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Welcome to the unit

Words review bet vt. & vi. 打赌;敢说


adj. 有雾的,多雾的
adj. 有雨的


adj. 有雪的

?To learn to describe weather and seasons ?To learn to talk about your favourite seasons

Winter is coming. Eddie feels very cold. Now let’s listen to a conversation between Eddie and Hobo and then answer the questions.

What does Eddie want to do? He wants Hobo to bring him clothes. Does Eddie look cool with the clothes? Hobo thinks he’ll look cool and feel cool with nothing on.

Seasons of the year
There are four seasons in a year.


Spring: March, April, May


Summer: June, July, August


Autumn: September, October, November


Winter: December, January, February

Fill in the blanks according to the pictures.

rainy It’s ______.

foggy It’s ______.

snowy It’s ______.

cloudy It’s _______.

sunny It’s _______.

windy It’s _______.

Amy and Simon are talking about

their favourite seasons. Let’s listen to their conversation and answer these questions.

1. Which season does Simon like best? Why? Autumn. Because it’s always sunny. It’s the best time to play football outside. 2. Which season does Amy like best? Why? Summer. Because she can go swimming and enjoy ice cream.

I bet you’ll look cool and feel cool with nothing on! bet vt. & vi. 打赌;敢说 I don’t enjoy betting. 我不喜欢赌博。 He spends all his money betting on horses. 他把所有的钱都用在赌马上。 She bet me $20 that I wouldn't be able to give up smoking. 她和我打20美元的赌,说我戒不了烟。

look cool with nothing on Which season do you like best? It’s the best time to play football outside. Which is your favourite season?

1. To preview the new words on Page 130 2. To read the poem on Page 82

Write a passage around 50 words about your favourite seasons.

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