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满分100+10分 时间45分钟


I. 看音标写单词, 看单词写音标,或者划线部分音标(9分) 1. /'welk? 2 3 4./ θ??k/ 5./ 's?st? 6 7. 8. fame 9./ j??/

II. 词汇(20分)

A. 根据句意以及首字母提示补全单词。(4分) 1. —Here you are! 2. —name? —It’s Lucy. 3. — actor? —Stephen Chow 4. They aren’B. 用所给词的正确形式填空。(6分) 6. The girl (have) big eyes. 7. —Where does she from? —He from Canada. (come)

8. The two (knife) are in the same box.

9. Look at these (baby),they are so cute (可爱) 10. They’re his trousers, ( I ) are red. 11. I want (buy) some apples. C. 根据汉语完成句子(10分)

1. Can you (帮助我们找到他们) ? (他们的是金黄色的). 3. The two pictures (看起来不一样) . 4. John (很了解中国). 5. The boy (在她身旁) is my friend. III. 单项选择。(12分)

1. —Where is Jim from? —He is from A. UK B .the UK C. england D. China 2. —Is that toy? —No, it is MP5. A. a ;a B. an ;a C. a ;an D. an ;an 3. My uncle bought a new bike for ________.

A. theirs B. they C. me D. I 4. —Is that your pencil? It’s hers.

A. Yes, it is B. No, it isn’t C. Yes, it isn’t D. Yes, it isn’t 5. —Li Ming a car. But she has a bike. A. has B. have C. doesn’t have D. have

6. Mr. Li has long hair, small nose and wide mouth. A. a;a;a B. a;the;/ C. /;a;a D. a;/;/

7. — —Liu Qiang, he’s from Sichuan.

A. Where are you from B. What’s your name C. Where is he from D. What’s his name 8. These pencils are long but those are short. A. one B. ones C. one’s D. ones’

9. —Does Jane Holmes come from England? A. No,he doesn’t B .Yes,he is C. No,she doesn’t D. Yes, she is 10. —Whose are those? —They are A. shirt;ours B. shirts;us C. shirts;ours D. shirts;our IV. 句型转换(16分)

1. grade seven, class two, you, in, are (连词成句) ? (改为同义句)4. Lily has a wide mouth. (改为否定句) .

5. That is an apple. (改为一般疑问句并作否定回答6. This box is mine. (改为复数句) . 7. They come from the same country. (改为一般疑问句,并作否定回答)

划线部分提问) V. 完形填空(10×1.5分)

Hello,I’m Lucy. I’m America. I am years old. I am in Shanghai with my parents now. is my telephone number? It’s 35206652. Jenny is good friend. Is from America, too? ,she is from England. She is thirteen, too . We are No.3 Middle School. We in the same grade, but we’re in different ( )1. A. to B. on C. from D. in


( )2. A. 12 B. 13 C. 14 D. 15

( )3. A. Who B. Where C. What D. How ( )4. A. my B. your C. her D. his ( )5. A. I B. you C. she D. he ( )6. A. Yes B. No C. Oh D. yes ( )7. A. at B. in C. of D. to

( )8. A. are B. am C. is D. aren’t

( )9. A. class B. grades C. schools D. classes

( )10. A. student B. teacher C. friend D. classmate VI. 选句子补全对话(5分) 1. A. Han Mei. B. I’m in Class Three, Grade Seven. A: Oh, I have a good friend in your class. B: is your friend a girl? A: Yes. She has a round face. B: Does she have long black hair? A: She, has short black hair. B: A: Yes, she does B:

A: She comes from Shanghai. B: Is she Zhang Hong? A: Yes, you are right. VII. 阅读理解(5分)

Today is Sunday. John is playing with his dog—Selina in the garden. The dog is sitting on the ground. Then John jumps over a red bike. Selina jumps over them, too. John jumps over a green fence, and Selina goes to the goes to the fence(栅栏). John turns around and looks at it. Selina stops at the fence because it can’t jump over the fence. John says, “Jump, jump!” Selina doesn’t do it. It just sits there. What is it doing? It’s sleeping with its eyes closed. 1. What’s the dog’s name?

A、Sunday B、John C、Selina D、Flowers 2. What color is the bike?

A、Red B、Green C、Yellow D、Blue 3. John doesn’t jump the A、bike B、dog C、fence D、river 4. What does the underlined word “barks” mean?

A、吆喝 B、叫喊 C、依靠 D、跳舞 5. Why does Selina stop at the fence? A、John asks it to do it. B、Selina wants to sleep C、The fence is too tall D、There are some flowers

VIII. 翻译(有提示词的用上提示词)(8分) 1. 他有张中国地图。(of)

2. 你能够把那封信交给他吗?(give…to…)

3. 穿红衣服的那个女孩是Jim的姐姐。

4. —他们有着长手长脚吗? —是,他们有。

IX. 作文(10分)

以“我和我的朋友”为题写段50个词左右的短文,从班级,外貌长相,穿着方面来介绍。 注意语言的多样性。



from Shanghai and she studies in No. 5 High School.

parents. She at 7:30. Wang Fang is a clever girl She sings and at 7:00 in the evening and goes to bed at 9:00.


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