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( )1. We like hambergrs,but we don’ [?t??k?n]

A. chickens B. children C. chicken D. child

( )2. Let your mother [θ??k] about the food.

A. thank B.thinks C. think D. thanks

( )3. Do the

teachers like playing soccer in Jiaxuan?

A. woman B. womans C. women D.womens

( )4. Look! The yellow sweaters are only [?twenti] dollars.

A. twelve B. twenty C. twelfth D.twentieth

( ) 5. What’s the

A. prices B. price C. pairs D.pair


( )6. —_____ your brother like hamburgers?

—No, he ______.

A. Do; doesn’t B. Do; don’t C. Does; doesn’t D. Does; does ( )7. The lunch in our school ______ good.

A. are B. is C. am D. are’t

( )8. Do you like _______ soccer?

A. play B. playing the C. plays D. playing ( )9. Look! Some bread _______ on the plate(盘子), and the vegetables 1


_______ in the basket(篮子).

A. are; is B. are; are C. is; are D.is ;is ( ) 10. We want to have ______ great dinner this evening.

A. a B. the C. / D.an ( ) 11. John ______ eggs and bananas _____ breakfast.

A. has; with B. have; for C. has; for D.have;with ( ) 12. Please take some ______ to your parents.

A. tomato B. photo C. tomatoes D.photoes ( ) 13. —What _____ do you like? —Bananas.

A. sport B. vegetable C. fruit D.food ( ) 14. Do you have _____ healthy food every day?

A. more B. lots of C. many D.big ( )15. Tim is a ______ boy and he studies(学习) ______ at school.

A. good; well B. good; good C. well; well D.well;good ( )16. The girl _______a colorful pencil.

A. there is B.there are C.have D.has ( )17. You want it, we have it, _______ a very good price.

A. for B.at C.of D.in

( )18. Come _______ Inzone Market and see _____ yourself.

A.to, to B.for, for C.to, for D.for, to ( )19. We can _____ books _____ the bookstore.

A. sell, to B. buy, from C. sell, from D. buy, to ( )20. The store _____school things ______ the students.

A. sell, to B. buy, from C. sells, to D. buys, from ( )21. There ______ many shorts ______ sale in the store.

A. are, on B. are, for C.is, on D.is, for 2


( )22. _____ the pants? They’re 15 yuan.

A. How many is B. How many are C. How much is D. How much are

( )23. This shirt is very cheap. I’ll _____ it.

A. bring B. take C. want D. believe

( )24. The car is very good, but it’s too dear (贵的), I can’t ______ it.

A. sell B. like C. afford(支付得起) D. see

( ). I want a hat for my daughter.

A. Yes, please B. I’m sorry. C. Here you are D.You’re welcome ( )26. We_____100 RMB now. Let’s go to Mr. Zhang’s Clothing Sale.

A. each has B. all has C. have each D. each have

( )27. What color ______ the shorts?

A. can B. do C. are D. is

( )28. It’s the same time _____ year.

A. for B. of C. for a D. of a

( )29. —What color is it?—It's _____orange. It's _____orange sweater.

A. a; an B. an; an C./;an D. an;/

( )30. The girl ______ the red sweater is my sister.

A. in B. on C. of D. over

( )31. —_______is the pork(猪肉)?—It's twenty yuan a kilo.(公斤)

A. How many B. Which C. How much D. When

( )32. I want _______shopping.

A. to go to B. go C. go to D. to go

( )33. How _______apples does she want?



A. any B. some C. much D. many

( )34. Do you need shoes for sports_______ dance?

A. or

B. and C. of

D. by

( )35. His trousers _______over there, in that room.

A. is

B. are

C. am

D. be


Hello,everyone. I'm Wang Lei. I'm a middle school student. I’m glad to meet you here. First, let me tell you about my family. There are five people in my .They are my mother, my father, my sister, my brother and me.

My father is a doctor. My mother is English teacher. My sister is We all enjoy football games.

My is on West Street. There is a big tree and some small trees around my house. The big one is a pear tree and the small ones are apple trees, there some pears and apples on them now. a photo of my house. In the photo, you can see a small dog in my house. It is our best(最好的) ( )36. A. anything ( )37. A. school ( )38. A. a

B. something C. thing D. anyone B. house B. an B. two

C. room C. the C. three

D. family

D. one D. four

D. reading

( )39. A. one

( )40. A. seeing ( )41. A. trees ( )42. A. but ( )43. A. isn't

B. watching B. rivers B. and B. is


C. looking C. house C. so C. are

D. schools

D. or D. aren't


( )44. A. He's

( )45. A. sister

B. Here's


C. it's D. There's D. friends B. brother C. friend

Mr. Wang is from Shanghai. Now(现在) he is in the USA. He wants to buy something for his wife(妻子) and daughter. His American friend, Mike, goes with him to a big supermarket(超市).

Mr. Wang: How much is the skirt?

Mike: Let me have a look. It’s 40 dollars.

Mr. Wang: Forty dollars? How much is it in Chinese money? Let me see …… It’s about 300 yuan! It’s too expensive(贵).

Mike: Do you think so(如此,那样)?

Mr. Wang: Sure(当然). How much is the handbag(手提包)?

Mike: Look here! It’s 109 dollars.

Mr. Wang: No, it’s too expensive. How much is the CD?

Mike: It’s here. It’s 2 dollars.

Mr. Wang: That’s cheap(便宜). OK, I’ll take two CDs for my wife and my daughter.

( ) 46. Where is Mr. Wang from? Where is he now?

A. The USA. China B. China. The USA.

C. Japan(日本). The USA. D. China. Japan.

( ) 47. Who does Mr. Wang want to buy something for?

A. Mike. B. His friends.

C. Himself(他自己) D. His wife and daughter.

( ) 48. How much are the two CDs?



