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2013版 新目标八年级上册英语 Unit3 复习

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Unit 3 I’m more outgoing than my sister.


Free talk

Lily Lucy

They are twins.
Lily is taller than Lucy.

Lucy is shorter than Lily.


shorter thinner






Jackie Chen is more athletic than Xiao Shenyang.

more outgoing quieter


tall, short, long heavy, thin beautiful, athletic


calm wild smart serious, outgoing

Comparatives of adj.(形容词比较级)


-y -ier -…er more ~
funnier funny heavier heavy thinner thin

short er
long er wild er calm er smart er

more more more more





angry 写出这些词的 比较级形式

angrier smarter later thinner earlier


thin calm
fat calmer fatter early

serious more serious


A 1. It is hot today, thought not so
A. hot B. hotter C. hottest 2. —How are you today, Lucy?

as yesterday. D. the hottest

—Much C , but my doctor says I’ll still have to rest for another some days. A. well A. to talk A. standing B. good B. talking B. stand C. better C. talk C. stands D. best . D. talked D. to stand 3. When the teacher came in, we stopped B

B 4. Who makes him
5. What are you C

here so long!
at, speaking or writing?

A. good

B. well

C. better

D. best

6. For me, music is asC
A. more popular C. popular A. in B. by

as sports.
B. most popular D. so popular

7. She bought much food


the way home.
C. on D. to

8. Although we discussed the plan, we didn’t agree with each other some ways. D A. at B. on C. by D. in 9. The twins B lovely girls. A. are all B. are both C. both are D. all are 10. This camera is B better than that one. A. less B. much C. more D. many

What kinds of friends are real friends?

Let’s read aloud !

For me, a good friend …
a. is friendly . b. make me laugh when I am sad / unhappy. c. is a good listener. d. keep a secret. (保守秘密。) e. help me when I am in trouble. f. is good at schoolwork / study. g. is popular in school. h. is good at sports. i. have cool clothes

j. like to do the same things as me.

1. A friend in need is a friend indeed. 患难朋友才是真朋友.
2. A friend is easier lost than found. 朋友易失不易得。

Talk about you and your friend

Let’s read aloud !

Useful words and phrases
friendly, funny, outgoing, athletic, wild, quiet, serious, calm, …… a. make me laugh when I am unhappy. b. is a good listener. c. is good at schoolwork / study. d. is good at sports. ……

Compare yourself aloud Let’s read now and


two years ago.

Compare yourself now and two years ago. Then write down.
Are you taller

Two years ago.I was a primary school student. I’m taller now.
I work harder and I’m smarter than before . I was not popular in primary school. But now, I’m more popular in the middle school. Although I was not good at my schoolwork, I am a better student now.

Are you smarter?

Are you more popular?

Are you more outgoing?

Are you a

better student?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

more than 超过 be interested in... 对......感兴趣 be good at 擅长,在......方面做得好 the same as... 与......相同 be different from... 与......不同 as...as... 与......一样...... not as/so...as... (前者)不如(后者)...... in some ways 在有些方面 be friendly to... 对......友好 be good with... 与......相处得好

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

A is +形容词比较级+than B. A比B更...... We both +动词... 我们两个都...... Both of us... 我们两个都..... My best friend is... My friend is the same as me. My good friend is different from me. I think a good friend likes to do the same things as me/I do. ? A is not as/so +形容词原级+as B. A不如B...... ? Zeng Shirui is much calmer than any other student in my class.


Think of yourself two years ago. Write about how you are different now.

? Are you taller now? Yes. I’m much taller now. ?Are you smarter? Yes. I’m a little smarter now. ?Are you more popular? Yes. I have more friends. And I’m more popular. ?Are you more outgoing? Yes. l play sports every day. ?Are you a better student? Yes. I’m better at math and English.


Two years ago, I was a primary school student. Now I am a middle school student. And I’m taller than before now. I have longer hair than before. I work harder and smarter than before. I was a little quiet. But now I am more outgoing. I was not popular in primary school. But I’m more popular in middle school. I was good at math. Now I am better at English. I was not a good student before. Now I am a better student.



1. Tom is tall. Jim is short.(比较级合并) taller than Tom is _______ ______ Jim. 2. My hair is long. Mary’s hair is longer .(合并成一句) Mary’s hair _______ _________ _______ mine. longer than is 3. Pedro is thinner than Sam. (改为同义句) Sam is _______________ ________ Pedro. fatter/heavier than 4. My sister is better at study than me. She is clever. (改 为同义句) more My sister is ___________ intellectual (聪明的) than me at study. 5. Peter is funny. Paul is funny, too. (合并成一句) as as Peter is _______ funny ________ Paul.

6. I like singing. Tina likes singing, too. (合并成一句) Both and __________ he ________ I like singing. 7. My brother does well in English.(改为同义句) My brother ______ _________ ______ English. is good at 8. Both of us enjoy going to parties. (画线部分提问) ________ _____ _______ ____ you enjoy doing? What do both of 9. Sue is 16 years old. I’m 16 years old, too. (the same 合并为一句) We are both the same _____ _____ ______ _____ _______ age.

10. Tom is fatter than any other student in his class. (同义句)Tom is _____ than ___ _____ ________ fatter the other students in his class.


一、根据情景完成句子。 1. He is 160

cm and his sister is 170cm, shorter he is __________than his sister. 2. Tina always gets “A” in exams, but Kate gets “C”, I guess Tina is ________ smarter than Kate. 3. Most people think that comedies are funnier ______________ than documentaries.

4. I was only 50kg last year, now I am
thinner 55kg. I was ___________last year. 5. Our head teacher Ms Huang always smiles, but Ms Chen doesn’t. We think Ms Chen is _________________. more serious



7. 你认为你弟弟比你更鲁莽,你会这样说: is wilder than “My brother ________________________ I.” 8. 你想说Tom比Sam高,你会这样表达: is tall er than “Tom ____________________________Sam.” 9.你想告诉别人你比妹妹更外向,你会这样说: “I am more outgoing than ________________________my sister.”

10.你觉得英语比数学更有趣,你会这样表达: “English is more interesting than _________________________math.”

1.Finish off the exercises of this unit. 2.Prepare for the test.

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