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七年级上册Units 8 & 9 From Mr. Wang Class ______ Name _______

I. 拼读选词 根据句意和音标从每题A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出一个适当的单词。

( )1. Teachers’ Day is on ____ [sep'temb?] tenth.

A. September B. supper C. suppose D. support

( )2. Lucy wants to have a _______ ['b?:θde?] party next week.

A. birth date B. birthday C. birth cake D. best way

( )3. Art and music are my ________ ['fe?v?r?t] subjects.

A. favor B. vegetable C. village D. favorite

( )4. That’s for _____ [???].

A. shore B. true C. sure D. shoe

( )5. When does Kate _______ ['f?n??] her classes on Friday?

A. fish B. foolish C. English D. finish

II. 选择填空 从每题A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出一个最佳答


( )6. --_____ is your birthday?

--- It’s June 4th.

A.What year B.When C. Where D. What day

( )7. --____ ?

--I’m sixteen.

A. How many years are you B. What years are you

C. How old are you D. How are you

( )8.______ is after(在……之后)May.

A.April B. May C. June D. July

( )9.My birthday is _______

A.March 3th B.June 2st C. July 1th D. August 7th

( )10. --When is _____ birthday?

--His birthday is s November 1lth.

A.your B.Lucy’s C.Jack’s D.my

( )11.My date ______ birth is June 3rd.

A. for B. of C. about D. at

( )12. March is ________ month of the year.

A. three B. the three C. third D. the third

( )13. They have ____ art festival ____ each year.

A. an; in B. a; / C. an; / D. a; in

( )14. Do you have a School Day____ your school?

A. at B. on C. about D. of

( )15. We have the basketball game____ Nov. 19.

A. at B. on C. in D. /


( )16. -- When is _____ birthday party?

--Her birthday is October fifth.

A. your brother’s B. Jack sister

C. his sister’s D. Lucy’s brother’s

( )17. ______ is the eighth month of the year.

A. July B. August C. November D. June

( )18. I want ______ a pen _____ $ 4.

A. buy; for B. to buy; for C. buy; from D. to buy; from

( )19. --When _____ your birthday?

-- _______ December 2.

A. is; It’s B. is; It on C. are; They’re D. does; On

( )20. He _____ hamburgers _____ lunch.

A. eat; for B. have; on C. likes; for D. is; at

( )21. —What's________ favorite color?

—Her favorite color is green.

A. your sister B. your sister's C. yours sister D. yours sister's

( )22. ________ does she like Chinese? ________ it's fun.

A. What; / B. What; Because C. Why; Because D. Why ; /

( )23. My favorite________ is Friday, because we have P.E.

A. date B. color C. week D. day

( )24. --________ is your favorite teacher?

-- My favorite teacher is Mrs. Li.

A. Who B, What C. When D. How

( )25 . ____ do you have music?

-We have music______ Tuesday and Thursday.

A. Why; on B. When; on C. What time; in D. When; in

( )26. Today we_____ English, Chinese, math_____ art.

A. have; or B. on; or C. there are; and D. have; and

( )27.________ that we have music.

A. Have B. Having C. After D. Behind

( )28. --Is Linda________ on Friday?

--Yes, she works all night.

A. relaxing B. busy C. boring D. happy

( )29.They have math_____ 9:00_____10:00 every Monday.

A. at; on B. at; in C. at, at D. from; to

( )30. I don't like_____ subject. I like to play ___ my dog.

A. any; on B. any; with C. some, with D. all; with

( ) 31. Nick is two years old. _____ favorite food is chicken.

A. My B. His C. Our D. Your

( ) 32. --Do you have _____ tomatoes?

--Sorry, I don’t have _____, but I have _____ carrots. 2

A. any; any, some B. some; some, some

C. any; some, some D. any; any, any

( ) 33. Today we have _____ classes, and the _____ class is math.

A. three, three B. first, three C. three, first D. third, three

( ) 34. _____ bedroom is very big. They like it very much.

A. Jim and Jeff B. Jim’s and Jeff

C. Jim’s and Jeff’ D. Jim and Jeff’s

( ) 35. —What is your favorite _____?


