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出卷人:陈津霖 总分:

满分100分(笔试80+听力20) 时间45分钟




1./k?d/___ 2./ra?n/___ 3./'??kl/___

___ ___ Ⅱ.词汇(20分)


friends in China.

3. Maria likes the skirt (有一点).

he likes Chinese food very much in the letter. 5. He is a waiter, he works in a .(饭店) B.用所给词的正确形式填空。(5分)

6. I would like 7. That isn’tglass. is here. (she)

8. Angle thinks she may (get) up very late tomorrow(明天). 9. I don’t look forward to (visit) Beijing at all. 10. These pair of gloves not mine. (be) C.根据汉语完成句子。(10分)

2. these hamburgers, boys and girls! (随便吃). 早餐吃蔬菜).

4. She my English.(通常不帮助我学英语). 5. —What can I do for you? —,Please. Ⅲ.单项选择(10分)

1. —I like movie(电影,Tommy? —I don’t like them at all. A. How are you B. What do you look like C. How about you D. What do you like 2. My mother is office worker.

A. a B. the C. an D. /

3. —What our father do? —He is a teacher. A. is B. are C. do D. does

4.—does the man in white work? —In a hospital. A. Where B. What C. How D. Who

5. —Look at my family tree, the man in gray is my father’s brother. —Oh,I see,he is your A. uncle B. aunt C. cousin D. grandfather 6. —The girl the sofa is my sister. She often plays the farm. —Yes, I ___.

A. on; in B. on; on C. in; in D. of; on 7. —Would you like to drink?

—, I don’t want to drink A. something; Yes, please ; anything B. something; No, thanks ; something C. anything; Yes, please ; something D. something; No thanks ; anything 8. — Excuse me, do you know the girl in red? —Sorry, I don’t know. — .

A. That’s right B. That’s OK C. Good idea D. Thank you all the same 9. — blue and red? —Purple.

A. What B. What color are C. What is D. What color 10. Those are bikes.

A. Jack and Tom B. Jack’s and Tom’s C. Jack and Tom’s D. Jack’s and Tom Ⅳ.句型转换(5分)

1. Nice to meet you. (改为同义句)

_____________________________________________ 2.She likes hamburger very much. (改为否定句)


3.I would like something to drink. (改为一般问句,并作肯定回答) _____________________________________________ 4.May I help you?(改为同义句)


5. Do you know the woman? The woman is in the red. (把两句合并成一句) _____________________________________________ Ⅴ.完型填空(10分)

My name is Li Sen. My English teacher Maria. She is from the USA. has a son and a daughter. is Jack. is Linda. Their father is . Mr Brown is his son are America now, but Mrs. Brown and Linda live in China. are classmates, and we are often teaches me English.

( )1. A.am B. is C. are D. be ( )2. A. She B. she C. Her D. His ( )3. A. His son B. His daughter C. Her son D. Her daughter ( )4. His son B. His daughter C. Her son D. Her daughter

( )5. A. Brown Tom B. Tom Brown C. Brown Mary D. Mary Brown ( )6. A. a doctor B. a cook C. a nurse D. a teacher ( )7. A. at B. with C. in D. from ( )8. A. Jack and I B. I and Jack C. Linda and I D. I and Linda ( )9. A. good friend B. a good friend C. good friends D. all friends ( )10. A. they B. she C.her D. he Ⅵ.情景交际(5分)


Salesman: Good morning! Mother: Good morning! Salesman: madam?

Mother: I want a schoolbag for my daughter. Salesman: Lucy: I like red very much. Salesman: Lucy: It looks very nice and I like it a lot. Mother: Salesman: It’s only forty-five yuan, madam. Mother: Fine. We’ll take it. Here is the money. Salesman: Goodbye! Mother and Lucy: Bye!


The food in England is very different from our Chinese food.

They eat a lot of potatoes. And they like to eat them every day. They eat bread for breakfast. We don’t eat these things very much in China. They drink lots of milk, too. They like to drink milk with tea. They don’t eat much rice. For their dinner they like chicken or fish with vegetables. They don’t have jiaozi.

1.What do people in England eat every day?______________________ 2.What do they eat for breakfast?______________________ 3.Do they often drink tea?___________________

4. What do they like for dinner?_______________________. 5. Do they eat much rice?_________________________


1.Jim今年多少岁? 他今年12岁。



_____________________________________________ 3.这条裤子太短了,为什么不试一试那一条?

_____________________________________________ 4.—要喝点什么吗? —喝点橙汁吧。

_____________________________________________ 5. —为什么不来点面包呢? —好主意!




breakfast lunch dinner usually often apple banana fish chicken rice juice milk water bread vegetable hamburger egg


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