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Lingling: Here we are. Welcome to Beihai Park.

Tony:Wow! It’s so quiet that I can even hear the birds singing! I can hardly believe we're in the city centre.

Lingling: This park is famous for its lake, the bridge and the ancient buildings on the hill. The lake takes up over half of the park area. Let's walk along the lake,cross the bridge and climb up the hill. Then I can point out the sights of Beijing for you.

Tony: Yes, good idea. I'm sure it'll be fantastic to see the city from the top.

Daming: But I'm so tired, and it's so hot here. I don't want to climb. The lake looks nice and cool. Why don't we go for a swim?

Lingling: I don't think they allow people to swim in the lake. It's dangerous.

Daming: That's too bad. Then why don't we have our picnic here? I'm so hungry and thirsty.

Lingling: I think it's better to have our picnic at the top of the hill.

Tony: Come on! Let's not waste any more time.

Daming: All right. I hope it will be cooler up there.


1. Is the Beihai Park noisy?


2. What's the park famous for?


3. How does Daming feel now?


4. Where will they have their picnic?


1. No, it isn't. 2. This park is famous for its lake, the bridge and the ancient buildings on the hill. 3. Tired and hot . 4. At the top of the hill.



To: Mum and dad

SUBJECT: Wonderful time in Zhangjiajie

Dear Mum and Dad,

I promised to write, so...

We’re staying with Lingling’s uncle in Hunan Province, and I’m having a wonderful time here in Zhangjiajie. It’s a magic land of mountains, forests and rivers. It's very large, about 480 square kilometres. It’s famous for the strange shape of its tall rocks. Some of

them look like humans, and others look like wild animals.

Last night we camped by a small lake. During the night, we heard some noise! It woke everyone up. We thought somebody was moving about. Lingling's uncle said it was an animal. We came out without making any noise, and found it was just a hungry monkey looking for food.

This morning, we climbed Mount Tianzi! From the top we hoped to see the lakes and forests. But it was a pity that it was cloudy. We could only see the mountain tops above the clouds. Then we walked down the path, along a river, past trees and other plants and back to the camp. I pulled a leaf off a plant, but Lingling’s uncle said that it was wrong to pull leaves off plants and that we should protect everything here. I was very sorry.

Tomorrow we’re going to Dongting Lake, the second largest freshwater lake in China.We’ll to back home next week! Wish you were here!




1. Is Sally enjoying herself in Zhangjiajie?


2. What things worried her on that night?


3. Was she happy with her trip up Mount Tianzi? Why?

4. Where will they go tomorrow ?


1. Yes, she is. 2. Some noise.

3. No.They could only see the mountain tops above the clouds.

4. Dongting Lake.

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