A. color B. food C. teacher D. sport

III. 阅读理解 A) 完形填空

My dear friend, let me you something about my school day. I get up(起床) in the morning and I go to school(去上学) at 8:00. I have science at and then I have math at 10:00. my favorite subject. I like math very much, because it's . Mr. Zhang is our math l eat at 12:00 and then I have music at 13:00. I have like history because it is boring. But I like art and I want to be an artist (艺术家). I have art Monday.

( )36. A. to tell B. tell C. tells D, telling

( )37. A. on B. in C. for D. at

( )38. A. nine B. Ten C. eleven D. six

( )39.A.That B. That's C. English D. Chinese

( )40. A. boring B, difficult C. interesting D. beautiful

( )41. A. teacher B. student C. subject D. friend

( )42. A. breakfast B, dinner C. supper D. lunch

( )43.A. not B. am not C, doesn't D. don't

( )44.A. very B. very much C. really D. a little

( )45. A. on B. at C. in D. of

B) 短文理解 第一部分:阅读下列短文,从每题A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出一个能回答所提问题或完成所给句子的最佳答案。


Anna is thirteen years old. She was born (出生于) on December twenty-seventh. Mrs. Smith is her mother. Today is Anna’s thirteenth birthday. There is a party for her. In the dinning room (餐厅), a birthday cake is on the table. There are some bananas, oranges, strawberries, and apples on the table, too. Lots of her friends come to her birthday party. And her friends buy her lots of nice gifts. Oh, what does her parents buy her? 3

Can you guess?

Just then Anna sees a red card in her mother’s hand. It says: Happy birthday to you, dear Anna. There is a nice present(礼物) for you. Go to your bedroom, and you can find it on your desk. Anna runs to her bedroom. Ah, there is a new computer on her desk! How happy she is!

( )46. Anna’s birthday is on

A. December 7th B. December 17th

C. December 27th D. November 27th

( )47. Anna’s _____ buy her a computer as her birthday


A. friends B. classmates C. grandparents D. parents

( )48. The birthday cake is _________.

A. on the desk in Anna’s room

B. on the table in the living roomC. on the table in the dinning room

D. on the desk in the classroom

( )49.There isn’t any ______ on the table.

A. apples B. ice cream C. oranges D. strawberries


Jim is a ten-year-old boy. One day his friend Tom says to him, “I’m going to have a birthday party on Saturday. Jim, can you come to my party?” “I’ll be glad to,” answers Jim.

Before Jim goes to the party on Saturday afternoon, his mother says to him, “Now, Jim, do not forget to be polite(礼貌的). Don’t ask for food until someone gives it to you.”

“All right, mum,” Jim answers and he goes to Tom’s house on his new bike. There are a lot of children at the party. They play together for an hour. Then Tom’s mother give them some food. But she forgets to give Jim something. He waits politely for ten minutes and then he holds his plate up in the air and says loudly, “Does anyone want a nice and clean plate?”

( ) 50. Jim is years old.

A. seven B. eight C. nine D. ten

( )51. Tom is going to have _____ on Saturday.

A. a birthday party B. a trip

C. a football game D. an English party

( )52. Jim goes to Tom’s house _____.

A. by bus B. on foot C. by bike D. by car

( )53. Which of the sentences is True?

A. There are no children at the party.


B. Jim throws his plate out of the window.

C. Tom’s mother only gives Jim a little food.

D. Tom’s mother forgets to give Jim any food.


Dear Tom,

Thanks for your e-mail, and I am glad to be your pen pal. I am a student in Class One, Grade(年级) Seven. This year, I study many subjects. They are English, biology, history and so on. I like English very much because it’s very useful. I often see English movies(电影) at the weekend(周末). I think seeing English movies is good for my English.

I have four lessons is the morning and two in the afternoon. After class I play sports. My favorite sport is soccer. I think it’s very exciting. I often play soccer with my friends, Martin and Victor. What about you?


Li Yong.

( ) 54. This e-mail is from ______ to ______.

A. Li Yong; Tom B. Tom; Li Yong

C. Martin; Victor D. Victor; Martin

( ) 55. What subject is NOT mentioned(被提及) in the e-mail?

