.去野炊go for a picnic 4.使东西落下drop sth 5.东西落下sth falls 6. 假装做7.catch a bus ,赶上, 追上 catch up with 8.对---担忧

9.组成make up 9.从---逃跑 10.焦急的 anxious 12.采访interview

12.房子的主人 13.噪音noise 14.风wind 有风的windy

15.气味,闻起来 smell ,尝起来taste,听起来sound,看起来look,(不用被动语态)

16.用光use up= run out of 11.小心Be careful of 17蚂蚁不能提起石头。Ants can’。

18.最后的考试 exam(finally副) 19.请/让人做某事 (过去分词)

20.关/打开;close/open(无电源)21.在天空 in the sky 22.海洋ocea

23.奇怪的事情something(肯定)/anything(否定)strange 24..不诚实的/诚实的dishonest/honest


A-A-A: let-let-let让, put放, read读 , cost价值, cut 切, hit打击, hurt伤害,

A-B-A: become-became-become变成,come-came-come来 ,run-ran-run跑,

A-B-B:bring-brought-brought带来, buy-bought买, teach-taught教,catch-caught抓住, think-thought认为, fight-fought打架, find-found找到, get-got获得,变, have-had吃;有 hear-heard听见, hold-held举行,keep-kept保持, feel-felt感觉,smell-smelt闻出,嗅到, sleep-slept睡, learn-learnt学会, leave-left离开, 留下 ,lend-lent借给,lose-lost丢失 make-made制作,使, win-won赢, mean-meant-意味,build-built建立 , meet-met遇见, say-said说, sell-sold卖, sit-sat坐, send-sent送,派, spend-spent花费, stand-stood站立, sweep-swept扫, tell-told告诉, understand-understood明白,

A-B-C:choose-chose-chosen选择, do-did-done做,go–went-gone去, draw-drew-drawn画画, swim-swam-swum游泳, sing-sang-sung唱歌 ,drink-drank-drunk喝begin-began-begun开始, ring-rang-rung响,see-saw-seen看见, eat-ate-eaten吃,drive-drove-driven驾驶,

give-gave-given给,speak-spoke-spoken讲话, take-took-taken带走, wear-wore-worn穿着, throw-threw-thrown扔, fly-flew-flown飞, ride-rode-ridden骑 ,wake-woke-woken吵醒, write-wrote-written写,fall-fell-fallen落下;跌倒, forget-forgot-forgotte忘记,

know-knew-known知道, grow-grew-grown生长;成长, lie-lay-lain躺;位于 ,


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