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have/has + V过分

I can’t find my pen. I have lost 过影响现 it. Have you finished it yet ? He has worked here for a year. 过持续到 I have been in this school since 1999 . 现在 He has been to China twice. 两“去” He isn’t here. He has gone to the library.

? have/has never + ? 1.持续 ever ? 2.影响 just ? 时间标志词: V过分 since+时间点 for+时间段 yet

Exercise 1
? ? ? ? ? 1.Tom isn’t here,he_______(leave). 2.I have lived in Anyang _____10 years. 3.I have lived in Anyang _____2001. 4.I have lived in Anyang _____10 years ago. 5.Tom ________to Beijing twice,so he knows BJ very well. ? 6.Tom ________to Beijing,he isn’t at home.

1. Jim with his parents _____ abroad. They ____ back in two weeks. A. have gone;will come B. has gone;will come C. have been to;have come D. has been;come 2. —I have finished my homework. —When ___ you ___ it ? A.have; finished B. do; finish C. did; finish D. will; finish 3. I _____ my mobile phone since five years ago. A. bought B. have bought C. had bought D. have had

4. ---Have you seen Bill? ---Yes, he to the library. A.has gone B. had gone C. has been


5. —Do you know him well? —Sure. We friends since ten years ago. A. were B. have been C. have become D. have made 6. —May I speak to John? —Sorry, he Japan. But he in two days. A. has been to, will come back B. has gone to, will be back C. has been in, would come back D. has gone to, won't come back


7. — Lucy, ______ you ____ your ticket? — Not yet. A. did, find B. have, found C. has, found D. do, find


8. I

this book for two weeks. I have to return it now. A. borrowed B. have borrowed C. kept D. have kept


9. It ____ten years since we last_____in Beijing. A. was, met B. has been, met C. was, meet D. is, meet



10.—___ you ever ___ to Hangzhou? —Yes, only once. I ___ there with my father. A. Have, gone, went B. Have, gone, will go C. Have, been, went D. Have, been, will go

? ? ? ? ? ? 1.延续性动词表示能够延续的动作,如: learn, work, walk, keep, have, live, stay 等。延续性动词可以与表示时间段的状语 连用。 Eg:I have borrowed this book for 5 days. kept I borrowed this book 5 days ago.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

2.非延续性动词也称终止性动词、瞬间动词, 表示不能延续的动作,这种动作发生后立即 结束。 如:open, die, close, begin, finish, come, go, move, borrow, lend, buy等。 非延续性动词在肯定句中与表示时间点的 状语连用,如:two years ago; at 5 o'clock; eg:He died 5 years ago. 思考He has been dead for 5 years.正确吗? died 如果和时间段连用,需转换成延续性动词。


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? leave --- be away, borrow --- keep, buy --- have, begin/start --- be on, die --- be dead, finish --- be over, join --- be in+组织机构, be a member of+组织机构, open sth --- keep sth open,

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

get up---be up, catch a cold --- have a cold, come here --- be here, go there --- be there, become --- be, come back --- be back, fall asleep --- be asleep, fall ill --- be ill, go out →be out, put on→ wear;

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

get to/ arrive/reach --- be (in), leave --- be away from, get to know --- know,

eg:The old man died 4 years ago. -The old man has been dead for 4 years. He joined the Party 2 years ago. -He has been in the Party for 2 years. I bought the book 5 days ago. -I have had the book for 5 days.

Exercise 2
? 1. I ______ the League for 5 years so far. A. joined B. have joined C. have been in ? 2.The factory ________ since the February ? of 1988. ? A . has been open B. has opened ? C. was open D. opened

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

3.Mary and Rose _______friends since they met in 2000. A. have made B. have been C. made D. have become 4.The meeting _______ for a week now. A. has finished B. has ended C. has been over

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

5.Miss Gao ______ this school for nearly 5 years. A. has been in B. has come to C. has taught 6. I ______ home for a week. A. have returned B. have been back C. returned

? 7.He ________ the car for a week. ? A. bought B. has bought C. has had ? 8.-How long _____ you _____ ill ? ? -Two weeks. ? A. did fall B. have, fell C. have, been ? 9.The bus __on the road for 2 hours so far. ? A. has stopped ? B. stopped ? C. has been

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