A. English. B. Biology. C. History. D. Math.

( ) 56. Why does Li Yong like English?

A. Because it’s exciting. B. Because it’s cool.

C. Because it’s useful. D. Because it’s fun.

( ) 57. What does Li Yong often do at the weekend?

A. He often reads English.

B. He often plays soccer with his friends.

C. He often writes letters. D. He often sees English movies.


Good morning, boys and girls. I am Johnson. I’m 35. I am from England. My birthday is September 5th. I have two children(孩子), Jim and Ann. Now I’m in China. I work(工作) in a school. I teach(教) Class 4 and 5. Jim is 13 years old. His birthday is June 4th. Ann is 14 years old. Her birthday is July 14th.

( )58. Johnson is ________.

A. American(美国人) B. English

C. Chinese D. Japanese(日本人)

( )59. Johnson has ________.


A. two daughters B. one daughter and one son

C. two sons D. one daughter and two sons

( )60. Johnson teaches ______ classes.

A. six B. seven C. two D. three

( )61. He is in _____ now.

A. China B. Japan(日本) C. England D. English 第二部分:阅读上面4篇短文,指出下面9个完整或不完整的英语句子出自那篇文章。将该文章的编号(A、B、C、D)填写到答题卡中。

( ) 62. Jim goes to the party on Saturday afternoon

( ) 63. Johnson is 35 years old.

( ) 64. Li Yong wants to have a pen pal.

( ) 65. Anna’s birthday is on December twenty-seventh.

( ) 66. Her parents give her a computer.

( ) 67. He has four lessons is the morning and two in the


( ) 68 The man has two children.

( ) 69. They play together for an hour.

( ) 70. He is a teacher. 卷II(共50分)

IV. 用所给词的正确形式填空

71. My birthday is October ________.(two)

72. _______(Jack) birthday is in November.

73. This is the _________(twelve) apple.

74. --How much _________(be) the shoes?

--25 dollars.

75. We ___________ (not like) difficult subjects.

76. Marie _________ (like) Chinese very much..

77. She thinks English is very _______ (use).

78. Helen always ________ (finish) her homework first.

79. My grandfather watches TV for two ______ (hour) every day. V. 改写句子 按括号中的要求完成改写后的句子,每个空格填一个单词

80. He has an art festival every year.(改为一般疑问句) _____ he _____ an art festival every year? (划线部分提问)

________ ________ they play soccer?

(划线部分提问) ______ do ______ like music.

83. She likes green best. (同义句转换)

Green is her __________ ___________.



__________ is their P.E. teacher?

VI. 完成句子 根据所给汉语句子和英语词汇,将汉语句子翻译英语


85. 我们每周举行一次英语测试。


86. --你的生日聚会在什么时候?-- 在下午3点。

-- When _______________________?

-- _____________________________.

87. 我们每天都上语文、数学和英语。

We ________________________________________________.

88. 那太对了!


89. 英语是你最喜欢的科目吗?

____________________________________________________? VII. 补全对话 根据上下文补全对话,每空一词。

A:Hello!(90) _____ old are you?

B:I’m 14 years old.

A:Well, (91)_________ is your birthday?

B:It’s (92)________ October 8th.

A:Oh, today is your birthday. Happy birthday


B:Thanks a lot. Will you come to my birthday?

A: I’d love to. And I want to (94)_______ you a present(礼物) from the clothes store.

B: Thanks.

A: You are welcome.

VIII. 补全短文 根据上下文内容、括号里提出的要求写出单词。 (共5分)

Our school (95) ________ (动词) on September 1st. This school year we have many(96) __________ (名词)We have our School Day on September 6th . We have a volleyball game (97)_____(连th词)a basketball game. They are on October 7 and November

18th. We have (98) ___________(数词) festivals. They are art festival on November 29th and a music festival on December 14th. We

(99) __________(副词) have an English Day on December 30th. We have a (100) _________ (副词) busy term!

九. 作文,根据要求用英语写出短文。



It's Monday, October 12. I'm really busy today! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 8

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