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一:拼读选词 根据句意和音标从每题A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选出一个适当的单词。

( )1. This is a nice _________ .

A. radio B. read C. video D. piano

( ) 2. Alice’s room is very __________ .

A. find B. tidy C. Friday D. day

( ) 3. The Chinese book is _________ .

A. my B. me C. mine D. I

( ) 4. Here is your __________ .

A. computer B. clock C. lock D. notebook

( ) 5. He has an ____________ book.

A. good B. nice C. interesting D. fun

二.选择填空 从每题A,B,C,D四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案。

6. This is ______ clock. It’s on ______ table.

A. a, a B. a; the C. a; an D. an; the

7. ----Where’s his ________?----- It’s on the bed.

A. keys B. tapes C. watches D. hat

8. These are my brothers and ______ names are Alan and Mike.

A. her B. his C. our D. their

9. ---Is your book in the bookcase?

---________. It’s on the bookcase.

A. No, it isn’t B. Yes, it is

C. I don’t know D. Yes, it isn’t

10. ---What’s this? ---- It’s a picture _____ my room.

A. at B. of C. on D. in

11. The girl is new here. We ______ know her name.

A. don’t B. isn’t C. aren’t D. not

12.---Mom, where’s my MP5?---- I _____ it’s on your table.

A. help B. find C. think D. ask.

13. Look! The cat is _____ the sofa.

A. in B. on C. for D. of

14. ---My pen is on the table. What about _____?

---It’s in _____ school.

A. your; my B. yours; my C. yours; mine D. your;mine 初一上Units4-5 1

15. ---Your hat is very good.---- _________.

A. Yes, it is. B. Sorry C. Thank you D. No, it isn’t

16. Mrs. Brown is ______ mother. Do you know her?

A. Lucy and Lily B. Lucy’s and Lily

C. Lucy and Lily’s D. Lucy’s and Lily’s

17. Our classroom is very ______. You can’t find anything dirty (脏的) in it. A. tidy B. middle C. next D. big

18.---Are these your _____?----No, they aren’t.

A. chairs B. pen C. table D. keies

19. ______CDs are in the bookcase.

A. A B. An C. One D. Some

20.---Is your baseball _____ your room, Mike?

--- Yes, it’s ______ my bed.

A. on; in B. in; under C. on, under D. in; in

21. I ____a volleyball and he____ a tennis ball.

A. have; have B. have; has C. has; have D. has; has

22. ---____she have a soccer ball? ---No, she ______.

A. Is; isn’t B. Does; doesn’t C. Does; isn’t D. Is; doesn’t

23. Tom doesn’t _____ a tennis racket, but his sister _____one.

A. has; have B. have; have C. have; has D. has; has

24. ---Let’s play tennis.---- ________.

A. Thank you B. Yes, please

C. That sounds good D. That sound good

25. Let’s ______ for a walk, shall we?

A. to go B. going C. go D. gone

26.The girl don’t like the TV show(电视节目) because it’s ______.

A. fun B. boring C. relaxing D. interesting

27. I often watch the movie 1942 _______ TV.

A.on B. at C. in D. of

28. Ted has 8 ping-pong balls, _____ he doesn’t play ping-pong.

A. and B. but C. so D. only

29. These are new pens. Please take(拿走) _____ to your brother.

A. them B. it C. they D. her

30. The girl _______ every Sunday.

A. play sport B. plays sport

C. play sports D. plays sports.

31. I have ____ basketball. Let’s play ______ basketball. 初一上Units4-5 2

A. an; / B. a; the C. the; a D. a; /

32. Basketball is not easy ____ us.

A. with B. of C. for D. at

33. ______ are good friends.

A. I and Bob B. Bob C. Bob and I D. I

34. My brother and my cousin _____ school.

A. go the same B. go to the same C. go to same D. go same

35. I like the skirt. It_______ beautiful.

A. sounds B. play C. like D. looks


A) 完形填空 阅读下列短文,从每题A,B, C, D四个选项中, 选出一个能填入文章中相应空白处的最佳答案。

I have _____1. uncle. He likes sports very _______2. He______3. soccer ball, basketball, volleyball, baseball and more. He plays baseball and basketball very _____4. He likes to _______5. the sports games ______6. TV. He plays sports ______7. He often says (经常说),“ Let’s ________8. ” He ______9 a small sports collection. He has 12 tennis rackets, 10 baseballs, 3 volleyballs, 2 basketballs and one soccer ball. But he ______10 ping-pong balls.

