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一、分类 动词不定式 to do 表目的,将来








It is +adj. +(for/of sb.) to do sth.
eg.1. To play with matches is dangerous for us. = 2. To teach such a naughty boy is not easy. = 3. To give me the wrong number is careless of you. = 4. It took us a whole winter to build the wooden bridge.

*adj. 表示人的性格品质时用of eg. foolish, stupid, silly brave clever, smart, wise, intelligent kind, nice

2. 作宾语: 动词不定式常常作某些动词的宾语

The young man offered to carry the suitcase for grandma. hope to do, wish to do, learn, like, love, manage, plan, remember , forget, try, decide, fail, offer(表示要), promise, start/begin…

I found it difficult to work out the problem. find/ think/ want it +adj. to do sth.

know, wonder, decide, 注意:remember, learn, tell, show, teach等

+疑问词+to do

I don’t know what I will do.=I don’t know what to do. 复合句 简单句 He isn’t sure when he can finish the work.=He isn’t sure when to finish the work.

3. 作后置定语
eg. 1. Have you got anything for me to read? 2. It’s time to watch TV news. 3. There is an important meeting for me to attend. 4. The room is big enough for us to live in.


eg. a pen to write with
a piece of paper to write on a friend to talk to

5. 作表语

用于be 动词后作表语 Eg. My wish is to become a college student. The most important thing is to be honest.

6. 作状语

目的状语 to/in order to/ so as to He got up early to catch the early bus. =He got up early in order to catch the early bus. =He got up early so as to catch the early bus. = To catch the early bus he got up early. = In order to catch the early bus he got up early.

两个表目的 专业户
in order to do 较多用于句首 so as to do 较多用于句中

? In order to escape from the panda,Miss Bamboo runs quickly
? Miss Bamboo runs quickly so as to escape from the panda


区别 语气更强烈 文体更正式

to do

in order to do/ so as to do

in order to do

so as to do

注意点 so+形容词/副词+as to ? 即可表目的 也可表结果 ? Miss bamboo runs so quickly as to escape from ? the panda. ? 判断意思要结合具体语境


表否定目的 not 在to 前 ? in order not to do so as not to do ? 注意 一般不用 not to do(表结果) ? in order not to be eaten by the panda, ? Miss Bamboo runs quickly ? Miss Bamboo runs quickly so as not to be eaten by the panda


? 8. ________ the employees' working efficiency, the supervisor will allow them to have a coffee break. (2006上海春) A. Improving B. To improve C. Having improved D. Improved


? (09天津)25. ______ the project in time, the staff were wor

king at weekends. A. Competing B. Having completed C. To have completed D. To complete

实战演练 ? 例:In order to gain a bigger share in the international market, many state-run companies are striving ______ their products more competitive. ? (上海 2002) ? ? A. to make C. to have make B. making D. having make

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