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Unit 5

Welcome to the unit

1、 Great! Let’s celebrate.

2、 I want to dress up as a ghost.

3、 How about the Monkey King?

4、 Because we always get lots of nice presents at Christmas.

5、 All my family get together and have a big dinner.

Reading (I)

1、 Thank you for telling me about the Mid-Autumn Festival.

2、 Children have lots of fun on that day.

3、 We dress up and wear masks.

4、 Sometimes we paint out faces.

5、 It is wonderfu.

Reading (II)

1、 When the evening comes, we visit houses and play a game with the people inside.

2、 We knock on their doors and shout”trick or treat”.

3、 If they do not give us a treat, we play a trick on them.

4、 We always have a party on the evening of October 31.

5、It is really a special day.


1、 What do you do on halloween?

2、 Which would you like?

3、 Who is Mr Wu?

4、 Whose bag is this?

5、 When is your birthday?

6、 Where is my pen?

7、 Why are you so happy?

8、 How do you get to school?

Integrated skills

1、 Find out more on New York Radio.

2、 I am on holiday in New York.

3、 People take a lot of photos.

4、 At night, they watch the fireworks.

5、 You seem very happy.

6、 We have shows about different festivals around the world.

7、 Have a nice day!

Study skills

1、 Out of sight,out of mind.

2、 There is no smoke without fire.

3、 Put the brown toy Bear on your chair.

4、 Take the yellow coat when you go out.

5、 We have great shows around the chinese new year.


1、 The Spring Festival is an important holiday in China.

2、 Most Chinese famillies celebrate it.

3、 It is always in January or Febiruary.

4、 After dinner, people like to watch TV.

5、 Usually our parents get new clothes ready for us.

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