36. A. a B. an C. the D. is

37.A. well B. fun C. late D. much

38. A. likes B. let’s C. joins D. play

39. A. much B. many C. well D. good

40. A. play B. look C. watch D. like

41. A. in B. on C. to D. behind

42. A. to B. days C. every day D. morning

43. A. plays B. play C. playing D. to play

44. A. have B. has C. doesn’t have D. is

45. A. has B. have C. doesn’t have D. don’t

B) 阅读理解。


I’m Paul. I have three good friends. They are Jim, Frank and Mary. We like sports very much. My favorite sport is basketball. I like Kobe. I have four basketballs. I like playing basketball is interesting. But Jim and Frank think it is boring to play basketball. Their favorite sport is soccer. They play soccer every 初一上Units4-5 3

afternoon after school. They have four soccer balls. Mary is a nice girl. Her favorite sport is volleyball. She plays it very well. It’s relaxing for her to play volleyball. But she has only one volleyball. Sports are good for us.

46. Paul likes playing ________.

A. basketball B. soccer C. tennis D. volleyball

47. Paul has ______ basketball(s).

A. one B. two C. three D. four

48.Mary thinks it’s ______ to play volleyball.

A. interesting B. difficult C. relaxing D. boring

49. Jim and Frank’s favorite sport is ______

A. soccer B. ping-pong C. baseball D. running

50. Kobe is a __________

A. student B. basketball player C. teacher D. baseball player B

I go to the store (商店) with my mother on Sunday morning. Father likes apples very much. We buy some red ones for him. Mother likes yellow bananas, but the bananas in the store are green. So we don’t buy any bananas. ―Look! The strawberries are very nice, Mom. Do you like them?‖ I say to Mom.

―Yes, I do,‖ Mom says.

―So let me buy some for you , Mum,‖ I say.


The oranges are nice, too. Mother buys some for me. I like oranges.

We need some vegetables. The vegetables in the store are nice. We buy some tomatoes, carrots and broccoli. I don’t like broccoli, but my parents like it. I like carrots. We buy lots of carrots. Then mother and I have some French fries and ice cream. And then we go home with the fruit and vegetables.

51. Who likes apples very much?

A. I do. B. Father does. C. Mother does. D. I don’t know.

52. Mother doesn’t buy any bananas because ____________.

A. they are yellow B. they are green

C. she doesn’t like bananas D. I don’t like them.

53. Mother buys some ____________ for me.

A. oranges B. pears C. strawberries D. eggs

初一上Units4-5 4

54. My parents like ___________, but I don’t.

A. tomatoes B. ice cream C. broccoli D. carrots

55. After we buy the fruits and vegetables, ___________.

A. we eat some apples

B. we go home

C. we go to the store

D. We have French fries and ice cream


What do you eat every day? Do you eat well? You need lots of fruit. You don’t need lots of dessert(甜点). You need many hamburgers. You need some chicken and eggs, but you don’t need many French fries(炸薯条).

Hi! I’m Mary. I like hamburgers, French fries, chicken and ice-cream. I eat lots of them. I don’t like eggs, fruit or vegetables. I don’t eat eggs, apples, bananas, carrots or tomatoes.

Hi! I’m Nick. I like oranges, apples, bananas,carrots,tomatoes and salad. I eat lots of them. I like chicken and eggs, too. And I eat some of them. I don’t like ice-cream or French fries. I don’t eat them. I’m healthy.

56. Mary doesn’t eat _______.

A. French fries B. ice-cream C. eggs D. chicken

57. Nick doesn’t like________.

A. chicken B. eggs C. Bananas D. French fries

58. Does Mary eat bananas every day?

A. Yes, she does B. No, she does

C. No, she doesn’t D. Yes, she eats

59. What vegetables does Nick like?

A. Pears B. Bananas C. Oranges D. Carrots.

60. We need to eat _________.

A. many hamburgers B. many French fries

C. fruit and vegetables D. lots of dessert


Ben is my cousin. He is 12 years old. He is in Class Five. He likes sports. He plays sports every day. He likes playing basketball. Because he thinks it is very interesting. Ben has a great sports collection. He has four basketballs , eight tennis rackets, five baseballs and two soccer balls.

