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一、一般将来时 结构
2.be going to+动词原形


将来状态 It will be rainny tomorrow. 将来活动 What are you going to do next

现进表将 The bus is coming.

? 1.将来状态 ? Eg:我明年就将13岁了。 ? I will be 13 years old next year.

? Eg:我们下个月打算在这里建一座楼。 ? We are going to put up a building here next month.


这种用法仅限于某些瞬间动词, 如begin, start, come, go, leave, arrive, reach等,表示将要发生的事。
即: 两来 come arrive. 两走 go leave Eg:我马上就来。 I’m coming.

有tomorrow, this afternoon, ? next week/month/year, the day ? after tomorrow等。

will 引导的一般将来时:表示将来发生的动作或存在的状态, 最基本的结构:will + 动词原形
肯定句:主语+ will +动词原形+(宾语)+其他

people will go to the moon some day.
否定句:在will 的后面加not即可。will not 可缩写为 won’t

people will not go to the moon some day.
一般疑问句:把will 提到句子主语之前,结尾变问号。

Will people go to the moon some day?
特殊疑问句:特殊疑问词+will +主语+动词原形+其他?

Where will people go some day?

“There be”句型的一般将来时
肯定句: There will be +名词+其他成份 [注意]:无论后面加单数名词或复数形式,be都必须用原形。

There will be only one country.

There won’t be only one country.

Will there be only one country? Yes, there will. / No, there won’t.


I will have many presents.
He will do these jobs. There will be a computer in it. They will do heavy work.

I won`t have many presents.
He won`t do these jobs.



Will I have Yes,I will. many presents? No,I won`t.
Will he do these jobs? Yes, he will. No ,he won`t. Yes,there will. No,there won`t. Yes,they will. No,they won`t.

There won`t be Will there be a a computer in it. compuer in it. They won`t do heavy work. Will they do heavy work?

1.Ihope that you__ a good time this evening. C A.have B.are having C.will have D.has 2.Look at those big black clouds. It __rain.Let`s hurry. D A.must B.will C.would D.is going to
注意:will与be going to的区别,be going to可以表示明显将要发生的情况.

3.There__ a basketball match this afternoon. B A.will have B.will be C.has D.have 4. We__ to the park if it is fine tomorrow. A A.will go B.go C.goes D. to go

1.Students will go to school in the future.(一般疑问句)
Will __ students


go __

to school in the future.

2.There will be some robots in our homes.(改为否定句)
won`t be __ There

__ __ any robots in our homes.

3.Everyone will have a small car.(对划线部分提问)
What will

__ __ everyone __ ?


用所给词的适当形式填空: will be 1.There __(be )an American film next week. 2.They __ (finish)the work this afternoon. 3.Tom__ (play) football with us tomorrow? 4.Robots__ (do) lots of work in our homes in the future. 5.There__(be)strong winds tonight. 6.Before long,he__ (forget)all about the matter. 7.He__ (be)back in three hours. 8.We__ (send)for a doctor if you __ (be)not better in the evening.

1. 明天不用上课。 There will be no ____ ____ ____ class tomorrow. 2. 也许在100年后人们将活到200岁。 _____ people ____ ____ ____ ___ 200 years old Maybe will live to be ____ 100 years. in 3. 许多女孩子喜欢养宠物。 Many girls likekeeping a pet. ______ 4. There will be a sports meeting tomorrow.(一般疑问句) ___ there be Will ___ ___ a sports meeting tomorrow? 5. 我想将会有更多高楼,更少汽车,更少污染。 I think there will be ____ tall buildings,fewercars,less more ___ ___ pollution. 6. 你认为Sally5年后会成为什么? Whatdo you think ___ ___ ___Sallywill be in 5 years? ___ ___


? would+动词原形 ? was/were going to+动词原形

? 站在过去的角度看将来,常用于宾 语从句。 ? Obama said that he would be the president of America.

-Shall I take you to the shopping mall after work? -No,thanks.My father said he __________ there on his way home. A.will look for me √ B.would pick me up C.would let me down D.will look after me

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