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Section A (1)

班级:____________ 姓名:____________ 成绩:___________


1.New Year’s Day is on __________ 1st.2.__________ 14th is Valentine’s Day(情人节).3.__________ 8th is Women’s Day.4.Fools’ Day is in ___________.5.__________ 1st is May Day.6.Children’s Day is on __________ 1st.7.__________ 1st is Party’s Day.8.__________ is the eighth month of the year.9.Teachers’Day is in ___________.10.National Day is the first day in ___________.11.The eleventh month of the year is ______________.12.__________ 25th is Christmas Day.13.There are twelve __________ in a year.


1.one ______2.two _______3.three ______4.five _______5.eight______


Ⅳ.对画线部分提问 1.My birthday is January fifteenth.___________ is your birthday?

2.My friend’s birthday is March tenth_.______ is your _________ ______?

3.The basketball game between Class3 and Class4 is on September eleventh. ______ _______ the basketball game between Class3 and Class4?

4.Jane’s birthday is November fifteenth.___________ is __________ birthday?

5.I’m thirteen.__________ ___________ are you?




1 My mum _________(love )me and I ________(love ) her.

2..He likes__________(eat ) and ___________(drink).

3.What _________you __________(have ) for breakfast right now?

4.I want ______________(buy) some things.

5.The girl ____________(want ) __________(be ) a teacher later.

6.I _________(buy) a big one, and he __________(buy) a small one last week.

7..My father _____________(watch) TV every evening.

8.. John __________ (look )sad(悲伤的) because he lost his bike.

9. Do you like _________ (watch) TV?


10..My brother ___________ (like) playing football very much.

11.-What ______ he ________ (do) every evening?

-He _______________ (watch) TV every evening.

12.I don't have any pens. I think she ______ (have ) some.

13...I want ______ ( go) to the shop.

14..Let's _________ (speak) English.


2.I want ______________some things.

3.Let's _________ English.

4.Tom’s father ___________ TV every evening.

5.I don't have any pens. I think she ______ some pens.

6.Teachers’Day______in September.

7.when______your Chinese teacher have a test?

8.I want to buy this pair of shoes for my sister.It_____beautiful.

9.Look at the tree.Can you______a bird in the tree?

10.Our teacher _______us two questions about food.



Tom likes eating salad and rice________ dinner.

2. The store sells all clothes ______ very good prices.

3. You can ask your parents _____ help.

4. We have an art festival ______ the afternoon________ December.

5. If you want to know Chinese, you can e-mail her _____ .

6. There is a soccer game _____ nine _____ our school.

7. A big tree is _____ the first picture.

8. Lucy’s tenth birthday is _____ January fifth.

9. They play volleyball ______ their friends_______ school.

10. _____ Sunday, He asks his teacher _______ the homework _______ lunch.


1. __________comes after March.

2. There are twelve ____________in a year, The ___________month is December.

3. August is the ____________month in a year.

4. ----Is your father __________?

----Yes, He has time this afternoon.

5. ____________usually has 28 days .

6. When is your ____________birthday? It’s on October 2nd.

7. The __________month is March.

8. We have a soccer game in our school this week. See you _________.

9. This English _________is easy. It’s not difficult.


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