初一上Units4-5 5

Linda is my good friend. She is 10 years old. She’s in Class Five. She likes sports, too. She plays baseball with her mother every day. And she likes to watch them on TV. She has 8 baseballs and 4 baseball bats.

61. Ben has many balls except(除了)_________.

A. baseballs B. basketballs C. soccer balls D. volleyballs

62. Linda has 8 ___________.

A. basketballs B. baseballs C soccer balls D. tennis balls

63. Ben thinks playing basketball is very ________.

A. easy B. interesting C. boring D. difficult

64. Linda is _______ years old.

A. 12 B. 10 C. 8 D. 13

65. Are Ben and Linda in the same class?

A. Yes, they are. B. Yes, they do.

C. No, they aren’t D. No, they don’t

第二部分:阅读上面4篇短文,指出下面10个完整或不完整的英语句子出自那篇文章。将该文章的编号(A,B, C,D)填写到答题卡中。

66. Linda is in Class Five.

67. Nick doesn’t like ice-cream or French fries.

68. His favorite basketball player is Kobe.

69. My mother goes to the store on Sunday morning

70.Playing sports is good for us.

71. She plays baseball with her mother every day.

72. You need some chicken and eggs, but you don’t need many French fries.

73. we go home with the fruit and vegetables.

74. Mary’s favorite sport is volleyball.

75. The bananas in the store are green.

初一上Units4-5 6

卷II 笔试部分


76. Mary ______(have) a sister.

77. Tim often ________(watch) TV with our family after dinner.

78. Tom is my son,I love _______(he) and he loves me.

79. Jack and Linda are my good friends. We all like_____(they)。

80. That is an __________(interest) computer game.

81.These are my _________ ( grandparent) keys.

82. My parents’ books are in _______ (they) bookcase.

83. The model isn’t ______(she). It is Rose’s.

84. –Where ______(be) your new pencil?

--- In the schoolbag .

85. There are two ________(radio) on the desk.

五.句型转换 对画线部分提问)

________ ________ his CDs?

87. Her notebooks are on the desk. (改为一般疑问句) ________ his notebooks on the desk?

88. —Is your hat on the bed? (作否定回答)

—No, ______ _______. (划线提问)

_________ ________ he _________ for dinner?

90. This is my father’s room. It is my mother’s room. This is my _________ ________.


91.你有棒球拍吗?Do ___________________________________?

92.咱们看电视吧! ______________________________________.


The song Gangnam Style __________________________.

94. 周末我经常和朋友们一起踢足球。

I often _______________________________________________.

95. 他上学总是迟到。

He _________ always__________________________________.


初一上Units4-5 7

A: Hey, Tom. Let’s play baseball.

B: That 96_________ good, Hank.

A: Do you have a baseball 97 ______?

B: Oh, no, I don’t.

A: 98. ______ your sister have a baseball bat?

B: Oh, yes, she does! Mary! Where 99______ your baseball bat? A: It’s under the bed. Let me100______ it.

B:OK! Let’s play.

八:补全短文 根据内容,括号里提出的特定要求写出单词。 Dear Linda,

I am very happy to get your letter. This is the (101)_________(two的序数词) time for me to have a foreign friend. Here is a (102)__________ of mine. (picture的近义词)You can see my parents and my (103)________(your parents’ father and mother),they are friendly. We are in my room. My room is small but(104)__________(形容词).I don’t like to put things everywhere. Can you see my (105)__________(文具名)?I write the letter with it. It’s very nice.

九:书面表达。假设你叫李林,请根据信息,写一篇英语短文。 姓名:李林 性别:男 年龄:13 电话号码:301-8492 家庭成员:祖父母,父母,妹妹和自己 爱好:和朋友一起踢球,打网球。


_____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ 初一上Units4-5 8

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