A. 2 dollars. B. About 16 yuan. C. 4 dollars. D. 16 dollars.

( ) 49. Where did the dialogue take place?(这段对话在什么地方发生的)

A. A Chinese supermarket. B. An American supermarket

C. A clothes shop. D. A plaza(步行街).


There are four people in Jim’s family. They are Kate, Jim, their father and mother. Jim is Kate’s brother. He is fourteen. Kate is Jim’s sister. She is twelve. They are in the same middle school. Jim is in Class One, Grade Three. Kate is in Class Two, Grade One. They are good students. Their father Mr. Green is a teacher. He is thirty-nine. He teaches English in a school near his home. Their mother is a teacher, too. But she teaches Chinese in a different school. Now they are all at home.

( )50. How many people are there in Jim’s family?

A. 3 B. 4 C. 5 D. 2

( )51. Mrs. Green is ______.

A. an English teacher B. a Chinese teacher.

C. a Japanese teacher D. a math teacher

( )52. Mr. Green and Mrs. Green work ______.

A. in different school B. in the same school

C. in a factory D. in different schools

( )53. Now Jim is ________.

A. at school B. at home C. on the bed D. in the classroom


Jackie Chan(成龙) is a great movie star. His action movies are very popular (流行) in the world(在全世界).Because his kung fu is very good. Many people like his movies. I like them, too. I think they’re exciting and funny.My friends have pictures and books about him. We often see his movies on Sunday.

( ) 54. Jackie Chan is ______

A. a teacher B. a singer C. an action actor D.a student

( ) 55. He is famous(有名的), because ______.



A. his movies are scary (可怕的) B. he can do Chinese kung fu well

C. he is a funny(滑稽的) man D.he has much money.

( ) 56. -Do writer’s friends like Jackie Chan? -_______.

A. Yes, they do B. No, they don’t C. I don’t know D.They like

( ) 57. We often see the movies on _______.

A. Saturday B. Weekends C. Sunday D.Wednesday



Come to Murray’s big sale on clothes, things for your room and things for school. We have jackets for boys for thirty-five dollars, sweaters for girls for fifteen dollars, and bags, earrings(耳环) for five dollars!

See our great dressers, beds, and chairs. Get a new bookcase for all(全部) your school books and notebooks. At Murray’s big sale, they’re only twenty dollars! And we have backpacks, pencils, pens and notebooks-everything for school! Come to Murray’s store today(今天)!

( ) 58. Sweaters for girls are _________.

A. $55.00 B.$15.00 C. $5.00 D. $50.00

( ) 59. Bags are ______.

A. $35.00 B.$15.00 C. $5.00 D. $50.00

( ) 60. ________ for boys are on sale for $ 35.00.

A. Jackets B. Sweater C. Bags D.Everying

( ) 61. Murray’s store doesn’t have ______ on sale.

A. dressers B. tables C. chairs D.tomatoes


( )62. We have pencils, pens and notebooks-everything for school!

( )63. Mr. Green is a teacher and he is thirty-nine.

( )64. We often see Jackie Chan’s movies on Sunday.

( )65. How much is the handbag?

( )66. We have jackets for boys for thirty-five dollars.

( )67. He doesn’t want to buy a skirt for his daughter.



( )68. Jim’s mother teaches Chinese in a different school.

( )69. My friends have pictures and books about the great movie star.

( )70. Mr. Wang only buys two CDs for his wife and his daughter.

卷二 (共50分)

四、用所给词的适当形式填空 10分

71. Sandra Clark _________(eat) eggs and apples every day.

72. Some __________(strawberry) are on the table.

73. My sister _________(not like) bread or milk for breakfast.

74. We should(应该) eat _________ (good) every day.

75. How much ___________ (be) those black pants?

76. I don’t like black trousers. I like the red _________ (one).

77. The books are on ________ (sell) at a good price.

78. The boy __________ (go) to school at seven in the morning.

79. How much _________ (milk) do you drink every day?

80. Let’s_________ (come) to Hua Xing’s clothes store.

五、改写句子 15分

81. My brother likes tomatoes. (改为否定句)

My brother ______ ______ tomatoes.

82. Do you like salad and French fries? (作否定回答)

No, ______ _______. 对画线部分提问)

_______ does Mary _______ for breakfast?

84. They have some oranges. (用he 作主语改为单数句子)

He ______ ______ orange.



85. Kate often eats pears. (改为一般疑问句)

______ Kate often ______ pears? 划线提问)

_______ _______ is the pen?

87. This T-shirt is too small for me. (同义句)

This T-shirt isn’t ______ ______ for me.

88. We have red, green and yellow socks for you. (同义句)

We have _______ ______ red, green and yellow for you.

89. Can I look at your bag? (同义句)

Can I _______ a _______ at your bag?

90. They are their pants (变同义句)

The pants _______ _______.

91. I have no T-shirts.(变同义句)

I _______ have _______T-shirts. 划线提问) ______ ______ students are there in your class? 划线提问)

_______ _______ you want?

94. Can I help you? (变同义句)

What _______ I do ________ you? 划线提问)

_______ _______are your pants?


96. 你的衬衫是什么颜色的,汤姆?

, Tom?



97. 我的包里有三十五块钱。

yuan in my bag.

98. 这些东西多少钱?


99. 我能帮助你吗?

Can ?

What ?

100. 你最喜欢的颜色是什么?


101. 华兴服装店大减价,快来买衣服。

at Huaxing’s great sale! 102. 我叔叔不喜欢早饭吃鸡蛋。

My uncle 103.英语对她来说很难。

. 104.我的书桌上有很多书。


computer games?



What 108.妈妈,你可以给我们带些健康食品到学校吗?

,mum? 10



We have .


For girls,we





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