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Unit 5 练习题

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I. 单项选择 1. —Look! The man at the gatemorning. —No, itbe him. He is holding a meeting in the office now. A. must; can’t C. can; can D. can; mustn’t 2. —Here is a new bag. Whose is it? —It must be. She bought one yesterday. A. Alice C. she D. her 3. B. It C. That D. One 4. The woman isher lost son. C. worry at D. worried at 5. —Whose watch is this? Is it Kate’s? —I’m not sure. Itbe hers. A. may D. should 6. The students in school arebusy because the teachers give ushomework. 7. The train was late A. because C. because of D. so that 8. —Why do you get up so early? —I get up to run A. on B. for C. with D. in 9. —Do you know the womanshort curly hair? —She is my aunt. A. with B. has D. wears 10. Mother is in the kitchen. She must A. cook B. be cook D. cooks 11. —I won first prize in the dancing competition. —I think you A. can C. must D. can’t 12. There is a boy A. wait C. is waiting D. waits 13. —Is there —No, there isn’t. D.strange anything 14. The teacher doesn’t like the students who pretend A. study B. studying C. to study 15. WeMr. Wang for three days. He is ill in hospital. B. see C. didn’t see D. haven’t seen 16. Look at the students. They mightfor exercise.

1 Unit 5 It must belong to Carla 练习题

A. to run B. be running C. running D. are running 17. (2012·济南中考)—Look! A book is on the floor. Whose is it? —It B. can’t C. must D. need 18.There must be many people A. wait B. waited D. waiting 19. The new basketballDave. He bought it yesterday. A. is C. belongs D. belongs to 20.(2012·扬州中考)—Excuse me, when are we going to have a picnic? —I’m not sure. Ask our monitor, please. Heknow. A. need B. can C. may D. shall 21. It’s necessary for us to know some ways of A. coming up with B. living in D. escaping from 22. Hurry up, or you won’t A. miss B. catch D. sit 23. He didn’t watch TV last night A. as B. for C. because 24. —Somethingterrible. What goes bad in the kitchen? —The meat. A. looks C. smells D. feels 24. I saw a boy A. to play C. play D. plays 25. —I want to buy an English dictionary, but I’vemy money. Would you please lend me some? —OK! A. run out B. used up C. given up D. made up II. 用所给词的适当形式填空(5分)

1. Everyone was

2. —What will the weather be like tomorrow? —It will be sunny and(wind).

3. Listen! There is a girl(sing)in the next room.

4. There are lots of

5. He pretended (sleep)when his mother went into his room.

6. Ma Lin is an honest boy. What he said is(possible)true.

7. The(own)of the schoolbag must be very careless. He left the bag on the bus.

8. The kid’s mother pretended



1 This bike must be Sonia’s.(同义句) This bike must _________ _________ Sonia. = The ____ of the bike is Sonia.

2. This is magazine. (对画线部分提问)

3. —Must I finish my homework today? (作否定回答) —.

4. The man must be Li Lei’s father. (改为否定句) The man

5. Those are her jeans. (改为同义句) Those jeans______ ______.

6. Where is Jack? Do you know? (合并为一句)Do you know______ ______ ______?

7. This new car belongs to her uncle. (改为同义句) This is______ ______ new car.

8. Dave didn’t come to the party because it rained hard. (合并为一句)

Dave didn’t come to the party______ ______ the heavy rain.

9. Mike likes listening to music. Tony likes listening to music, too. (合并为一句) Mike Tony like listening to music.

10. There is a man in the street. He is riding a bike. (合并为一句)

There is a man______ ______ ______ in the street.

11. The strange creature is chasing the man with glasses. (改为同义句)

The strange creature is______ ______ the man with glasses.

12. Maybe she will go there with her parents. (改为同义句)

is that she will go there with her parents.


1.这是谁的书? does ?

2. 这本法语书肯定是李英的。她是唯一在学法语的人。

The French book______ ____Li Ying’s. She’s the______ ____ who’s studyingFrench.

3. 这个足球可能属于托尼。

The soccer ball______ ______ ______ Tony.

4. 我最喜欢听古典音乐。 I like to listen to______ ______ best.

5. 这条裤子不可能是我弟弟的。对他来说太长了。

The pants______ ______ my brother’s. They are______ ______ longhim.

6. 站在门口的那个人不可能是李老师。他已经去上海了。


The man who is standing at the door______ ______ Mr. Li. He has gone to Shanghai.

7. 这件红色的T恤衫可能属于王梅。

This red T-shirt______ ______ ______ Wang Mei.

8.他可能是为了锻炼身体而在跑步。He______ ______ ______ for exercise.

9.它肯定是一个不明飞行物。 It______ ______ UFO.


They saw a woman Those people______ ______ ______ a movie.

11. 他看起来很着急, 他可能要上学迟到了。

He looks very worried. He______ ______ late for school.

12. 过马路时要当心车辆。 ______ ______ ______ the cars when you cross the street.

13. 保罗用光了他的钱。 Paul has______ ______ his money.

14. 他一定是个诚实的男人。 He______ ______ ______ honest man

15. 他们没有发现奇怪的东西。他们认为或许是风在作怪。

They didn’t find______ _ the wind.

16. 从这本书上, 我们能学到一些从着火的建筑里逃生的方法。

From this book, we can learn about some ways of______ _____ the burning building.

17. 约翰擅长编笑话。 John is good at______ ______ jokes.

18.我学习是因为它占了期末考试的30%of the

final exam.

19.今日事,今日毕 Don’t let yesterday ____ ____ too much of today.

20.在梦里我在无尽的试卷中游泳In my dream, I was swimming in ___ ____ 24.她没有及格是因为考试时间不够。 She didn’t pass the exam because she ______ _____ / _____ ______ ______the time.


I haven’t seen my dog for two days/____ two days ____.

= It’s two days _____ I _____ my dog last time.

= I saw my dog for ____ _____ time two days ago.

= Two days ____ _____ since I saw my dog.


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